[Infographic] 5 Marketing Tips for Accounting Firms

Marketing strategy is the area of the business plan that decides the overall route map for finding clients and customers for an accounting firm.

It is one of the critical factors that differentiate good performing accounting firms from the low performing ones. It is not just the amount of money a company spends on the marketing strategy that creates a difference, but also how much profit they gain from it.

Large accounting firms have their dedicated marketing team to look after their business development. The small firms, however, cannot invest such significant funds in the marketing team. The good news is that there is no need for significant marketing expertise to make a practical marketing plan.

Here are some marketing tips for accounting firms to exceed expectations in business, suggested in the infographic below.


Let’s explore in detail:

1. Locate Your Target Clients

It is advisable to identify and locate the target audience before chasing them. Identifying the target audience, leads and clients gives the insight of the people who need the services provided by the accounting firm.

One way of targeting the audience is to segregate them on the basis of demographics, personality, profile, etc. While targeting client, don’t only consider financial factors, but also factors like expansion opportunities, client specific compatibility, among others.

2. Use Content Marketing

Show your expertise in the field of accounting to your potential clients through content marketing. It involves making useful content like blogs, infographics, whitepapers, and publishing it on the website for free.

The long-term rewards of content marketing are immeasurable. In the long run, it creates faith in the accounting firm and showcases their intent of helping the clients. Regardless of which type of marketing strategy accounting firm is using, content marketing should always be a part of the process.

3. Use Social Media Marketing

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are the first introduction of any brand or business. Social media marketing is a beneficial way for the accounting firm of any size to reach their prospective clients.

Knowledge and information from social media could be used to generate new leads and gain an edge on the competitors. Social media marketing can be used to obtain direct feedback from the clients in order to get a personal stamp at the same time.

An accounting firm can collaborate with accounting industry influencers and promote a service or a campaign. A right influencer can help to reach the target audience, build trust, and increase engagement.

4. Do Not Forget Email Marketing

Email marketing is ranked as the most effective marketing channel. It helps to stay in touch with the existing clients and nurture new clients. Sharing financial tips, news, and trends regularly increases the client’s confidence in the firm.

Creating content worth sharing and sending them to subscribers through email portrays your dedication towards them. Emails can be personalized to create a long-lasting impact in the eyes of the customers.

5. Networking and Referrals

Attend various professional webinars, conferences, and workshops to connect with other professionals and similar minded people. Never be shy of asking clients for referrals.

Peer recommendations are two times more efficient than any other marketing strategy. Some tactics to get referrals from the clients are to offer referral commission, be remarkable and remind clients why the firm is special, treat clients as partners, recognize and thank referral sources, etc.

Ask clients to recommend accounting firm to other small business, companies, and people.

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