Why Security and Performance Are Important When Choosing Lacerte Hosting Provider?

The use of cloud technology in the accounting sector has now become pervasive. Businesses of all sizes are adopting the technology, and the cloud market is expanding rapidly.

According to a report by Sage, a majority of accountants believe that cloud makes their processes easier. 53% of respondents agreed that they’ve adopted cloud accounting on many levels.

Why Security and Performance Are Important When Choosing Lacerte Hosting Provider?With the increased adoption of the cloud, the challenges concerning security and performance have also increased. It can be difficult for small firms to find the best Lacerte cloud hosting provider to suit their business strategy. Many cloud providers are offering Lacerte software hosting, so the options abound.

Understanding Cloud Security for Lacerte Hosting

Security in the cloud is essential as you want to be sure that your Lacerte tax software is safe. While your data is more secure in the cloud as compared to the traditional method of storing data, it is important to understand the security aspect in the right context.

There are certain policies, procedures, system control, and technologies put together that help protect the data and infrastructure. Deployment of these measures helps safeguard clients’ privacy, keep data secure, set authentication roles for different users, and support regulatory compliance.

Cloud security, while hosting Lacerte software, can easily be configured to suit business requirements from filtering traffic to authenticating access to multiple users.

As cloud can be managed from one place, your firm wouldn’t need an administrative team, and operational costs can be significantly reduced. Therefore, it is essential to choose a Lacerte cloud service provider offering best-in-class security, which can be customized as per your business requirements.

Finding the Right Cloud Provider That Ensures Security

To select the right cloud provider to host your Lacerte software, look for the one that gives you an option and control as to where your data is stored and managed. Your cloud provider should inform you in advance about the data center locations.

Also, evaluate their ability to protect the data through encryption. To avoid data accessibility to unauthorized users, critical data should be encrypted. You should also check the provider’s security policies and if they align with your firm’s approach.

Cloud Security Myths Explained

As more and more accounting firms are moving their operations to the cloud, there are a few inevitable concerns and myths which come up around its security. Below are some of the common myths related to cloud security:

a) Public cloud isn’t secure: When the cloud was introduced, people were concerned about the level of security it would provide to keep the data safe. However, that is not the case any longer.

With years of experience, Lacerte cloud providers invest significantly in security and use updated technologies to make sure that your data is safe in the cloud. Lacerte providers can backup the data in different geographical areas, proving that it is more reliable and secure as compared to data stored on-premise data.

b) Anyone can access the data in the cloud: Losing control of the data is one of the major concerns people have while migrating their Lacerte software to the cloud.

However, the privacy of data is one of the benefits offered by cloud technology. It is difficult to access data by hackers in the public cloud than on-premise setup. According to Gartner’s research, by 2022, 95% of failures in cloud security would be because of the end-user.

c) It is easier for hackers to attack data in the cloud: Most business owners assume that as their data is maintained by cloud providers that are also managing storage for others, it is more prone to attack by hackers.

 However, with many security measures taken by cloud providers such as network monitoring, encryption, and authentication protocols, their tax data is safer in the cloud and deterrent to data breaches.

Understanding Cloud Performance for Lacerte Hosting

The performance of the accounting firm depends on the performance of the cloud. Choose a provider that can deliver steady performance at scale.

Here are some of the key cloud performance parameters firms should look before hosting their Lacerte tax software on the cloud:

a) Scalability and Elasticity: Scalability and elasticity offered by Lacerte cloud hosting help reduce the overall business costs and provide better performance.

 You can evaluate these factors through bandwidth, servers, load balancers, and data warehouses. Examine the cloud provider’s short and long-term strategy, along with the level of service.

b) Viability of the Lacerte Cloud Provider: Many cloud providers are new in the market. Therefore, it’s important to consider their financial robustness. Ensure that they would be around and can grow as your business grows.

c) Flexibility: This is a significant factor in checking the performance of a cloud provider. Migration of applications to the cloud should be cost-effective and convenient.

 There should be flexibility in terms of architectures, operating systems, databases, and programming models. This would not only help you move your Lacerte to the cloud easier but also help you migrate early.

d) Downtime Issues: Evaluate the cloud provider’s performance against their SLAs for the past year. You cannot expect perfection as downtime is inevitable. All cloud providers experience it at some point.

 It is important how they deal with the situation. There should be a planned and documented process for unexpected downtime and times of disruption.

e) Disaster Recovery: While evaluating the Lacerte cloud provider, learn about their backup systems, contingency, and recovery in case of failure. Ask them how much time it takes for data retrieval.

Wrapping It Up

Thorough research and planning would make sure that the Lacerte cloud provider of your choice provides the performance and security needed to safeguard your tax data, and that they’re secure enough to trust them.

For more information on how to find the best Lacerte cloud provider which ensures greater security and performance, contact us today: 855-910-8219.

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