Top 6 Features of QuickBooks POS Multi-Store

With most businesses choosing e-commerce to expand, it has become difficult for traditional ‘brick and mortar’ stores to keep up with the changing business environment. There are several internal factors, such as inventory management, customer service, and resource utilization, limiting their growth. How do business owners tackle these issues?

Top 6 Features of QuickBooks POS Multi-Store

QuickBooks POS Multi-Store is a feature-rich retail solution that makes sure you beat your competitors and grow your business. Using QB POS Multi-Store, you can easily handle all your transactions, manage inventory, create customizable sales reports, analyze sales data, and many more.

Here are some features of QuickBooks POS Multi-Store that are highly beneficial for retailers.

1. Managing the Transactions

With the help of QuickBooks POS Multi-Store, you can quickly authorize, record, and process various debit and credit cards. It allows you to process cash and checks as well. It is EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) compatible and comes with the latest data protection software, making your customer’s transactions safe and secure.

It supports all popular cards such as Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Visa. The customers can also make payments on the go with QuickBooks POS mobile sync and the free QuickBooks GoPayment app.

Apart from cards, it also supports other cashless payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay too. So, no matter how your customer pays, QuickBooks POS is there to ensure that you have a seamless checkout experience with them.

2. Making Things Easy

Using QuickBooks POS Multi-Store, not only carries both short-term and long-term benefits for your store but also makes things easier for you. It allows you to access the data remotely so that you can efficiently maintain stocks, view sales reports, and generate purchase orders from anywhere.

You can also manage up to 20 stores from a single office and efficiently monitor their data.

You can also easily record your employees’ working hours, commissions, and monitor their performance. With the POS, you can also keep track of petty cash payouts and limit administrative access with the help of a password.

It also offers premium features such as a personalized gift card- it can be customized with your store’s logo, QuickBooks strives to make sure you have an identity that stands out from the rest.

3. Ringing Up The Sales

With simple sales screens to accurately ring in sales and make transactions faster, QB POS Multi-Store ensures that you have a smooth selling experience. It allows you to have multiple ways through which you can ring up sales. You can opt for the traditional method of ringing up the sales by manually entering the data (item number or name) or attaching a barcode scanner and scanning the barcode.

In case your system is down, you can make sales by using your smartphone or tablet. It supports both Android and iOS.

4. Leveraging Your Inventory

One of the fundamental hurdles faced by retailers is the maintenance of their inventory. Using traditional methods to keep check of the stock causes a severe financial drain on your resources that could be better spent elsewhere. Using QuickBooks POS Multi-Store allows you to leverage your inventory and utilize resources efficiently.

You can do it by tracking packages using the shipping manager, track UPC codes, serial numbers, layaways, and sales orders.

Another key feature is real-time stock management. Every sale or purchase transaction gets reflected in your system instantly. You can pre-set your inventory levels; whenever an item is about to run short, you will get notified. This will allow you to generate a purchase order and replenish your stocks beforehand.

It also helps you analyze your sales data to create a predictive inventory and stock up precisely what your customers need—something that Walmart had already done, a move that earned them enormous profits.

5. Enhanced Customer Experience

QB POS Multi-Store integrates your customer’s information into the system at the time of purchase. This way, you can create personalized discount offers for your customers on their birthdays and other special occasions, offer loyalty discounts, and many more.

Flexible methods of payments, lesser time at checkouts, and always having what they want in stock and up to date – these are some other benefits that your customers enjoy when you go for retailing experience with QB POS Multi-Store.

6. QuickBooks Desktop Integration

With every transaction you make (sale or purchase), QB POS Multi-Store updates your books and keeps track of the financial data. This will allow you to eliminate errors, save time, manage your finances, and be better prepared while filing taxes. But at the end of the day, you need this data in your accounting software as well.

QB POS Multi-Store integrates with QB Desktop seamlessly and allows smooth data sharing. Syncing the two software also reduces the effort that goes into double data entry. Also, hosting your QuickBooks POS Multi-Store and QuickBooks Desktop on the cloud makes your solution even more powerful. It offers benefits like data security, regular backups, real-time data access, better system performance, and more.


Customer satisfaction, streamlined sales, and increased profits are some perks one gets to enjoy when using QuickBooks POS Multi-Store. Also, it is easy to use and has an interactive user interface. So, when you want a POS solution that is flexible and caters to all your business needs, QuickBooks POS Multi-Store is one you should look out for.

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