How Hosting Lacerte Tax Software on the Cloud Beats On-Premise?

Tax professionals have been increasingly tapping into the power of the cloud for managing their Lacerte Tax software. This way, they can mitigate its limitations like device-dependent access, tedious IT management, inadequate data security, etc. However, some people are still apprehensive about adopting software hosting, robbing them of rich hosting experience. Nowadays, cloud hosting has become more accessible and straightforward with the emergence of third-party hosting providers. All you need is to pay an economical subscription fee, and they will provide you with the IT infrastructure.   


But before that, you must understand why Lacerte hosting offers better ROI than its locally-installed version. It will make you aware of the benefits you are missing. Here are several reasons detailing how hosting Lacerte tax software on the cloud beats on-premise. Read on! 

1. Get better data accessibility 

Locally-installed Lacerte tax software offers restricted accessibility. It is only accessible from that device in which it has been set up. The device must be portable to access your tax data round the clock. However, that too carries immense liability if the device gets damaged. You might lose your data.  

On the other hand, you get round-the-clock access to your tax data with Lacerte tax hosting. It is similar to Gmail or Meta; they aren’t installed on any particular device and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. You can use any compatible device to access your Lacerte tax software remotely.   

2. Experience enhanced data security 

It is important to keep your security framework up-to-date for data protection. A third-party hosting provider is regularly updated with modern security features. Reputed cloud hosting providers offer best-in-class security measures like an IDP system, bank-grade encryption, the latest anti-malware protection, and AI surveillance. These features are a part of your hosting package.   

However, in locally installed Lacerte tax software, you have to deploy and manage these features yourself. Hence, you may not be able to build a robust security system by yourself and ultimately settle with inadequate data security.  

3. Minimize your IT workload 

An on-premise IT infrastructure carries enormous responsibility. You need to look after the purchase of hardware components and their maintenance. What if there is a way to almost zero down your IT responsibilities and yet enjoy world-class IT services?   

Lacerte tax hosting from a third-party hosting provider allows you to access all the IT resources via the cloud. The hosting providers manage the resources on their servers. They are also responsible for their upgrades, maintenance, and repairs. Ultimately, it reduces your IT responsibility from managing an entire infrastructure to just managing the end devices.  

4. Get flexible scalability  

You must scale up your IT infrastructure during tax seasons to meet your growing needs. With on-premise Lacerte software, your hardware upgrades last a few years before going obsolete. This way, you are stuck in a continuous cycle of buying and replacing your IT components.   

Lacerte tax hosting from a reputed service provider is different. As an end-user, you are not responsible for managing their data centers. So, whenever you need to scale up, contact your hosting provider. They will assist you and quickly cater to your requirements at a competitive price. 

5. Regular data backups 

Data stored on local devices is vulnerable to ransomware or other cyber-attacks. You can also lose it permanently due to other incidents like accidental drink spillage or an earthquake. You need to back it up at several places away from your office space to prevent data loss in such situations. Thus, it becomes necessary to spend on establishing another server and then back up your data on it.   

Lacerte tax hosting from a reputed hosting provider addresses such issues. They deploy multiple data centers at strategic geographical sites and regularly back up your data. This way, your data remains safe and is always available in every scenario. All of it is included in your subscription fee, and you don’t have to pay any extra penny.  

6. Cut unnecessary expenses  

Lacerte tax hosting becomes more cost-effective when availed via a hosting provider. Unlike the locally-installed Lacerte tax software, you don’t need to overspend on establishing your IT infrastructure from scratch. You need to manage the end devices, or you can implement BYOD and let your employees use their devices. You also save up on paper expenses. 

Furthermore, a hosted Lacerte tax software is remotely accessible. This way, you need not rent a large office space and work on a hybrid model.   


A significant strength of Lacerte tax hosting is to store tax data on geographically isolated servers. You need not worry about losing your data. Also, you get enhanced security features that guarantee a foolproof security system.  

The features mentioned above give you an edge over the competitors and other tax professionals. Now is the time to switch if you want to get the most out of Lacerte tax hosting.   

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