How To Host Quickbooks Desktop On Cloud

Why move QuickBooks Desktop to the cloud? The reason is simple; it makes it much easier for accounting firms and their employees to access your accounting applications and related data from anywhere via the Internet. Earlier, desktop versions were only accessible from a designated system (office PC mostly), thus restricting your data access. This is why organizations are migrating QuickBooks to the cloud.

How To Host Quickbooks Desktop On Cloud

But how to host QuickBooks Desktop on the cloud? Here are a few simple steps which you need to consider to host QuickBooks Desktop.

Easy Steps to Host QuickBooks to the Cloud

1. Evaluate Your Business Needs Carefully

Always remember to select the QuickBooks hosting plan after considering your specific business needs. The selection would depend on the number of users and the performance you need. You should also know if you are comfortable working with a shared server or need a dedicated server for your organization. In a shared server, its resources are shared among multiple tenants. However, in a dedicated server, all its resources are for your computational needs.

2. Select a Reputable Cloud Hosting Provider

Just when your needs are sorted, it is best to move ahead and choose QuickBooks hosting solution provider. Amongst so many providers in the market, choose the one which meets the following criteria:

  • Expert in QuickBooks installation on the cloud.
  • Offers reliable data security measures.
  • Provides reasonably priced hosting plans with a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Offers SLA-backed server uptime guarantee
  • Provides 24/7 support
  • Gives at least 99.99% uptime

It is better to base your search for a cloud solution provider based on the fulfillment of the above requirements for the best-in-class QuickBooks hosting solutions. Any further queries or need for a fully customized cloud server can be discussed with the service providers.

3. Migrate Existing QuickBooks Data

Once you select the hosting provider and the hosting plan, the next step is to migrate the existing QuickBooks data to the cloud server. In most cases, you do not need to worry about the migration as reputed service providers take care of this step. Once the migration is done, the data is accessible. All you need to do is just log on to the cloud server.

4. Offer Cloud Training to Your Employees

Your employees must know well about cloud-hosted QuickBooks because, in the end, they are the ones who are going to use the hosted solution. It is better to provide training sessions to clear their doubts and educate them about the benefits and usage of QuickBooks on the cloud. Also, ask their suggestions and hold sessions where they can freely ask their doubts.

You may inquire if the cloud service provider offers free training sessions for your team members.

QuickBooks Hosting Process

After choosing a good QuickBooks hosting provider and selecting the right pricing plan, let’s have a look at how the hosting process is like:

  • Firstly the existing QuickBooks data and licenses will be hosted on the cloud servers of the QuickBooks hosting provider. If you require a new license, you will have to choose an authorized commercial hosting provider for the same. Authorized QuickBooks providers offer genuine QuickBooks licenses, offering a seamless QuickBooks hosting experience.
  • Users will be provided with login credentials to access their QuickBooks solution on the cloud. The users can easily access the cloud through a web browser from the device of their choice.
  • You will be charged on a yearly or monthly basis according to your plan and the resources used.

Advantages of Moving Your Business’s QuickBooks to the Cloud

The benefits of hosting QuickBooks on the cloud are manifold, including accessibility from anywhere, enhanced data protection, backup and recovery services, and the list goes on. Another fantastic feature is that you pay for the resources you use, which proves cost-effective compared to QuickBooks Desktop. Also, you get the freedom to integrate as many add-ons as possible without worrying about any performance lag with at least 99.99% server uptime.


If you decide to host QuickBooks Desktop on the cloud, it will help you resolve so many issues that you may have been facing with your accounting tasks. Follow the steps to shift the software to the cloud and enjoy a brand new accounting experience.

One of the main steps of this process is selecting a reliable cloud hosting service that will help you stand out in the market. Get a free trial of our QuickBooks hosting services. For further assistance, get in touch with our experts at 855-879-5481.

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