Last updated on January 16th, 2023

Digitization is gripping different segments of business at an abrupt pace. Accounting, too, is feeling the grip and the result of which is ‘digital CPA’. Digital CPAs refer to the accounting professionals that have adopted the modern technologies such as cloud accounting to deliver their tasks with more agility, efficiency, and flawlessness.

As the competition has intensified in the recent years, accounting has to upgrade its abilities to deliver more satisfactory services to the clients.

With the improvements in the software, hardware and networking devices, we now have solutions that enable accounting professionals to work remotely, remain updated with the latest regulations and trends, control a number of employees, connect with professionals with same expertise and collaborate with the client.

CPA, who are able to use these technologies, rely heavily on the digital methods and therefore, referred as digital CPAs. This infographic tries to explain various queries related with digital CPAs, such as:

  • Who are they?
  • What characteristics do they have?
  • What technologies do they use?

Understanding these factors, CPA will be able to face the professional challenges with ease and enhance their own skill set by many folds. There are likely small expenses involved with the process of skill set enhancement. However, considering the benefits it offers in the form of efficiency the expenses will be paid off within no time.

So, it is the high time you went digital and begun expanding your abilities to deliver more fruitful results to the clients.

Infographic Digital CPA What You Need To Know

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