Why You Should Host Your Drake Software on HPC Servers

Drake software is a premium tax solution used by many tax preparers and professionals for filing accurate tax returns and creating customizable tax reports. It also offers additional benefits like loan calculator, tax planning module, and overall audit support.

Why You Should Host Your Drake Software on HPC Servers

However, using the Drake software on legacy systems has its limitations, like the inability to handle complex data and slower computational capabilities, which hampers the end-user experience.

Hosting your Drake on High-Performance Computing servers (HPCs), you can offset the traditional limitations and enhance your operational capacity.

Here are four reasons why should you host your Drake software on HPC servers:

1. Relieving The Supply Pressure

The tax industry is also affected by the general notion that demand faster accounting services and similar efficiency levels. But, this is something not possible while using Drake on conventional systems. Using it on legacy systems for filing taxes and auditing tax reports carries its own hassles like longer processing time, occasional software lags, and inflexibility to handle sizable computational data rapidly.

Today’s tax industry demands top-notch performance and world-class efficiency from firms. Hosting your Drake software on HPC servers enhances your operational efficiency and provides greater precision. Since an HPC server is formed by multiple computer nodes working as a single unit, you can process faster tax compilation and enhance the customer experience.

2. Having High Computational Capabilities On The Go

It is no brainer that having a higher computational environment provides firms a much-needed efficiency for their daily organizational tasks. It allows them to be more productive and ensure rapid task delivery. However, setting up a high-performance server is not as simple as it sounds. It calls for significant capital requirements and needs adequate technical expertise for maintenance. This is why many firms cannot successfully setup their own such servers and enjoy the valued benefits.

Thanks to advancements in hosting services, one can now easily access high computational capabilities from anywhere, anytime. You can conveniently host your Drake software on an HPC cloud platform and experience the value it brings.

With a hosted Drake software solution, you can access your Drake on the go and experience superior computational ability at the same time. This way, whether it is their home or office – your employees can enjoy superior computational ability and bring in more productivity.

3. A Fault-Tolerant IT Solution

While technology has allowed humanity to advance themselves and overcome varying challenges in the past, it is not still completely perfect. In our regular usage of different technological solutions, we come across many instances where any tech-related downtime tends to hamper our daily lives. It obstructs the standard workflow in various industries, especially for accounting firms, where prolonged periods of downtime and unavailability significantly affect their business operations.

When you are using your Drake software on an HPC server, you can easily avoid the downtime associated with legacy systems. Such servers are developed by associating multiple computer nodes as a single unit. This makes an HPCS solution a highly fault-tolerant and flexible IT infrastructure as the total system outflow is not affected even if a single node fails due to operational error.

And since reputed hosting providers ensure premium measures and round-the-clock availability of IT experts for maintenance tasks, you further have an enhanced fault-tolerant experience.

4. An Overall Cost-Effective Solution

Imagine scaling up your IT resources for the peak tax season only to see them lying unused after it ended. Although the usage of HPCs greatly benefits accounting firms, its setup is equally hassling. You need to invest heftily, procure necessary parts, hire experienced IT professionals, and maintain the infrastructure. Add to it the regular maintenance costs and the timely upgrade requirements, and setting up an HPC server leads to significant costs.

However, by hosting your Drake software on a High-Performance Computing server, you can avoid these IT-related costs and experience the needed high-performance power. Hosting Drake software on an HPC server brings both affordability and capability under the same umbrella. Your hosting provider is responsible for all the IT-related costs. You only need to pay a monthly subscription for using it.

This way, you can avoid setting up your HPC server or hiring IT professionals for its management. Also, since higher computational ability means enhanced operational efficiency, your firm can easily take on more business workload and earn more significant revenue, thus ensuring an overall cost-efficiency.


With increased business competition and the need to evolve with time, the adoption of HPC servers has become the need of the hour. By hosting your Drake software on such servers empowers it to achieve what was not possible before.

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