Why You Should Host Your ATX Software on HPC Servers

As every year ends, tax filing is a significant task that comes as part and parcel of the new year. Collecting the necessary documents, choosing the tax forms, and handling multiple clients is not an easy task.

Here, ATX tax software comes to the rescue for those looking for a professional, robust, and unfailing solution. ATX tax software is a sought-after solution used by small firms and CPAs looking to file precise tax returns and create custom reports. It offers tax returns form libraries for more than 6000+ forms providing a one platform solution to small firms and CPAs.

Why You Should Host Your ATX Software on HPC Servers

Although you can install ATX tax software on legacy systems with ease, it comes with limitations like the slow processing speed of large datasets. This may spoil the end-user experience.

Hosting ATX tax software on High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers enhance the end-user experience by adding the missing capabilities in traditional systems.

Below are the key advantages for hosting ATX tax software on HPC servers:

Better Computing Abilities and Flexible Operations

For any tax firm to succeed, a high-performance environment is required to enhance productivity. However, setting up a high-performance server requires big capital investment and experienced technical staff for IT support and maintenance. Huge investment in money and resources makes the small organizations hesitant to deploy such servers and take advantage of the same.

Now, with the availability of competent hosting providers with HPC servers, it has become easier for organizations to leverage the benefits of high-performance computing anytime. ATX tax software can be easily hosted on these servers and can take advantage of the high processing speed and better computation of complex data.

On-Time Filing

With the limited time given by the IRS to file the returns, it becomes inevitable to provide timely tax return services to the clients with accuracy. ATX tax software, when used on traditional systems, makes timely delivery and accuracy a concern with longer data processing time and the inability to handle complex data.

With growing competition in the tax industry, high performance and accuracy are expected from firms. Hosting ATX tax software on HPC servers makes these expectations a reality. Such servers comprise multiple computing nodes that work as a single unit for better precision and higher processing speed. This increases the overall operational performance with faster tax return filing and better client experience.

Scalable Solution

As the tax season is for a limited duration, setting up a high-performance computing environment and hiring experts does not make sense. However, the legacy systems are not flexible and can lead to hassles when upgraded or downgraded. Every downgrade results in unusable hardware, and every upgrade requires more funding.

Hosting your ATX tax software on HPC servers results in savings of IT infrastructure costs along with offering the desired scalability. Such servers allow you to upgrade and downgrade without much investment, time, and money. ATX tax software hosting on high-performance computing servers means that you can work on the minimal infrastructure requirement during normal days and scaled up when the workload increases during the tax season.

Highly Reliable and Fault-Tolerant

Various advancements have been made in the field of technology, improving the efficiency of the systems. Still, it has a long way to go to provide a seamless experience to the users working on legacy systems. Any tech-related downtime affects the tax firms (especially small ones) and CPAs working on tax return filing.

With ATX tax software hosted on high-performance computing servers, organizations can leave behind their worries about technical faults happening in the system. High-performance computing servers are multiple computer nodes working as a single server – making it a highly reliable and fault-tolerant system. If a single node fails, the system remains in operation, providing a seamless experience to the end-users. Reputed hosting service providers ensure the availability of IT experts round the clock in case of any failure to provide the firms with a reliable server for better productivity.

Security and Authorized Access

For any tax firm, the security of the client’s financial and personal data is of utmost importance. Any leak in the data or unauthorized access to it may harm the organization’s integrity by increasing fraudulent activity chances and may result in judicial cases.

With ATX software hosting on high-performance computing servers, the threat to the data can be put to rest. You can also configure role-based access, strategically assign authorized employee access by limiting the employee’s visibility to the data, securing the financial and personal information of the clients. Service providers also offer advanced security features like multi-factor authentication, data encryption, traffic filtering, intrusion detection, and many more.


With increased market demands to quickly deliver quality tax services, the need to use high-performance servers for data processing is rising. By hosting your ATX tax software on HPC servers, you gain the benefits of a fast and dynamic IT infrastructure along with the benefits of the cloud.

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