How Security Plays Important Role in QuickBooks Hosting

With every passing day, more and more business owners embrace QuickBooks hosting. There are many reasons for adopting QuickBooks on the cloud, such as remote accessibility, managed IT infrastructure, etc.   

The rise of cyberattacks is also one of the primary reasons behind the rising popularity of QB hosting. This is because experienced hosting providers offer multiple security measures, making it necessary for organizations to prioritize data security.  

QuickBooks Hosting

Here are a few ways by which QuickBooks hosting plays an essential role in data security:  

1. Access to top-grade security infrastructure  

Modern hackers have become increasingly sophisticated and now use advanced hacking techniques. This has led to a steady rise in cybercrimes, with damage expected to touch $10.5 trillion by 2025. To prevent such attacks, one must have the latest security measures. To protect your locally-installed QuickBooks desktop, you need to invest considerably. While you may think enough capital may solve your problem, what about the experience? Do your IT personnel have the expertise to run and manage a security framework capable of thwarting modern cyber-attacks?   

QuickBooks Hosting

A reputable QuickBooks hosting provider deploys top-rated security tools such as Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) system and the latest antivirus/antimalware protection. There are regular security audits for identifying network vulnerability, with round-the-clock network surveillance. This ensures your data is secured and constantly updated with the latest security definitions.  

2. End-to-end data encryption 

Nowadays, one needs to be responsible while accessing anything over the internet. One wrong click and poof! Similarly, if you use QB Desktop, you may provide a way for hackers to infiltrate your database if you access or download a malicious file. Even emails are no longer safe.   

When opting for a hosted solution from a renowned hosting provider, they offer 256-bit data encryption with advanced TLS 1.3 protection. Data encryption ensures that your data remains safe even if someone gets access to it. Hosting providers also deploy network filters for filtering and routing out any suspicious IP. You also get features such as multi-factor authentication, AI data monitoring, and more. 

3. Hierarchy based data access 

This report from Ponemon Institute states that 71% of employees have access to data they shouldn’t see. This figure is expected to have risen in 2022. Also, establishing hierarchy-based data access is difficult with a locally-installed QuickBooks Desktop.  

In a hosted QuickBooks solution, you can manage user access based on their organizational hierarchy. For instance, someone from the IT department shouldn’t have access to the appraisal details of the software development team.  

Furthermore, every activity in the cloud leaves digital footprints that can be tracked and audited. This gives you complete control over your employees’ data access and the activities they do.  

4. Adherence to multiple compliances  

Regulatory authorities devise and implement various compliances to ensure data safety. Let’s consider HIPAA as an example. HIPAA safeguards different facets of US healthcare to ensure the privacy of Patient Health Information (PHI). For an organization to be HIPAA compliant, it must follow stringent regulatory guidelines.  

An accounting firm or CPA must follow specific regulatory guidelines such as GAAP. However, accounting firms may follow one or two compliances at most. A reputable hosting provider caters to a wide range of users and follows multiple industrial compliances. You get access to a multi-compilatory platform such as GAAP, PCI, SEC, and more. This ensures top-rated guidelines are followed, and your data is safe and secure.  

5. Device-independent access  

Imagine if someone steals your official laptop, or you lose it while going to an important meeting! That sent shivers down your spine, didn’t it? Locally-stored data can be easily compromised with such incidents. Even if you encrypt your hard disk, there is a chance of them being illegally decrypted.   

A hosted QuickBooks solution provides you with device-independent access via the Internet. This means that no data is stored in your local system. You need to have valid login credentials and access QB from any device. So, even if your device gets stolen, your data will remain secure. 

6. Disaster recovery during tough times 

You may think that upgrading your physical security will help you combat intruder access. But can you prevent a flood or severe hurricane from damaging your workspace? Another constraint with a locally-installed QB is its susceptibility to environmental disasters. Since everything is locally installed, there is no way of getting your data back once the database is damaged.     

QuickBooks hosting tackles this problem with a hassle-free solution—disaster recovery. Hosting providers have data centers at multiple geographically isolated locations where they regularly back your data. So, in case one server gets damaged and you lose your data, you can retrieve it easily from another server.   


A hosted QuickBooks solution offers you security benefits that you won’t get with a locally-based QB. All these benefits are available at an economical fee that helps you eliminate associated security costs. This way, you can enjoy top-rated security measures alongside the benefits of hosted QuickBooks.  

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