9 New Features of QuickBooks Pro 2020

QuickBooks has become the favorite accounting products for most of the accounting professionals in a very short span in the USA. It has transformed the bookkeeping and accounting tasks of its users. To enhance the customer experience, the folks at Intuit are involved in a constant process of upgrading their product with new and exciting features.

9 New Features of QuickBooks Pro 2020There are four versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2020: QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Accountant, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise. The Pro version is designed for small and medium businesses who wish to gain access to the complete accounting software.

Did you know that QuickBooks launched its latest version on 16th September 2019? The new version of QuickBooks Desktop Pro comes with a bunch of new and exciting features.

Here are some of the important features of QuickBooks Pro 2020 that you would like to know.

1. Adding customer’s PO in emails

The much-awaited feature has finally arrived with QuickBooks Pro 2020 – The addition of Purchase Order Number in the subject line of the email. The most significant advantage of this feature is that it is useful in tracking the invoices as the users can search for the emails by using the PO number.

How to access?

  • Go to the Menu Bar > Edit > Preferences
  • Choose the Preferences option and select Send forms
  • Tap the Company option

2. Collapse columns horizontally in class or job reports

QB users can now collapse/hide columns in a QuickBooks report, which is extremely helpful when viewing the total. Another benefit of this feature is that it makes navigation within the report easier as less time is consumed while scrolling. Thus, the user can access relevant information quickly.

How to access?

  • Select Collapse Columns from the top right of the screen while viewing a report with multiple columns.

3. Payroll status for direct deposit

Do you use direct deposit for payroll processing but cannot check its status? QB users now have the power to verify the transaction status, eliminating the need to call the support or check emails.

How to access?

  • Visit the Menu Bar
  • Select Employees > View Payroll Run Status

4. Version upgrade process

Upgrading your QB version is now smoother than ever and with minimal interruptions to your business processes. This feature has significantly reduced the number of steps the user has to follow while moving to a new version, saving a substantial amount of time.

How to access?

  • Visit the Menu Bar > Help
  • Select Upgrade QuickBooks

5. Smart Help

Are you tired of non-useful help sections? The new Smart Help feature makes QuickBooks an intelligent accounting software and adds that extra spark to it. It provides users with helpful content and with the flexibility to arrange a callback. The feature also provides an in-software search option so that the users can find a particular setting/feature just by a simple search.

How to access?

  • Tap the F1 key when any file is open

6. Automated Payment Reminders

Managing every client, keeping a record of outstanding payments, contacting clients, calculating the dues, etc., are tedious tasks. This results in wastage of time and effort.

With this feature from QuickBooks, the users can set reminders according to the days by which the payment is late, create email templates and edit them while sending the emails (this makes the creation of personalized emails easy), and much more.

How to access?

  • Visit the Menu bar
  • Select Customers Payment Reminders

7. Company File Search

Do you deal with hundreds of files and find it challenging to look for the right one? With the advanced version of Company File Search, search across multiple devices to find the file you need. Enter the details and identify the correct company file.

How to access? 

  • From the No Company Open window

8. Self Payroll Setup 

The employees can now enter their details in QuickBooks, setting up their payroll by themselves. Intuit plans to enhance this feature in future versions by empowering the employees to file their tax returns.

How to access?

  • Visit the Menu Bar
  • Select Employees > Payroll Setup

9. Combine Multiple Emails

Do you always have one invoice per customer? If not, this feature is your best friend when it comes to combining multiple invoices in a single email for a single customer/job. No need to download each invoice and attach it manually, this feature in Send Forms will take care of it all.

How to access?

  • Visit the Menu Bar
  • Select File > Send Forms
  • Click on Combine Forms to a recipient in one email


These were the top features of QuickBooks Pro 2020. To know more about how it can benefit your business, get in touch with our experts at 855-363-0916.

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