5 Ways Drake Hosting Can Save Money and Time

5 Ways Drake Hosting Can Save Money and Time

Drake Tax Software has been one of the most helpful options for the tax professional. The software offers a number of features that can help the user file the taxes faster and with the least possibility of the errors. With the tax season right here, the need of Drake Tax software is on demand.

Features in Drake Tax Software’s latest version

With its latest version, Drake Tax software has come out with some very useful updates. Here are some of them:

  • Pre-season Client Organizer in the software brings plenty of customization options to manage and organize the client.
  • You can create fillable PDF forms. Send them to the client so that they fill can fill them and send you back.
  • Updated version brings with several tools data entry along with several existing ones like – Calculate, Previous Year data, Previous Year fields, and more.
  • The new format of tax returns is introduced to offer more descriptive names and details to find what you are looking for with ease.
  • The worksheet is updated with the Federal withholding and its resources. So you will not miss on filling any form. Also, the duplication is controlled within.
  • Tracking of the carryovers with the year is easily tracked. The carryforwards are shown in the bottom of the field automatically and they will be updated in the filing for next year.

Saving Time and Cost With Drake Tax Software Hosting

Even with so many benefits and features, the users might not be exploring the maximum potential of their tax software if they are working on a desktop-based application. By hosting the software on the cloud, one can leverage a lot more potential from the same application not just in terms of usability but also in terms of cost and time. Here are top 5 ways how Drake Tax Software hosting can save time and money:

1. No Local Installation for Every Machine

During the tax season, tax professionals have to work endlessly. Often they have to work from home after office hours. Working on traditional desktop software, the user has to install the software on every machine, he wish to work on.

Not only it takes the effort and time of installation, the license charges for every machine also needs to be paid. Hosting it on the cloud, you can buy one license for the version to be installed on the cloud server and access it from any device.

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2. Local Infrastructure Cost is Significantly Reduced

Desktop-based software has a number of hardware restrictions for proper authentication. Cloud technology, on the other hand, does not depend that much on the local hardware and infrastructure. All it requires a device that connects to the internet, which could be the desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. So, you can pick a device that fits your budget and still deliver a better efficiency.

3. No IT Maintenance Team Required

As the dependency on the hardware is reduced with the cloud implementations, your tax software does not need a local server and wires to help you work on it. It is simply hosted on the remote server of the providers of which maintenance is delivered by the providers.

Hence, the need of local IT team is almost negligible, which saves you a good amount of salary. In case, you face any technical issue with the hosted tax application, you can reach the support team of the provider and they should be able to resolve the issue.

4. Work From Anywhere and Earn From Anywhere

With your Drake Tax Software being hosted on the cloud, you have the option to prepare taxes from anywhere and serve the client. Imagine a condition when different users (say tax professional, their intern, client, etc.) have to work on the same file but are located in a different location at the time.

Now exchanging tax forms over email can create file duplication and it is important for all the users to have the same version of Drake software installed on every user’s machine.

Cloud, however, allows all the parties to work simultaneously on same tax file from different locations. No need for local installation or email exchange. Work faster, deliver faster and impress your clients.

5. Built-in Backup and Disaster Recovery

Tax data is critical for every taxpayer. With the digital storage, the risk involved with the damage to hardware and corruption with the software is rare but existent. Backing up data regularly is the most recommended solution. However, doing it manually takes some toll in many ways – not just the time, but humanoid ignorance can be troubling as well.

Cloud hosting providers mostly deploy automated data backup solutions, which ensures that you can recover the data whenever there is any such need.

How do you use your Drake tax software? Are you using it over the cloud? Please let us know in comments.

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