Why Should Nonprofits Host Their QuickBooks On Cloud

Managing the accounting process of a nonprofit organization is not an easy task. Keeping track of all the donations, invoices, charities, and fundraisers is often a tedious task for organizers.

Many nonprofits use QuickBooks to accomplish these tasks. It helps to create required reports, automate bookkeeping, and connect transactions with the bank account.

Why Should Nonprofits Host Their QuickBooks On Cloud

However, installing QuickBooks on the office desktop has drawbacks like limited accessibility, security threats, and data management.

In order to overcome this issue, QuickBooks hosting comes into play. Hosting Quickbooks on the cloud provides flexibility and mobility to access the software and the crucial information whenever and wherever required.

Here are six reasons explaining why nonprofits should host their QuickBooks on the cloud:

1. Anytime, Anywhere Access

A nonprofit organization mostly doesn’t have any fixed working hours and operates round-the-clock. Hence, they need to access the local system at any time, which often becomes challenging. Moreover, a lot of time is wasted commuting back and forth from the office premises.

QuickBooks cloud hosting eliminates this issue by enabling anytime, anywhere access to the software. Consequently, nonprofits can add funds, access the list of donors, and check invoices even while working remotely.

Moreover, competent hosting providers ensure the high-availability of servers so that users can work on the QuickBooks cloud without any interruptions. It further enhances efficiency and productivity rate.

2. Cost-Effective

Storing and managing a large amount of data requires an appropriate setup. However, nonprofits cannot invest a large amount of money on hardware and software resources due to budget constraints.

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud relieves nonprofit organizations from this stress. The need to deploy hefty on-premise infrastructure is eliminated as the cloud hosting providers take care of data storage, RAM, user access, and more. The service provider also covers the maintenance charges, and one doesn’t need to hire or pay any dedicated team for the same.

Furthermore, reliable QuickBooks hosting providers also offer pay-as-per-use pricing plans and special offers so that nonprofit organizations don’t need to pay any extra operational amount and invest more in serving their cause.

3. Global Outreach

One of the main goals of nonprofits is to reach out to the maximum number of people. However, collecting charities and raising funds on a larger scale is often a challenge for the organization as collaborating with the global team is not feasible using the desktop application.

QuickBooks hosting allows users to collaborate with the team or fundraisers worldwide. Cloud provides a platform to share, access, and store data on a common platform. It further allows improvement in the donation rate by increasing awareness about the cause.

Moreover, volunteers from around the world can connect and get real-time insights into the funds raised, contributors, invoices, etc. It reduces the chances of any discrepancy in the system.

4. Enhanced Security

Most nonprofit organizations are vulnerable to cyber threats, accidental losses, and hardware malfunctions that can harm the confidentiality and availability of information. Therefore, it is crucial to take specific measures to safeguard the data from any unwanted losses.

Choosing a reliable cloud provider to host the QuickBooks application ensures that data security is not compromised. It protects information at physical and virtual levels using various steps that include end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, multiple firewalls, antivirus system, DDoS protection, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS), and access control.

Moreover, data backups are also taken regularly at multiple geographically isolated data centers. Many competent providers implement Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) services. So, even if one of the centers is down for maintenance, data can be retrieved from other locations.

5. Resource Scalability

Nonprofits have to work in a resource-extensive environment. Therefore, it becomes challenging to manage each task using a single application. To overcome this shortcoming, QuickBooks is integrated with multiple add-ons, such as Drake Software, QuickBooks Time, Kindful, Method: Donor, Avalara, Bill.com, etc. However, hosting various applications on the local server takes a toll on the performance of the software.

QuickBooks on the cloud helps deliver scalable resources. It means that one can increase or decrease the number of resources, such as RAM, number of users, and storage space, depending upon nonprofit organization work. Therefore, QuickBooks runs seamlessly on the cloud without facing any lag or performance issues due to hardware restrictions.

Moreover, the demands of charity drives and fundraising events are readily met with QuickBooks hosting as nonprofits can quickly contact their provider to upscale the resources for a specific time period.

6. Eco-Friendly

Most of the time, nonprofits aim to reduce the carbon footprints to create a better environment. However, the use of energy-consuming infrastructure and high-performance desktops often make it difficult to achieve it.

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud is a sustainable option that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints. The use of vehicles for traveling is diminished due to the possibility of work-from-home options. It further decreases fuel consumption.

Furthermore, servers are hosted in remote locations that eliminate the need for in-house infrastructure. It reduces power consumption and allows nonprofit organizations to reach out for their cause without impacting the environment.

In Conclusion

QuickBooks hosting is a powerful solution that allows nonprofits to do more in a limited time. The cost-effective and user-friendly solutions of using QuickBooks in the cloud environment increase efficiency and productivity rate.

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