Intuit Announces to Discontinue Intuit Sync Manager

The emergence of cloud elucidates that Intuit is now serving their customers on two different platforms – first being an online offering and other a desktop product.

As a result of this emergence of cloud, customers are making a switch to QuickBooks online and QuickBooks cloud versions. Therefore, the add-on software developers have been told by Inuit that Intuit Sync Manager and the services that are related to it will be discontinued from the beginning day of March.

Intuit Announces to Discontinue Intuit Sync Manager


Why Intuit Is Doing This?

According to Intuit, they have reached an inflection point where they now have a bigger number of people using QuickBooks Online than QuickBooks Desktop. The benefits of using QuickBooks Online are that it helps the users streamline operations and also makes it easy for them to reach and connect to new customers and partners around the world.

The Intuit Sync Manager, an efficacy for US versions of QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro and Premier Solutions that synchronizes a copy of the data on Intuit servers with the QuickBooks Company file. There are a number of web applications are available that allows the add-on developers to access and update the data.

Intuit has announced few dates for the developers:

  1. In the beginning of March 1, 2015, no new apps would be launched to connect the desktop to the QuickBooks desktop REST API.
  2. In the beginning March 1, 2016, the services of QuickBooks desktop REST API, both the versions viz. V1 and V2 and the Sync Manage service will be discontinued.
  3. Through March 1, 2016, the fix of bugs related to QuickBooks Desktop REST API and also the Sync Manager support will be provided.

Services That Won’t Be Affected:

The discontinuation of the Intuit Sync Manager will only be going to affect that small number of developers.

QBSDK Based Applications

The application based on working with QuickBooks desktop utilizes the QBSDK that is not related to the sync Manager.

QuickBooks Online version

QuickBooks Online does not have any impact on it as it does not utilize the Sync Manager for the product consolidation.

It seems to be a logical step that the Intuit has taken as they now are more focusing on the cloud than the desktop. Also, the announcement has been done well in advance.

The inflection point has already reached where people have more inclination towards the QuickBooks Online than that of the QuickBooks desktop. Intuit also says that they understand that this transition may not come easy for a few developers, but it will be much beneficial for the customers as to help them work more efficiently and also to make their networks stronger.

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  • Jojo says:

    Ours occurs when loiggng in and the entire item list is gone both in current docs being created and past docs. It seems a reboot of QuickBooks solves this but doesn’t fix it

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