Future Of DaaS In Higher Education

The education industry always looks out for advanced solutions to offer flexibility to the students and teaching faculty, improving the overall efficiency of the education process. They adopt the best teaching methodologies to provide the best learning environment to students. One technology that has helped the education sector is Desktop as a Service or DaaS.

Future Of DaaS In Higher Education

DaaS is a virtual desktop solution offered by a third-party cloud provider where the end-users get virtual desktops on their personal devices. Hence, you don’t have to waste your crucial time installing desktops or updating them as the providers manage all the IT tasks.

DaaS market has seen an inclined growth in the last few years and will continue to do so until the next decade. Due to the increased remote working, the DaaS market will grow at a CAGR of approx. 18% from 2019 to 2026.

Like any other industry, education institutes also have multiple departments like accounting, admin, professors, and students. Each department can equally leverage the benefit when the institution adopts DaaS.

Let’s see why DaaS is the future in higher education and understand how all education departments will benefit from them.

1. Improved Flexibility

Many educational institutes depend on the physical desktops, and the traditional lecture hall set up for all daily academic activities. Hence, it isn’t easy to attend it physically when you are not well, or you may have many personal reasons where you cannot participate in or give lectures.

DaaS providers offer you entirely managed virtual desktops where professors and students can log in via a browser from their personal devices. Professors can give lectures to thousands of students located in remote areas, and students don’t need to waste time and money traveling to distant colleges. It has offered the flexibility of location to both.

Providers offer you smooth and latency-free virtual desktops, which help students access university courses and modules virtually from their devices without interruptions. Moreover, other employees in the universities or colleges can also work from remote areas at their desired time and enjoy the benefits of DaaS services.

2. Increased Data Security

Securing the data of thousands of students needs high-end secure storage space. Also, the admin or accounts data needs to be kept under security safeguards to avoid being a victim of malicious practices. However, it is always costly and difficult for an educational institute to set up such secure physical space.

High schools, colleges, or institutes have been an easy target for hackers or phishers because they lack highly secure infrastructure. Also, cases have been reported where hackers manipulated results just because they entered into that university’s database.

With DaaS, you get physical security as well as digital security. Providers store your data in highly secure data centers with CCTV surveillance. Additionally, providers offer you data security by using high-end security measures like OS patching and hardening, encryption of data in transmission, Single Sign-On (SSO) features, biometric passwords, and multiple firewalls. They also offer the owners full admin rights by which they can manage and give controls to the HODs of the other departments according to the time and need.

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3. Highly Adaptable Virtual Desktops

It is not feasible for universities or institutes to buy hundreds of physical desktops for the students and teaching faculty. Even if they make a one-time purchase of these desktops, it is a challenge to customize these desktops or install applications according to different students’ needs.

Also, it becomes difficult for the management to maintain physical desktops on the university premises. They have to deploy an in-house IT team to automate the processes and look after the desktop updates, application installation, and resolve glitches.

DaaS resolves this problem as it offers cloud-hosted virtual desktops that can be easily logged in through any low-spec devices like laptops, phones, or tablets via a browser.

If you take DaaS services for your institute, the students will be provided with a virtual desktop with pre-installed applications or software according to the student requirement. These desktops will be entirely managed by providers, and university owners will get all the rights to control the desktops from central IT servers.

4. Enhanced Scalability

Due to the vigorous admission processes, universities and high education institutes face a lot of trouble managing the student database fluently. This becomes costly when there are fewer admissions in an academic year. All the hardware installation and IT team surcharges feel like a burden to the owners during this time.

Also, the timely desktop provisioning of so many students is challenging, resulting in the academic schedule delay.

With DaaS, you get a highly scalable infrastructure which means you can easily increase or decrease the number of virtual desktops according to the requirement at any particular time. You don’t have to worry about the desktop provisioning processes after the admission of the students. All the IT burden is taken care of well by the providers.

Also, even if there are fewer admissions, you will be charged for the number of desktops in use. Hence, neither your resources nor the expenses go wasted.

5. Cost Declination in Higher Education

Universities have to make a massive expenditure for all the infra and hardware involved in setting up physical desktops. Also, they have to invest in tools, applications, and supporting equipment.

However, the institutes’ owners can adapt to DaaS to meet all these challenges and cut on their institutional expenses to offer courses to students at comparatively less fee than what they currently give.

DaaS providers offer various customized plans and pricing according to the requirement, cutting on your expenses. Providers also provide pay-as-you-go models in which you can have virtual desktops by making a monthly subscription payment. This will help you shift from fixed cost to operational expense.

Moreover, as students, professors, and employees work from remote locations like their homes, you can also save electricity, saving expenses that can be used to compensate students.

Why DaaS in Higher Education?

DaaS has been a preferable solution for the education industry. It offers every benefit in the virtual desktop space like flexibility, security, IT management, and cost reduction to have hassle-free working in colleges or universities. Hence, DaaS is the present and the future in the education industry.

With more awareness and knowledge in the DaaS forte, higher education and the entire education industry will see an inclined growth.

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