5 Reasons to Get a QuickBooks POS Online System For Your Business

Gone are the days when the shopkeepers used to make customer entries in their paper-based notepads and update the inventory manually. In today’s world, the shopkeepers have shifted to electronic POS (Point Of Sales) systems. POS systems can be a combination of hardware and software enabling retail transactions. The hardware can include receipt printers, barcode scanners, display monitors, etc.

quickbooks-pos-online-systemQuickBooks POS is a prominent POS software that integrates various POS functionalities from updating inventory to storing customer information. QuickBooks POS has made the POS operation for retailers and shopkeepers convenient.

The next step to the enhancement of the POS system is migrating it to the cloud. QuickBooks POS, often referred to as QuickBooks POS Online, is hosted on the cloud to helps retailers increase productivity to an optimum level.

QuickBooks POS Online presents you with all the functionality of QuickBooks POS with the mobility and scalability of the cloud.

Let us look at some of the aspects in which QuickBooks POS online proves to be beneficial.

Handle your POS operations anywhere any time!

Handling and maintaining a chain of retail stores can sometimes be an uphill task. You must visit each store physically to access the POS system which can be practically impossible to achieve if your stores are miles apart from each other.

With QuickBooks POS cloud, you can access QuickBooks POS from anywhere. Portable devices like laptops and smartphones can be used to access QuickBooks POS. This increased mobility helps in enhancing your productivity.

You can even sit at home and view the progress of all your stores simultaneously. It helps in keeping track of sales and managing the inventory of all the retail stores.

Leave your worries to the support team!

The renowned QuickBooks POS Online providers offer you with dedicated 24*7*365 support. It means you can get your issues resolved any time of the day. Without the hosting services, you will have to deploy an IT team specifically to look after your local server, thus increasing operational cost.

Some retail chains are open on a 24*7 basis. If an issue arises in the middle of the night, there is no one they can rely on to fix it. In case of QuickBooks POS hosting, a well-trained team is always at your beck and call. You can focus on your sales and leave the issues to the support team.

For instance, Ace Cloud Hosting is one of the providers that offer 24*7*365 support to all the customers.

Store your data in a secure infrastructure!

The hosting providers host your data in highly secure data centers with an advanced level of security. These data centers have multi-level access points to allow access to authorized personnel only. They also comprise redundant cooling and power equipment.

Network Security is ensured by hardware as well as software firewall and constant monitoring. Storing your data in such an infrastructure ensure total security of your data. For any retailer to build such an infrastructure would mean millions of dollars. Hence, it is only wise to host your data in the data center and use their services at a reasonable cost.

Better collaboration due to data centralization!

Imagine you own a chain of fifty burger joints all through California. Several customers daily visit these joints and provide their information with feedback. Moreover, the inventory required must be updated daily so that all the ingredients are available to you.

Can you imagine the inconvenience it will cause you to keep track of the customers and inventory of all the fifty joints individually?

QuickBooks POS Online integrates all your data in one place. You can keep track of all the joints simultaneously. The employees can enter the information of the customers which is stored on centralized servers in remote locations. They can also update their inventory and the sales figures on a given day. The owner can evaluate the performance of each place and provide them incentives accordingly.

Be cost-effective!

What cost-effective means is that you should set up an effective POS system at low cost. QuickBooks POS Online system helps you do just that. The hosting provider offers an infrastructure with advanced security and high-performance. They also comprise of a team of skilled executives that provide dedicated support. Other features such as data backup and disaster recovery are also a part of their services.

The cost related to all these services is very nominal as compared to the cost you would incur to build such a setup. You would require high-performance servers and extra space to host such servers. Other equipment such as routers, cables, power and cooling systems would also be needed.

Hence, if you decide to opt for QuickBooks POS Online, it would save you a significant amount of revenue which you can utilize in other retail operations.

To sum it up!

QuickBooks POS Online is the icing on the cake when it comes to POS systems. It further enhances the long list of features offered by QuickBooks POS. With QB POS Online, you get the freedom of checking your POS from any part of the world. You can integrate the data of all your retail stores on a centralized server. It offers you advanced data security and robust infrastructure.

All in all, QuickBooks POS on Cloud will help you to optimize your POS system and grow your business further.

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