Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) is a cloud-hosted desktop solution offered by third-party providers, where the customers get virtual desktops delivered on their internet-enabled devices.

But what makes it different from a traditional desktop PC? Both provide a desktop environment to the user, but cloud desktop or HVD is more flexible & provides freedom of working from wherever you are.

How Does Hosted Virtual Desktop(HVD) Work?

In a conventional desktop PC, all the physical interface is situated on-premises. In a hosted virtual desktop (HVD), all the tasks can be accomplished on the go as data is available through a central server provided by any reputed hosted virtual desktop provider.

Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) vs. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

People usually confuse both the terms Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) & Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), but these are two different desktop solutions. Both HVD & VDI are the type of desktop virtualization technique that provides a digital working environment to small to medium businesses. The basic difference lies in terms of their working & usage.

In VDI, the local IT team manages the virtual desktop as the central server is located in the on-premises data center, but in a hosted virtual desktop, the central server is situated on a third-party service provider’s data center. Wherein HVD serves as a cloud-based service that provides applications & software to the end user’s device such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

How Does Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) Work?

As discussed, HVD is provided by a third-party provider. The provider gives the unique login credentials for each user using cloud desktop service & these credentials can be used to access virtual desktops from any device and location, even when you are traveling.

Let’s understand the working of virtual desktop hosting or HVD through an example – If an employee who is in office currently needs to work on an assigned task, but his shift ends. So, he or she can log out from the credentials provided by any cloud desktop provider like Ace Cloud Hosting & can resume his work from home by using the same credentials from where he has left.

So, virtual desktop hosting provides convenience to the employees by making the business agile, which ultimately increases the productivity & efficiency of the company.

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Hosted Virtual Desktop Benefits

Every industry can benefit from hosted desktop solutions from BPO, healthcare, manufacturing, education, to legal – the list goes on. Many SMB’s & startups are taking advantage of cloud desktop services which have provided them with productivity & mobility.

Some of the top benefits provided by hosted virtual desktop include –

  • Minimizing the large CapEX investment as businesses don’t need to invest in individual PCs.
  • Less maintenance from the IT team on-premises as a hosted virtual desktop provider manages all the tasks.
  • Increased employee & business productivity as the virtual desktop is available everywhere, even while traveling.
  • Virtual desktops are comparable on any device & platform such as mobile, iPad, Tablet & more.
  • Provides high-end security to the data as all the data is safe on a central server which protects it even from accidents which are quite normal when your data is stored on-premise.
  • You can get round-the-clock support for your hosted desktop from any cloud desktop provider that manages your customized plan & pricing.
  • Virtual desktop hosting is entirely scalable in terms of usage as you can quickly reduce or increase the no. of the desktop as per the requirements.
  • HVD also benefits the environment as there are fewer emissions compared to conventional desktop PCs.
  • Hosted virtual desktop pricing is based on a pay-as-you-use basis; you need to pay for the service you are getting with no additional costs.

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How Much Does Hosted VDI Cost?

Hosted desktop plans & pricing are flexible, depending on your business requirements; you just need to pay for the service you are using. The pricing can be scaled based on the no. of cloud desktops you require & the types of applications or desktop services (DaaS) your firm needs.

Check for the hosted desktop provider that provides Bandwidth, at least 30 days of free backup, User-level App Access, Access Local Drives, Round Clock Support & Updates, and Maintenance.

If you are a company or an individual looking for a complete hosted desktop solution, Ace Cloud Hosting provides the pay-as-you-use pricing plans with data encryption to ensure complete security & round-the-clock available troubleshooting team.

You can also opt for the 10 Day Free Trial for our virtual desktop hosting solution to get the idea & experience of using hosted desktop infrastructure for your work. For more information, please seek assistance from our experts for a free trial.

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