How Hosted Sage 100 Contractor Saves Time and Increases Productivity

$17.5 trillion is the predicted global construction spending by 2030. This means that the contractors’ cash flow will also increase exponentially, they should use the right software and technologies.

Sage 100 Contractor is a widely known software, designed especially for contractors and construction businesses. The software helps them in performing and managing their day-to-day business operations, boosting their productivity and improving time-management skills.

How Hosted Sage 100 Contractor Saves Time and Increases Productivity

You can purchase the license and install the software on your local desktop. However, the local installation will limit the software’s capabilities, eventually limiting your productivity and efficiency.

Sage 100 Contractor cloud hosting has proven to be quite useful by enabling remote access to data, saving time and increasing productivity for contractors.

Here are some aspects of how hosted Sage 100 Contractor software saves time and boosts productivity.

1. Connected Workforce

It is a fact that the employees of companies that invest in collaboration technologies have better productivity. Some companies have seen productivity boosts of two to three times as well. Hosted Sage 100 Contractor allows easy collaboration between the employees, helping them share relevant project documents with ease.

This way, you create a streamlined process for your employees and eliminate the time-consuming and confusing process of sending files over email. Your employees can access the relevant project files from a central repository and work together to get things done.

2. Multi-Device Compatibility

If you choose to install Sage 100 Contractor on your local desktop, you will be limited to access all your data like invoices, documents, sheets, bills, etc through your system. There’s no other way for you to access it with any other device. This poses two problems – you cannot access the data from any other location, and you’ll be restricted to use your local desktop.

Hosted Sage 100 Contractor allows the contractors to access their data in real-time from any part of the globe (even when they’re on the jobsite). As the data and software are hosted on a remote cloud server, it also allows them to view invoices or documents from their smartphones or tablets i.e. no hardware or OS restrictions.

This scenario also promotes BYOD (bring your own device) culture, which is believed to make employees more productive as they’re more comfortable working on their personal devices.


BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) is a crucial pillar that most businesses need to function smoothly – including construction businesses. It is really frustrating when a disaster occurs, and a bottleneck is created due to any software or hardware issue, and the construction process is delayed. There is also a chance of data loss.

All these factors have a negative impact on your business reputation, meaning that it will be difficult for you to get new clients.

But, with hosted Sage 100 Contractor, you can easily overcome these challenges. Reputed hosting providers ensure that your construction business does not suffer even during the hardest of times. They ensure that your data is stored at multiple server locations to be easily recovered in any scenario.

4. No IT Problems

What if your computer crashes on which Sage 100 Contractor software is installed? It will become a grinding task to retrieve all the information stored in your system. There can be multiple other IT issues that limit the productivity of your employees, eventually decreasing the billable hours of your business.

By hosting your Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud, you hand over all your IT worries to your service provider. This way, you outsource the burden and risks associated with maintaining an IT infrastructure for Sage software, and your employees can focus on their tasks rather than wasting time fixing IT issues.

Reputed service providers offer round the clock customer support to assist the users in their issues during non-business hours as well. Thus, you save time and money on hiring an in-house IT team.

5. Flexibility, Functionality, and Efficiency

The business landscape keeps evolving, and it is interesting to see how contractors and construction companies evolve simultaneously. Some aspects of the business take time to evolve. On-site Sage 100 Contractor offers very limited flexibility, making the evolution even more difficult and time-consuming.

Hosting your Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud offers certain flexibility to help businesses adapt to the market changes. The virtual solution enables businesses to meet internal demands quickly and easily. For instance, if you need extra storage, you can contact your service provider and get what you need in a few minutes.

6. Third-Party Integrations

Construction is a vast field that requires multiple contractors and workers to work together. This means that you will need multiple third-party applications to integrate with your Sage 100 Contractor to fulfill your needs. This can be achieved; however, it takes a lot of time and effort when the integration is done when Sage 100 Contractor is installed on your local system.

Hosted Sage 100 Contractor allows smooth integration of multiple third-party applications – your service provider will take care of everything. Also, you do not need to worry about system performance as the solution is hosted on HPCs (High-Performance Computing servers), offering you a smooth and quick all-in-one business solution.


Contractors and construction companies can host their Sage 100 Contractor on the cloud to leverage these benefits to increase productivity and save time. You can access the data from any place, share documents, integrate multiple third-party applications, and much more.

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