9 Industries That Are Leveraging the Benefits of DaaS

With the majority of employees working from different locations, having a reliable solution to cope with unprecedented remote work challenges is paramount. They need to be prepared for the future with round-the-clock employee access, strengthened data security, on-demand scalability, and minimal downtime. Therefore, enterprises worldwide are adopting Desktop as a service (DaaS). 

industries benefiting from daas

In the burgeoning IT scenario, Desktop as a service (DaaS) is gaining immense popularity. The reason is the pivotal benefits that it brings to the hybrid workforce. 

Desktop as a service (DaaS) is a cloud offering by third-party providers that deliver virtual desktops and applications to the users hosted on providers’ servers. This solution brings flexibility as they can operate on any internet-enabled device like a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. As the hybrid workforce grows, your IT infrastructure needs to keep pace. Here, DaaS is a cloud mandate that simplifies remote access and can meet distinct industry needs. 

To know the top 9 industries that are reaping the benefits of DaaS, let’s dive in:

9 Industries that are adopting Desktop as a Service (DaaS) are

1. Healthcare Industry

Healthcare professionals are always on the run!  

The Healthcare industry has always faced a challenge in keeping the PHI (Protected Health Information) secure when offering consultations to patients from a remote location. Cloud desktop as an infrastructure delivers a purpose-built platform for securing the app and data access regardless of device or location. The multi-layered security framework enables IT to rest easy as data is secure in the cloud. Thus,  clinicians get a secure and enhanced experience as they roam from hospitals to emergency visits and more.

industries that benefits from daas

DaaS increases doctors’ and nursing staff’s mobility by offering them patient data from any location, day or night, while ensuring that PHI is safe from cyber threats of every kind. 

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2. ITES Industry

The ITES industry covers a wide spectrum of services, including finance and accounting, helpdesk, market research, customer support centers, and risk management consulting, among others.  

Most of the employees were forced to work from home on their personal computers. This posed a challenge for the IT team to install and update apps on employees’ desktops remotely. This has made the IT/ITES industry inclined towards fully managed DaaS services. An attribute of a competent provider is that they offer end-to-end management of virtual desktops, including essential services like support, migration, and security.


They also offer regular software updates, on-demand scaling, and desktop pooling. Hence, employees do not need to worry about desktop support. Moreover, desktops can be accessed from multiple devices, enabling them to work on another device if one device malfunctions. 

3. Retail Industry 

The retail industry is the core of a nation’s economy. The pandemic has shifted people from offline to online retail. This accompanies the challenge in front of retailers to offer customers a safe and convenient user experience. They need to ensure zero loopholes in customer experience by processing bills faster and simplifying the checkout process. 

61% of shoppers abandon a purchase because there was no trust logo during the checkout process. 

Here, Desktop as a service centralizes in-store and employee apps to facilitate efficient app delivery on personal devices. Thus, in-store employees can move freely around the store with all information at their fingertips and assist the customers anywhere. DaaS also enables store owners to keep track of inventory with real-time status updates, ensuring that customers get what they came for. This provides instant access to sales associates and staff where they need it and lays ground for becoming a customer-centric and data-driven retailer. 

have you adopted daas

4. Education Industry 

Due to a significant paradigm in teaching and learning processes, the education system is moving to the digital platform to enable online classes. As a result, imparting education is no longer restricted to classrooms but has advanced with a multi-device approach. Also, collaborating with students online and assessing their progress imposes a challenge in front of the education community. 

Advanced technologies such as managed cloud desktops accelerate the digital shift of the education community, including learners, educators, administrators, and researchers. The education industry’s move to the virtual desktop platform DaaS has enabled students and teaching staff to get all necessary apps with the desktop configuration of their choice. Moreover, students can share their assignments with teachers on cloud, which they can assess in real-time. Flexible solutions like virtual desktops have restored the functioning of institutes, which had come to a standstill. 

DaaS for the education industry has supported learners to acquire knowledge and stay connected from anywhere across the globe. Additionally, its enterprise-grade security keeps the student data secure and allows them to leverage the right technology from anywhere. 

Know how ACE keeps your data secure

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5. Law Industry

The legal industry holds a wealth of client data- case records, legal proofs, documents- that must remain secure with stringent compliance. The solicitors need to undergo virtual court hearings, collaborate with clients remotely, and manage case files in a secure location. Hence, the unavailability of legal apps and data can cause a loss of billable hours for the lawyers. 

