Why To Host QuickBooks On High-Performance Servers?

In today’s highly competitive world, speed and availability of data are one of the most significant factors when running a business. Therefore, we need powerful and advanced solutions that can undertake tasks at hand with better efficiency and productivity.

In the accounting industry, QuickBooks Desktop is used by a vast majority of firms. However, the system tends to become slow with time and decreases overall performance. One solution is to regularly upgrade the hardware which is time-consuming and requires a lot of investment. Firms need a budget-friendly, yet, powerful solution.

Why To Host QuickBooks On High-Performance Servers?

One such way is hosting QuickBooks on high-performance servers.

QuickBooks is a robust tool that helps businesses of every size and kind in managing their accounting operations. However, its limited accessibility and performance often restrict an individual’s ability to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Therefore, it is an optimum approach to host it on HPC (High-Performance Computing) servers.

So, what are High-Performance Servers?

High-Performance servers consist of a cluster of supercomputers, CPUs, disk drives, and other network components. They form a system that works in unison to enhance processing speed and perform intensive work processes without any lag.

QuickBooks Hosting on HPC servers is a must. There are many reasons that explain its importance. Read on to learn about them.

4 Reasons To Host QuickBooks on High-Performance Servers:

1. High Fault-Tolerance

One of the significant factors to consider while running any business is the ability to endure any mishap. Even a small issue in any connection or system can cause harm to a company. Therefore, it is crucial to come up with a solution that can mitigate such effects.

Adopting High-Performance servers for QuickBooks checks that there is no vulnerability due to any failure. As there are multiple nodes present within the network, even if one of them causes any problems, other parts ensure seamless workflow. Hence, HPC servers have a very high fault tolerance for better business continuity.

2. Improved Capability

QuickBooks often requires multiple add-ons, like TSheets, Expensify, Drake Software, Bill.com, and more for enhanced functionality. However, the number of integrations often takes a toll on the performance of the desktop software. Moreover, running multiple applications on a traditional system will not be able to give the desired result.

Hosting QuickBooks on High-Performance servers offers scalable solutions. One can easily upscale or downscale the storage space and RAM to accommodate multiple add-ons without any computational issues. Also, it can handle advanced data processes and run multiple applications simultaneously. This setup further allows users to focus more on their core competencies and deliver visible results.

3. Controlled Access

While working with QuickBooks accounting software, employees have different assignments that they need to work on. For example, CPAs need to access the application to manage finances, while a tax professional needs to import or export various invoices and bills for filing returns. Providing full access to every individual can cause inaccuracies in the data and it will be difficult to monitor the tracks of each individual. Hence, business owners need to define roles and permissions in the system to avoid any mismanagement.

HPC servers allow businesses to control permissions within the system and assign different roles to every employee depending upon their capabilities. It establishes an additional layer that restricts the accessibility of the user for better processing. Therefore, one can accomplish its individual task with the QuickBooks application without potentially harming any unwanted information.

4. Enhanced Productivity

Accountants, CPAs, tax professionals, and other stakeholders often require constant access to QuickBooks software. However, there are many factors like power cuts, natural disasters, and more that can hamper the availability of the application.

Hosting QuickBooks on High-Performance servers provides all-time availability of servers so that one can work without any disruptions. Most competent providers even guarantee up to 99.99% SLA-backed uptime. It means servers will be down for maintenance for less than 6 minutes in the whole year. This setup improves productivity and helps meet deadlines for all essential tasks, eventually increasing your business productivity.

Final Note

High-Performance servers have now become a necessity rather than a choice to host QuickBooks. It provides desired output in a lesser time without any performance issues.

Additionally, in order to achieve better efficiency and mobility, choose cloud servers in integration with HPC servers.

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