Why Hosting ATX Tax Software On Cloud Is the Right Choice for You?

ATX, a premier advanced tax return preparation software, provides small accounting firms, CPAs, and finance teams of businesses with a solution including a library of tax compliance forms.

ATX software desktop version offers numerous features however lacks in remote accessibility. Plus, there is a limitation with the editing of the tax-related data in real-time as clients and CPAs are not able to collaborate on the same file.


ATX tax software on cloud comes as a solution because it offers numerous benefits for CPAs and tax preparers to file more tax returns in less time.

Here are some of the benefits of ATX Tax software on cloud –

1. Remote Access

With hosted ATX software, you can access it from a remote location via laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

It makes you independent of the local network. Getting swift online response of the hosted ATX application is one of the apparent benefits as the software is installed and running on high-performance computing servers.

2. Lower Hardware Requirement

When your ATX tax software is hosted on the cloud, there is no need to build your own IT infrastructure; you will have your service provider’s server at your disposal instead.

You can run your ATX application without investing in the purchase of the equipment needed to run it on a network within an office. ATX hosting provider would also take care of any system upgrade as they are released.

3. Access The Same Data At The Same Time

ATX cloud hosting allows your accountants, CPAs or employees located in different geographic locations to access the same data at the same time and makes collaboration easier.

Everyone can work simultaneously to deliver faster results and higher productivity.

4. Security

Security of data and files is undoubtedly most essential for accounting firms. Any threat to data security may occur because of unsecure data transfer in the network or issue with storage failure.

If your ATX data is backed up on local servers, it may get lost accidentally or may even be prone to ransomware attacks.

Hosted ATX software maintains your data in the safest way possible. Reliable ATX hosting providers, like Ace Cloud Hosting, have highly protected data security methods (such as end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection and prevention system, firewalls etc.) along with multiple backups.

5. Reduce IT Management Burden

Outsourcing the execution and on-premise management of ATX tax software lets small business owners focus on essential business operations instead of the technology which supports it.

Since cloud hosting accommodates remote connectivity, you can collaborate, monitor, and track the activities after outsourcing it.

Moreover, ATX software hosting reduces the need for manpower to manage and support the on-premise network and hardware.

6. Increased Reliability And Uptime

Even if your company employs the best IT guys and hardware infrastructure, chances are it would not be able to provide server uptime and reliability as most top cloud providers can. All major cloud providers have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and usually assure more than 99.99% server uptime.

It is delivered using the technology in which if one server fails, they can easily transfer the applications to another server. It can prove to be a gamechanger during the tax season when you can’t afford even minutes of downtime.

7. Better Control

Data control is essential to keep your business secure. You never know what can happen if your important files or data goes into the wrong hands like an untrained employee or an attacker.

When your ATX software is hosted on the cloud, you can easily choose which files can be viewed, edited, and shared by which user(s). With real-time collaboration feature, you don’t need many versions of the same file floating around.

It would be easier to control one copy, and there is no reason not to streamline your business processes.

8. Seamless Integration

Even though ATX tax software offers many features to ease your tax filing process, it might not be able to cover everything on your wishlist. It lacks certain features like automated data entry, document management, and secure file sharing.

However, ATX software overcomes these limitations by integrating with a number of third-party add-ons and services. For example, ATX integrates with QuickBooks accounting software to automatically import financial reports directly into the tax software.

ATX software hosting offers scalable options such that the performance is not compromised despite the integration with any number of add-ons.

9. Cloud Requires Less Capital

One of the challenges most small firms face is coming up with the capital to meet business requirements. Server infrastructure costs can be a huge investment.

One of the benefits of hosting ATX on the cloud is that you only need to pay for the amount of server resources that you use. Since your cloud provider would take care of the upgrades, you escape from the expenses of regular IT maintenance.

Choosing the right solution for tax filing can prove to be a gamechanger and ATX software on the cloud seems exactly that. So, don’t wait. Save your money and time and put your ATX software on the cloud.

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