Desktop as a Service has provided the legal industry with all their preferred apps and data anywhere, they go. DaaS providers can guarantee all-time desktop availability as they deploy a multi-redundant infrastructure in advanced data center facilities. 

Keeping lawyers engaged and focused outside the courtroom is an unforeseen transformation. Desktop as a service makes that shift easy by delivering a flexible, secure virtual space to access all apps, even on thin clients or personal devices. While cloud is made highly secure with compliance protocols, it addresses law firms’ security problems so that you don’t fall victim to breaches and cyber-attacks.  

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6. Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing workers’ productivity has always been on the radar, which can lead to increased business risk. DaaS enables you to eliminate your physical infrastructure and centralize IT operations, further leading to reduced overhead. Managed virtual desktops support manufacturing firm to decrease downtime, scale, meet production schedules and thus, enforce agile manufacturing operations. 

Adopting DaaS for manufacturing allows you to get flexible, high-performance desktops at affordable prices. DaaS also eliminates capital expenses of setting up in-house IT infrastructure. DaaS provides manufacturers with a scalable IT solution that they can alter as per their requirements and pay accordingly.

7. BPO Industry

The tremendous growth of remote work in the BPO industry comes with its own set of obstacles, including meeting the expectations of highly demanding clients, specified budgets, data security across devices, hectic agendas, and customer experience, to name a few. The industry-specific challenges that BPOs face are when they hire contract employees and provide them with licenses, custom policies, and PC systems to fill the seasonal demand. 

DaaS revolutionizes the pattern BPOs follow to expand their offerings. With cloud desktops, resources can now be available over the network on demand. We deliver you fully managed cloud desktops that eliminate the need to invest in IT, lower capital expenditures and increase customer confidence in security and compliance. Managed desktop infrastructure simplifies deployment by offering rapid desktop setup in minutes. Now, BPOs can quickly set up new agents – regardless of whether they work remotely from a company office. 

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8. Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharma industry strived to define new boundaries to perform beyond the office in the last few years. The sector is compelled to align its remote work processes while reducing costs. 

DaaS surpasses hindrances in the path of digital transformation strategy for these pharma giants, including compliance, financial aspects, securities, and standards. And just when opinion of moving remote is a need than an alternative, pharma firms can trust DaaS providers to deliver the secure, flexible, agile, and cost-effective virtual desktop solution. 

pharmaceutical industry benefitting from DaaS

Deploying DaaS can support them to stay ahead of the curve along with expediating digital transformation to meet the growing challenges of dynamic consumer expectations. Pharma firms have high volume data generated on a daily basis; DaaS technology keeps it secure with stringent security measures in place. 

Another reason behind the high-end adoption of DaaS in pharmaceuticals is the strict compliance that puts in extra security such as HIPAA and HITRUST to comprehend the security involved when the workforce operates globally. 

9. Media Industry

Cloud storage for the media industry is expected to increase to 68.2 exabytes by 2023 

Businesses are wondering about the reason behind this significant expansion. Here, think of how you watch a YouTube video or Amazon Prime and Netflix on any device. 

As people are demanding instant access to entertainment on any device with a good network is increasing, worldwide media firms are migrating their workloads to cloud to provide Over the top (OTT) streaming services. Cloud desktops eliminate the need for a specific system to stream video files with a stable network.  

Using a Desktop as a service for OTT media streaming can improve the user experience that audiences want. Moreover, they come with the high computing capacity and scalability required to deliver content without any interruptions. Additionally, on-premises OTT streaming services don’t require complex ongoing maintenance for complex and advanced workflows. Clients can stream smooth, HD videos that don’t buffer in between! Simply put, DaaS simplifies that experience by reducing streaming latency. 

How Can ACE Help You? 

Virtual desktops are no longer a solution that fits all!  

It is a realistic and game-changing technology that creates an opportunity for today’s fast-paced workplace. It has evolved as a need to develop a collaborative remote work environment. DaaS solutions with ACE help create a consistent user experience across all industries. You get a custom-managed virtual desktop that you can access anywhere, anytime, to ensure a productive workforce. It integrates with different technologies so employees can use it on Windows, iOS, or any other platform. Supported by hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), DaaS eliminates the front head costs, including expensive servers, bulky hardware, and more. 

Final Note 

As more and more industries adopt DaaS solutions due to the complete transformation to remote/ hybrid work, this is a good time for you to migrate your desktop infra. DaaS can help you optimize employee productivity, even during uncertainty. 

Connect with our experts to know how you can empower your hybrid workforce with secure and flexible DaaS solutions. 

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