How Can QuickBooks Hosting Improve Productivity?

Accounting firms constantly introduce new policies such as open offices, BYOD, free gym memberships, and more—all intending to improve employee productivity. Firms are also exploring and deploying new ways to increase employee productivity—cloud hosting of QuickBooks Desktop is one of the best ways to do so.

How Can QuickBooks Hosting Improve Productivity?

QuickBooks hosting overcomes the limitations of the desktop version by offering remote access (which has become a must during the COVID-19 pandemic). It also provides multiple other benefits that directly or indirectly help improve your accounting business’ productivity.

Let’s have a look at some of them in detail:

1. Round the clock remote access

QuickBooks desktop version allows access to the data from a single assigned computer system. This means that CPAs and accountants have to be present inside the office premises to access their QB data. This is certainly not desirable during COVID times, and firms without remote access will indeed lag behind their competitors.

QuickBooks hosting allows CPAs and accountants to access their QB software via the Internet anytime from the device of their choice—laptop, iPad, MacBook, and more. They can work from the comfort of their homes without spending time commuting to and from the office.

Prodoscore found that the productivity of its employees rose by 47% in 2020 while working remotely (in a pandemic stricken world) compared to 2019.

This also means that the employees can design their work hours and assist the clients during non-business hours (if needed), further increasing organizational productivity.

2. Improved security

With the growing number of cyberattacks, it has become essential to implement enhanced security features and measures that adhere to multiple compliances. QuickBooks Desktop offers insufficient security measures to mitigate the risk of data threats without compromising the information available on the system.

When hosted on the cloud, QuickBooks standard security measures are taken by the cloud service provider to avert any malicious attack. Data encryption, anti-malware, antivirus, firewalls, multilevel authentication, etc., are some of the other security features deployed by reputed cloud service providers. This means that your data is secure from any cyberattack, and even if hackers manage to gain access to your data, they won’t be able to understand it because of data encryption. So, your firm will always be productive and never experience downtime due to such issues.

3. High-performance computing

If you use QB Desktop, you must integrate multiple add-ons for time tracking, inventory management, automating various processes, and more. But there will come a time when these add-ons will slow down your system and reduce its processing speed. This means that your employees will waste multiple productive hours.

With QuickBooks on the cloud, this problem is easily solved, and you can integrate as many add-ons as you want. Reputed QB hosting providers use High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers. As a result, you can incorporate multiple add-ons without impacting the performance. You enjoy better data processing speed without witnessing any decrease in data processing power.

4. Ensured disaster recovery

Natural accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and hence it is vital to have a disaster recovery plan in place. With QuickBooks Desktop, since it is installed on the local system, the chances of losing the data are very high.

QuickBooks hosting takes away all the worries of losing the data as cloud service providers have to backup your data on multiple servers geographically placed at strategic locations. In case of a natural disaster, the data can be quickly recovered from these servers. Additionally, many cloud service providers offer disaster recovery solutions as a part of your subscription plan.

5. Improved team collaboration

Accounting firms require collaboration between different teams and other stakeholders to be more productive. However, if you use QuickBooks Desktop, you have to send the information back and forth via emails which causes inconvenience and data getting lost in the trail. The chances of errors also increase.

With QuickBooks hosting comes the ease of synced information across the cloud. CPAs, accountants, and clients can access the file and work on it simultaneously. The changes made are reflected in real-time, improving the information flow for everyone. This way, you can complete your tasks in time and enhance productivity across the organization.


Nowadays, every firm is trying to improve its productivity to survive today’s harsh economy. QuickBooks hosting is one of the best methods to do so.

Apart from improved productivity, QB hosting makes firms cost-effective and opens gates for a new accounting experience.

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