Intuit Launched Intuit Tax Online, Lacerte and ProSeries for Tax Year 2015

Hear that growling sound in the distance? It’s flood of work approaching you. That time of the year is arriving. Four months of emerging limits and long days. With the hard times for financial management looming, CPAs, bookkeepers, business owners need to get a jump start on tax filing.

Intuit Launched Intuit Tax Online, Lacerte and ProSeries for Tax Year 2015

Here’s the good news: The launch of 2015 stream of professional tax products, comprising Lacerte, ProSeries, and Intuit Tax online is an ultimate escape to all worries of tax professionals. Big savings and streamlined workflows enable tax professionals to achieve satisfying experiences. Let’s see what’s new in Intuit Tax Online, Lacerte and ProSeries for the tax year 2015:

A. Client Connection Suite:

The need to gather and segregate data is over. Client Connection Suite will cut down that time invested in collecting information, documents, and client signatures. So, time can be devoted on core business functions.

  • Intuit Link: The Intuit Link automatically connects to payroll providers and financial firms to collect the data securely on behalf of the client.
  • Sharing Tax data: Data including financial firm credentials, document uploads and snapping pictures can be easily shared for the comfort and ease of the client.
  • e-Signatures: For the federal form 8879, clients can electronically collect signatures to enable tax professionals request payment with 8879 signatures.

B. Client Benefit Suite:

It allows accounting professionals to help their clients avoid penalties and fees, thus enabling a greater peace of mind to be nurtured among them. Client Benefit Suite can make a big difference to clients’ lives and aid them in growing their practice.

  • Tax preparation fees from Refund: Streamlining receivables and delivering better service to clients, eliminating any out-of-budget clients’ expenses. The pay-by-refund option enables clients to release tax preparation payments directly from the refund.
  • Smooth Access to Refunds: Prepaid debit account American Express® Serve provides smooth access to IRS refunds. It is a remarkable benefit for the clients as it is no longer required to wait for a check to come in the mail or fees.
  • Assistance for Audit & ID Theft: ProSeries offers extra support to clients in the event of an identity theft or IRS audit. Clients’ data can be kept safe through ID theft restoration and personalized audit assistance.

Having said this, let’s dig deeper into Intuit Tax Online, ProSeries and Lacerte to help accountants better understand these products for a simplified tax preparation process:

Intuit Tax Online:

Simplifies the process of tax preparation to allow tax professionals regulate their practice and frame tax returns file instantly. Appropriate tax forms can be instantly accessed and client information can be entered depending on the business requirement. Tax professionals and preparers can switch easily between the data entry screens and tax forms.

Integration with the clients’ software such as QuickBooks Online is another added benefit that enables to assemble digital signatures easily. Also, status updates and online communication can be conducted in a secure location.


E-filing can be performed reliably with a plethora of exciting options offered by Lacerte. Data flows seamlessly and allow the creation of tax report accurately and effortlessly. Secure data management and protection can be ensured. A copy of tax return can be emailed to the client using Yahoo or Gmail account in contrast to possible only with an outlook ID. One of the most requested features by tax professionals is the ability to create a bookmarked PDF allowing instant location of the points of interest in PDF doc.


To be very precise, Intuit ProSeries for the tax year 2015 will help users save on average 25 minutes per simple return and 50 minutes on complex returns. ProSeries has features that can aid to empower your practice. One of the significant changes in the ProSeries is the redesigned Options Setup Wizard with an entirely new look. To save taxpayers from becoming the potential victim of identity theft, form 14039 has been added.


Tax season preparation is a year-long process that leaves no space for organizational errors. But, this season’s tax preparation will not be a tedious task. Faster, accurate and secure processing will help to ensure the confidentiality of the data. So, explore it now and simplify the taxation process.

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  • Andrew Mowe says:

    Intuit has always been active when It comes to catering to their customers for the new tax season. TaxOnline and Lacerte are a huge help when it comes to filing taxes. If have yet to use ProSeries but I think it would be awesome as well.

  • Simon says:

    The Client Connection Suite is a huge advantage when it comes to managing data especially from different areas: as it enables easy segregation of data. Moreover it is a great time saver as well.

  • Reilly says:

    The American Express service card debit account allows your client easy and quick access to their IRS refunds. Moreover the higher atm withdrawal limit, Online bill payment and direct deposit are also great advantages that one can avail.

  • Mullenweg says:

    The intuit link provided by client connection suite allows professionals to get their clients’ info accurately for their tax completion. The organized collection and tracking of data enables a lot of time saving.

  • Gary says:

    Intuit Tax Online is one of the best tax management software available in the market. Easy tax adjustments, filing instant tax returns and fast access to tax forms: it has it all. I recommend it to any professional who wants to be prepared for the tax season.

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