Lacerte Tax Software – Host it on Cloud to Get Maximum Benefits

Tax returns can be a tough and complex task. So, accounting professionals rely on the tax software that sort out hassles and possibility of errors. Among the many options available with tax software options, Lacerte commands a gigantic customer base. For a number of features, such as – automated calculations of complex returns, direct access to numerous forms, E-Signature, etc., Lacerte Tax Software is a favorite tool of many accounting professionals over the globe.

Being a desktop application, it’s abilities are being challenged by cloud-based applications. Though such applications lack on tax processing features, other features, like – data security, cross-device accessibility, etc. are luring users for a switch. So, what should you rely on? Lacerte for its accounting or Cloud for its convenience? The best choice is hosting Lacerte on the cloud.


Here are the top reasons that make hosting Lacerte Tax Software on cloud an advantageous choice for your return filing operations:

All Desktop Features Without Installation

Hosting Lacerte on the cloud will install the software on the server of hosting provider, instead of your local device and it will be accessible over the internet. So, you can access a full-featured Lacerte using the smartphone, laptop, desktop, etc. without installing it on the device.

Lacerte Tax Software is already known for saving almost an hour on every complex return and the ability to access the same performance even you are traveling is only going to add more to your productivity. Specially during the tax season when the workload is heavy, Lacerte on the cloud is the best blessing you can have.

Better Client Interaction

Filing tax returns demands the exchange of various information pieces among clients, bookkeepers, and accountants. Depending on the size and worth of the business, sharing such details can be a herculean task. Bring your Lacerte to the cloud and all the involved parties can collaborate on the same platforms. Since it is accessed over the internet, these parties could be located at different locations and using different devices based on different platforms.

With more agile teamwork in action, filing tax returns is going to turn much simpler. As a security prospect, admin can even manage the permissions for the different users and track the changes made by the user.

Easier Integration With QuickBooks and Other Accounting Software

Tax software are often required to be integrated with accounting software, especially for the businesses needs. Lacerte Tax Software offers an effortless integration feature with QuickBooks and several other leading accounting software. But installing a number of software on the same machine, integrating them, and then storing their data can pile a heavy load on it.

On the other hand, resources of the cloud server can easily be scaled as per the requirement and therefore, the integration of Lacerte with accounting software is way easier compared to the desktop solution.

Data Reliability

Data that Lacerte or any other tax software maintains is crucial and may be required even several years after the return filing. So, it is important to take utmost care of the tax data storage. There are several issues that may arrive while maintaining this data on the desktop. Apart from theft and damage of device, software issues and accidental deletion can also harm the data.

As the hardware technology is rapidly changing, switching to the new device will bring the challenge of data transfer, which could pose another risk. Cloud computing will maintain the data backup on its own and in the case of any loss, the backup with the most recent data can be availed.

Wrapping Up

Cloud is almost a necessity for all software-dependent professions. Since accounting and tax operations rely on software immensely, the impact of cloud cannot be neglected. For the users who have been relying on Lacerte since long and not willing to switch to other solutions and wish to work with the modern features, hosting it on the cloud is most recommended. It maintains all the features of your Lacerte desktop along with amazing cloud benefits.

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