A Complete Guide to QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting for Businesses

Are you using QuickBooks Enterprise for managing your day-to-day business operations? As a business owner, you must be aware of the unique offerings QuickBooks Enterprise brings to the table. However, with the business environment becoming more challenging, simply using QB Enterprise is not enough. Its conventional setup does not offer the flexibility and remote access needed to excel in these modern times.

A Complete Guide to QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting for Businesses

But there is a way to enhance the capabilities of your QuickBooks Enterprise solution. With QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, you can access your files remotely by using the device of your choice.

What is QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting?

A QB Enterprise solution, when hosted on a cloud server, becomes a hosted solution. Hosted QB Enterprise is not installed on a particular device. It makes it possible to access it from anywhere, anytime via the Internet. The users no longer need a specific workplace device and can use other smart devices to access their accounting data.

How Does Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise Impact Business Decisions?

Nowadays, many organizations actively employ data analytics to assess their business performance. One of its essential requirements is a centralized data pool. QuickBooks Enterprise hosting stores your data on a central remote server. The cloud can easily accommodate analytical tools, allowing you to follow an analytics-driven approach. This way, you can analyze your data, make accurate organizational decisions, and improve your business performance.

With QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, many businesses are now implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This way, they do not have to manage the end devices and the employees also get the comfort of working from their personal devices. This report from Cisco shows that enterprises save an average of $350 per employee every year with BYOD.

How Does QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Increase Business Productivity?

  • There are many ways to improve your employees’ productivity with QB Enterprise hosting. BYOD comes in the picture again as it lets your employees use their own devices. This way, they will be more comfortable and help in increasing productivity. Or you can let them work remotely on a WFH basis, enabling them to manage their time better and become more productive. This study from Stanford also shows that there was a 13% increase in productivity for workers who worked from home.
    Companies can also let their employees work from home as a it saves them the time and hassle to commute to the office. This way, they can utilise this time to maintain a better work-life balance and work on tasks without worrying about the traffic.On the contrary, a traditional QB Enterprise is neither remotely accessible nor used from any device. It is locally accessed only from the device on which it is installed.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise hosting helps your employees manage time effectively. For example, your employees don’t need to exchange files back and forth via email. Email file exchange creates a lot of confusion regarding the latest file version and increases the chances of mistakes.
    You can simply share access to your QB Enterprise data and all the stakeholders can work simultaneously. All the changes are reflected in real-time so that there is no confusion regarding the latest version.

Benefits of Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the Cloud

Hosting your QB Enterprise on the cloud opens new dimensions for your QB Enterprise. It makes the application more secure, mobile, with broader organizational capabilities.

Let’s have a detailed look at how cloud hosting revolutionizes your QB Enterprise:

1. Run QuickBooks Enterprise On The Go

QuickBooks Enterprise is a powerful software solution with multiple functionalities. However, a traditional QB Enterprise is accessed only locally. It means you cannot access your data outside your workplace. But a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution is different. Authorized users can access it round the clock using good internet connectivity.

Also, employees can use any other device like a smartphone, MacBook, tablet, etc. This way, you can have the on-field status of your accounting data. You can also approve invoices and track your assets remotely. Furthermore, you can be more efficient and save time by generating and viewing business reports on the go.

2. As Secure As An Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is a premium business solution used by large businesses and organizations. Their QB Enterprise application is mainly used for processing and managing an immense amount of sensitive data. And this is where the main issue lies. They use traditional QB Enterprise setups, which can be easily compromised. Most traditional setups lack the modern anti-hacking measures necessary for protection against modern threats.

A hosted QuickBooks Enterprise from a reputed hosting provider is deployed with advanced security measures. Hosting providers offer multi-layered security infrastructure with top-rated antivirus and anti-malware. They also deploy the latest network filters, IDPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System), on-transit/storage data encryption, and multiple firewalls for protecting and effectively securing your data.

3. Reduced IT Management

In a conventional QB Enterprise environment, the entire IT responsibility falls upon you. You have to manage all software updates and hardware upgrades. Every time any system malfunctions, you and your IT team are the ones running around. However, a QuickBooks Enterprise hosting comes with minimal IT responsibility. Your QuickBooks Enterprise hosting provider takes care of all updates/upgrades. They set up the data servers and install the application on them.

Furthermore, a seasoned QuickBooks Enterprise hosting provider deploys round-the-clock IT support. So whenever any malfunction occurs, they rapidly patch it up.

4. Unparalleled Uptime

Running your own IT infrastructure has its restrictions. Firstly, its management responsibilities can obstruct your business obligations. Then comes the unavoidable downtime. No matter how advanced a hardware component is, it is bound to malfunction at some point. Similarly, your IT infrastructure can also experience situations where it may suddenly malfunction and delay your operations.

What if the power supply went off? Or if the hard disk suddenly crashes? It would be best to fix them before you begin facing immense losses immediately. A hosted QuickBooks Enterprise solution from a reputed hosting provider has a much higher uptime. They can provide up to 99.99% SLA-backed uptime availability, ultimately reducing your downtime to less than six minutes per year.

5. Advantage of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Let’s assume you have an advanced IT infrastructure with top-rated hardware components. However, you didn’t keep data backup options. In this scenario, as long as your primary data center is secure, you won’t lose your data. But what if a hurricane occurs or a tornado hits your office? Natural disasters can be rather devastating and can lead to unprecedented outcomes.

For example, a recent storm left more than 400K people facing a power outage in the Central US. A renowned QB Enterprise hosting provider plans carefully before deploying its data centers. They are placed strategically in specific geographical areas to minimize environmental impact. Furthermore, they are interconnected with regular data backup to provide you unhindered data availability even during a crisis.

6. Cost-Effectivene Solutions

QB Enterprise offers a complete business solution but is equally expensive to maintain. That is why most large businesses prefer it. However, small or big, every organization wants to broaden its ROI. While QB Enterprise significantly helps them with their business needs, running it traditionally carries high expenditure.

A hosted QuickBooks Enterprise considerably lowers your CapEx and shifts it towards OpEx.

You don’t need to deploy a vast IT infrastructure and work with a simplistic network of end devices for accessing your QuickBooks Enterprise.

It saves a significant chunk of capital resources from the IT investment. QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud is remotely accessible, allowing your employees to work remotely. This way, you can save on maintenance expenses and run your business with low premise requirements.

7. Better Control on Access

According to a report, an average employee has access to over 10 million files! This means that anyone within your organization can access sensitive data and exploit it. However, a hosted QB Enterprise provides you with better administrative control. Only those with valid authorization can access your QB Enterprise.

It allows hierarchical data access, which hinders your employees from accessing files beyond their eligibility. Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud significantly reduces your insider liabilities and strengthens your organizational integrity. Furthermore, any log-ins or changes made to the cloud data are recorded. It leaves an audit trail that can be traced back whenever needed.

How To Choose The Right Hosting Provider For Your QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Check if your unique business requirements can be fulfilled by the provider’s solution
  • Must choose an Intuit authorized provider only
  • Read their user reviews (Serchen, Meta)
  • Understand the SLA
  • Check uptime availability (must be at least 99.99%)
  • Check the availability of round-the-clock customer support
  • Ask for custom plans on subscription basis
  • Take a free trial

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