Peeling Off 5 Security Layers Of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Establishing a secure cloud infrastructure is vital for many industries, and the finance and accounting industry is no exception to this. The use of cloud hosting services for accounting applications like QuickBooks is at an all-time high because of the advantages that cloud infrastructure provides. It is no secret that QuickBooks cloud hosting has quickly become the preferred choice for businesses of all sizes to host their mission-critical accounting data.


QuickBooks cloud hosting has many benefits, including reliability, scalability, and cost savings. However, when selecting a cloud hosting provider, it is essential to understand the different security layers in place to protect your organization’s data. This blog post will take a closer look at the security layers of QuickBooks cloud hosting. 

Security Layer 1: Two-Factor Authentication 

One of the most critical security features of QuickBooks cloud hosting solution, two-factor authentication, is an extra layer of security on the cloud. It’s a step during the login process that adds a layer of security. This layer of protection is invaluable for CPAs and accountants who use QuickBooks to manage confidential client information. 

With two-factor authentication, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting users require a username and password and a secondary verification form such as a text code sent to the user’s mobile phone or an authenticator application on the user’s device. This feature dramatically reduces the chances of unauthorized personnel gaining access to QuickBooks accounts, ensuring that both CPA and accountant clients are protected against any potential data breaches or malicious activities. 

Cloud-hosted QuickBooks ensures that its advanced security measures protect CPAs and accountants from online threats while giving them access to all their QuickBooks files, no matter where they are working from.  

Security Layer 2: Role-Based Access 

QuickBooks desktop is an effective tool that helps accountants and CPA firms stay on top of consumer finances, but it can be vulnerable when hosted locally. QuickBooks cloud hosting provides an extra layer of security with its role-based access security feature. Only designated users can access the accounting software, keeping sensitive customer data safe. 

The role-based access feature helps businesses assign roles like accountant or reviewer, and determine the type of access to the hosted QuickBooks software. By limiting access to certain features or areas of QuickBooks based on an individual’s role, administrators can restrict unauthorized person from making any changes or accessing customer data without permission. 

Role-based access security in QuickBooks cloud hosting restricts user privileges so CPAs and accountants can work confidently, knowing their data is secure in the cloud. 

QuickBooks cloud hosting provides a robust yet customizable security layer that ensures only authorized users have the necessary level of access to get the job done correctly. Added control and protection over data accessibility makes QuickBooks cloud hosting a valuable tool for any CPA or accountant managing customers’ finances. 

Security Layer 3: Best-in-Class IT Infrastructure 

QuickBooks cloud hosting services are transforming the way CPAs and accountants do business. The QuickBooks hosting service takes advantage of top-notch IT infrastructure and robust security protocols to maintain security and safety of businesses’ data at all times. Leading QuickBooks Cloud hosting providers implement multiple layers of defense, including firewalls, encryption protocols, malicious activity monitoring, and more. 

Businesses that use QuickBooks cloud hosting can rest assured knowing that their QuickBooks financial data is under the constant protection of these security layers. Moreover, because QuickBooks cloud hosting provides on-demand access to the accounting software from any device with an internet connection, businesses get the convenience and flexibility of working securely from anywhere in the world – a feature that does not exist with an on-premises setup. 

Ultimately, it’s clear why QuickBooks cloud hosting is becoming increasingly popular among CPAs and accountants – its top-notch IT infrastructure makes it a much more secure and reliable option than traditional on-premises setups. 

Security Layer 4: Data Encryption 

QuickBooks cloud hosting is the ideal solution for CPAs and accountants who need secure, reliable access to their QuickBooks data. It provides a robust security layer through its data encryption security feature. This feature ensures that QuickBooks data is encrypted while stored in the cloud and when transferred over both public and private networks. 

With data encryption in place, all incoming and outgoing traffic between hosted QuickBooks and end-user devices is encrypted. It ensures maximum security in critical operations, like card payments and payrolls. The encryption feature also provides complete protection against any malicious attempt to get unauthorized access to data. As a result, QuickBooks hosting offers a higher degree of security than on-premises solutions, making it the preferrable choice for CPAs and accountants. 

In addition to the above, QuickBooks hosting also allows users to have remote access to current QuickBooks data anytime they need. They don’t need to worry about server maintenance or potential viruses or other malicious attacks compromising their data privacy. With all these protections in place, QuickBooks cloud hosting acts as an essential defense against cyber threats while enabling CPAs and accountants with greater flexibility in their workflows. 

Security Layer 5: Rolling Backup 

Another critical security measure behind QuickBooks cloud hosting is rolling backups. These automated data backups are taken at periodic intervals throughout the day.   

Rolling backups allow users to restore files in case of accidental data loss or malicious attempts to modify records. It also eliminates the need for manual data backups, ensuring user data remains safe and secure without any added effort. 

Unlike on-premises QuickBooks solution, QB cloud hosting offers far greater protection against data loss or breaches due to its rolling backups feature and other security measures such as: 

  • Two-Factor Authentication 
  • Data Encryption 
  • Regular Patching Updates 

Final Thoughts 

QuickBooks cloud hosting services provides an end-to-end solution for businesses’ accounting needs along with complete security. The comprehensive security model of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise hosting offers an ideal way to safeguard highly confidential client data. 

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