Getting Started With the Virtual World of ‘Virtualization’

Virtualization: An Introduction

Every year, IT people come up with some different term, which blow the apprentice’s minds. It is not that we are not aware of it, but we never thought that the process or the application could be named like that. Different people come up with different definitions. It is not that that the term is new to the industry, it has been there since the 1960s.

Getting Started With the Virtual World of ‘Virtualization’

What Exactly Does Virtualization mean?

The term ‘virtualization’ refers to an action, creating a virtual file or virtual version of anything. In other words, we can save our data somewhere on the internet. This data can be anything, for example, files and folders, pictures, or even some videos. This is a process of saving things in the virtual world; it covers the physical features of the computing system.

Different types of Virtualization:

The concept of virtualization is widely accepted, all major small companies follow the concept. It can be applied to the following methods:

  1. The Server
  2. The Desktop
  3. The Network
  4. The Storage and
  5. Service

The Server Virtualization: It is the most active and the most wanted types of Virtualization in the well-known companies. With the help of this concept, a machine (physical) is divided into various virtual servers.

The Desktop Virtualization: It is the technology based on domains. This virtualization is easily broken into sections, and later can be placed on the computer (Desktop) as well as on the application level. The desktop virtualization can be easily divided into some sections such as local app, hosted app, hosted PC and local PC.

The Network Virtualization: It is a perfect blend of the hardware as well as of the software network and the functionality is done via single virtual network, which is based on the admin entity.

The Storage Virtualization: This involves the procedure of abstracting all other logistical data stored in physical form.

The Service Virtualization: This mainly unwraps the app from its physical Operating System form and hardware. Later, the developers can write a Virtualization layer on it.

SMBs opting for Virtualization:

There are various benefits of Virtualization for SMBs. It helps in improving their server utilization, enhances their security, and helps in improving the server application management.

Top five things that are necessary to know about virtualization:

  1. 1. Business Swiftness: The whole concept of the virtualization is very versatile and this is the reason why most IT companies can easily apply it in any of their departments. At present, there are numerous companies and varsities that are using it in order to maintain their various business needs.
  2. 2. Management: With virtualization, the server speed is increasing. However, it needs a proper management, in order to ensure that things are going in the right direction.
  3. 3. High security: It allows all users to create an isolated environment, which is highly secured.
  4. 4. Availability: The data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and even on any device with less overhead.
  5. 5. Better outcomes: The benefits of virtualization are unlimited, can help you in creating a strong and smart base for your business.

With virtualization, things are much simpler and far more sorted. You do not have to carry any of your hardware along with you anymore! No one can get tired of this luxury ever, right? Hence, it would only be logical to assume that virtualization is here to stay! And stay for long it will!

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  • Austin Hughes says:

    The virtual world of Virtualization is like a fine line between physical and cloud data. It has started a revolution all around the globe.

  • Patrick Hesselberg says:

    World of virtualization holds capabilities that can help in saving millions of dollars to various economies.

  • Mathew Kieswetter says:

    Server virtualization has really shaped the fortunes of cloud service providers.

    • AceCloudHosting Editor says:

      Yeah Mathew… it certainly has helped cloud computing to grow…read here…

  • Drake Garcia says:

    The fact that virtualization keeps your data secure has made this process very successful.

  • Casey black says:

    Server speed get elevated with the help of virtualization, and it also helps in the smooth run of the management.

  • Neil Thompson says:

    The data stored on virtual servers is heavily guarded yet it can be easily accessed from anywhere.

  • Tony jones says:

    It is great tool for newly setup businesses, as it is cost cutting and time saving as well.

  • Hank Downey says:

    IT organizations are the biggest gainers from virtualization, it has really brought down their operational cost.

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