How QuickBooks on Cloud Ensures Data Security?

Software containing sensitive data is often a possible target for viruses or hackers. Plus, losing such critical data can have serious consequences. But with secure logins for all users, the cloud-based software is more secure than you believe. It protects against physical theft. Only those with login credentials can access cloud-based applications.  

QuickBooks can help you encrypt your QuickBooks data when hosted on the cloud. This blog focuses on how QuickBooks Cloud Hosting ensures data protection.

Why is it Time to Switch from the QuickBooks Desktop Edition to the Cloud?  

The cloud is a global network of servers where users can upload and store data that is accessible from anywhere. Cloud security guards against unauthorized access to data. Thus, this makes it the most compelling selling point. Gartner predicts that by 2025, more than 95 percent of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms. Also, the use of QuickBooks cloud hosting has taken over the online processes of most accounting industries.  

One of the key reasons organizations want to migrate from the QuickBooks desktop version to the cloud is security. Cyberattacks are very hard to target in the cloud as they contain sophisticated and up-to-date security software. Although QuickBooks’ desktop version has several advantages, it is more reliable and useful when hosted on the cloud. 

With QuickBooks on cloud your information will be safer. Your data will be safely stored, and automatic backups will be offered by the company that provides Cloud Hosting Services. If your firm has a power outage or a data theft, your data will remain accessible. Many users will have access to your data all the time and from any location. Thus, embracing the cloud for managing your data can bring many good things for you.  

Furthermore, having a dedicated cloud server raises security standards to a new level. So, if you want to secure your QuickBooks data while also surviving lethal threats, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is for you.  

Top 4 Reasons How QuickBooks on Cloud Ensures Security!  

With the growth of data breaches and cyber threats, data security has become a responsibility for any CPA. So, what’s better than moving to the cloud, where most hosting companies give superb data security features like multi-tier backup and encryption?  

When you take advantage of QuickBooks Hosting Services, you can rest assured that all your accounting data and apps are secure. Some primary security measures that ensure data security on the cloud are automatic backups, activity tracking, end-to-end data encryption, and multi-factor authentication. Let’s take a closer look at each security feature.  

1. Regular Backups  

Large volumes of data are difficult to store, safeguard, and manage for businesses of all sizes. Traditional storage systems, such as hard disks and flash drives, are slowly losing their importance. This results in increasing the percentage of people moving to cloud storage. The same is with QuickBooks. With the quantity and severity of data loss risks on the rise, it is more vital than ever to back up your QuickBooks data. It enables you to access your company’s updated and error-free financial data and information.  

QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting comes with a slew of benefits. It provides secure backup and a robust disaster recovery method. It will assist you in streamlining and prioritizing workflow among users. Also, it helps you to access the platform from any device and location. Even if your data has been hacked, you can recover data, maintain business continuity, and protect yourself from IT failures.  

2. Robust IT Infrastructure  

Due to the rapid advancement of modern business, there are increasing security concerns such as phishing, ransomware, and more. With these concerns in mind, a protected enterprise must secure its data, devices, network architecture, and more.   

Likewise, QuickBooks data is also vulnerable to malware and system viruses if stored on a desktop. But, when you use QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services, you can access the most advanced infrastructure for data hosting. It is extra secured by the best firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, and antiviruses. You can also find cloud solution providers who can track server-level security 24X7 and detect existing flaws.  

3. End-to-End Data Encryption  

QuickBooks on the cloud secures your company’s data and information from potential dangers. This ensures that even if an attacker had access to your critical data, they’d be unlikely to see any of it. Even during transit, the data on QuickBooks cloud hosting is end-to-end encrypted. Also, cloud hosting companies such as Ace Cloud Hosting use the best security standards to provide flawless service.  

4. Multi-Factor Authentication  

An extra layer of protection is always welcome in today’s environment when hackers devise new ways to hack systems. Although password protection is essential, multi-factor authentication is an important security feature worth considering. It helps you to ensure that only verified users can access the system. QuickBooks cloud hosting comes with a multi-factor authentication feature to enhance security at an advanced level.  

QuickBooks Hosting

Hacking attempts are continually observed and cross-checked in this environment. Also, once the password is confirmed, the user needs to authenticate the login on another mobile device. As a result, the chance of hackers gaining access to the system will reduce. Furthermore, even if a security breach occurs, no unauthorized user can access the cloud as the login must be validated by the user’s device. 

In A Nutshell

In a world where data is the most valuable asset, safeguarding our assets is critical. Thus, there is a need to take security measures in all organizations, whether small, medium, or large. QuickBooks hosted in the cloud utilizes cutting-edge encryption and authentication technologies to maximize the security and privacy of your QuickBooks data. 

Want to discover how your company’s data security can be improved by using QuickBooks Cloud Hosting? Call our Solutions Consultant at 855-264-8722 to get in contact. 

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