The global business landscape is going through turmoil due to the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every industry is trying to sustain during these times and cope with the unprecedented challenges. One of these challenges is the restrictions posed by the traditional desktops.

6 Industries That Are Adopting DaaS During COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the entire workforce was shifted to remote work, the workers were forced to work from their home desktops, bringing in more compatibility and IT issues for businesses.

Hence, to combat such issues, the industries found a flexible solution in DaaS (Desktop as a Service). DaaS is an offering by third-party providers, where they provide customers with virtual desktops and applications on their internet-enabled devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The virtual desktops are created in the remote servers of the provider.

According to Gartner, DaaS will see an exponential growth of 95% in 2020 because of the flexibility and mobility it offers to the users.

Let us see some of the industries that are reaping the benefits of DaaS.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare institutions have always faced numerous challenges, whether offering consultations to patients from a remote location or keeping the PHI (Protected Health Information) secure.

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, these issues have grown exponentially. Moreover, with stringent HIPAA regulations, any loss or leak of PHI can lead to heavy penalties. During these tough times, medical professionals have found a flexible mode of working in DaaS.

DaaS offers doctors and nursing staff the ability to access the patient’s data and useful applications from any location, day or night. This increases the medical staff’s mobility, as they can now make rounds around the hospital with the patient information on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Moreover, the DaaS providers make sure that the PHI is secure from cyber threats such as ransomware and phishing by deploying a multi-layered security infrastructure.


The ITES industry covers a wide spectrum of services, including finance and accounting, market research, human resources, risk management consulting, customer support, among others.

However, during the ongoing pandemic, it became excruciatingly tough to offer clients the same experience before. Most of the employees were forced to work from home on their personal computers. This posed a challenge for the IT team to install and update the apps on the employees’ desktops remotely.

These challenges have made the IT/ITES industry inclined towards fully managed DaaS services. An attribute of a competent provider is that they offer end-to-end management of virtual desktops, including essential services like support, migration, and security.

They also offer regular software updates, on-demand scaling, and desktop pooling. Hence, employees do not need to worry about desktop support. Moreover, as the desktops can be accessed from multiple devices, they can pick up another device and keep on working if one device malfunctions.

3. Retail

The retail industry is the lifeline of a nation’s economy. However, the pandemic has caused people to stay at home and prefer the online platform rather than coming to the stores.

Since it is advised to maintain social distancing, the responsibilities of the retailers to offer customers with a safe and convenient retail experience have become imperative. They need to ensure that there are no long queues by processing bills fasters and streamlining the checkout process.

These challenges have piqued the interest of the retail industry towards Desktop as a Service. DaaS facilitates efficient app delivery on the personal devices of retailers. Thus, the in-store employees can move freely around the store with all the information on their fingertips and assist the customers anywhere.

DaaS also enables the store owners to keep track of inventory with real-time status updates, ensuring that the customers get what they came for.

4. Education

Education institutes are the key indicators of a country’s cultural and economic growth. However, during the pandemic, various institutions’ curriculum got affected. The entire teaching staff had to move to the digital platform to enable online classes. Also, it was an arduous task to collaborate with students online and assess their progress.

The education industry’s move to the virtual desktop platform DaaS has enabled the students and the teaching staff to get all the necessary apps with the desktop configuration of their choice.

Moreover, the students can share their assignments with teachers on the cloud, which they can assess in real-time. Flexible solutions like virtual desktops have restored the functioning of institutes, which had come to a standstill.

5. Legal

Like any other industry, the legal sector has also seen complex challenges in times of pandemic. The law firms need to undergo virtual court hearings, collaborate with clients remotely, and manage case files in a secure location.

Hence, any unavailability of the legal apps and data can cause a loss of billable hours for the lawyers.

Desktop as a Service has given the legal industry all their preferred apps and data anywhere they go. As the DaaS providers deploy a multi-redundant infrastructure in advanced data center facilities, they can guarantee all-time desktop availability.

6. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has seen massive challenges due to COVID-19 pandemic. From the availability of raw materials, transportation of goods to the immobility of the workforce, everything is disrupted.

During these testing times, the manufacturing industry was on the lookout for more cost-efficient solutions.

The increasing rate in the adoption of DaaS is due to the fact that it offers cost-efficient solutions. By opting for DaaS, the manufacturing sector get flexible, high-performance desktops at affordable prices. Moreover, DaaS also eliminates the capital expenses of setting up the in-house IT infrastructure.

In this changing business landscape, DaaS provides the manufacturers with a flexible IT solution that they can alter as per their requirements and pay accordingly.

Final Note

As more and more industries are adopting DaaS solutions due to the complete transformation to remote work, it is a good time for you also to migrate your desktop infra if not done already. DaaS will help you optimize employee productivity, even during these uncertain times.

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