Digital Workspace and Its Importance In Business

Digital Workspace, also referred to as virtual workspace, is a technological framework designed to manage all the applications, data, and desktops from a central platform. It allows users to access applications and information from any personal device, anytime and from anywhere in the world. Moreover, IT professionals can manage all the installation and deployment-related work from a common cloud-based console.

Digital Workspace and Its Importance In Business

The global digital workspace market is expected to reach 72 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 21.3% during the forecast period 2020-2026.

Other than work flexibility, there are various other important benefits of implementing digital workspace in your organization.

Benefits of Digital Workspace

Increased Productivity

It is challenging for employees to reach the office every day and work on their designated systems. Travelling takes a lot of time and energy, which drains them out, leading to loss of productivity.

With digital workspaces, employees can work from any personal device, and they can work even while traveling. Moreover, working from home allows them to save their time and energy, making them more productive.

Richer Experience

In physical workspaces, limitations like setting up a conference or group meeting take more time, and applications accessibility causes much impedance. Digital Workspaces are free from such limitations of the physical workspace.

Digital Workspaces offer an environment where everything comes to your fingertips. It gives a richer experience by allowing the employees to collaborate and work with colleagues seamlessly.

Digital applications like Google Calendar, MS Teams, Zoom, and more allow you to connect to colleagues who may be working from anywhere around the world within a few seconds. Also, these apps could be accessed from multiple devices with ease.

Minimum Infrastructure

Business owners have to maintain large physical workspaces for their workforce. They have to regularly renew the hardware and get involved in changing office infrastructure according to business requirements.

Digital Workspaces allow you and your workforce to work virtually. All the resources are hosted on a network or cloud server. Hence, as an owner, you don’t need to get involved in an endless cycle of purchasing and renewing hardware, setting up LAN cablings in the office, or installing new workstations.

Quick Onboarding

Companies with physical workspaces look for human resources only in a particular region. This means that companies may miss out on talented resources who are unwilling to relocate.

Moreover, companies face issues in providing workstations to new employees because setting up physical workstations takes time. The delay affects the schedule of onboarding and hence hampers the reputation of the company.

With Digital Workspaces, companies get access to a global talent pool. Onboarding new employees digitally makes the process faster. Additionally, employees can start working on the scheduled time as companies only need to provide a workspace application or a web-based URL. This allows employees to access their virtual desktops and start working quickly.

Cost Reduction

IT infrastructure, regular enhancement of physical hardware, and company overheads like office space, electricity bills, and other utilities can increase your expenses. Also, as physical desktops are not easily scalable, resources like disk space and RAM are often kept unused, which wastes your money.

Digital workspaces eliminate the need for a physical work environment. As your workforce operates virtually, you can minimize your office space and reduce related expenses.

Additionally, with cloud-based digital workspaces, you can quickly scale up or down the resources with the help of your cloud provider. This allows you to have optimum resource utilization so that none of the resources are getting wasted.

How to create a Digital Workspace?

Digital workspaces are built when companies opt for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and application virtualization. VDI can either be created on your office premises or opted from a VDI provider.

When you set up VDI on office premises, you and your IT team need to maintain all the servers, desktops, installation, and hardware or software renewals. In contrast, you can opt for a managed service provider who creates VDI on their cloud and offers you cloud-hosted desktops or apps. The provider will manage all the IT work for you.

Other than virtual desktops, there are other things involved to have a proper digital workspace in place. Let’s understand a few of them.

  • Device Portability and Easy Accessibility

Employees should be able to work from any device they want, and the workplace should be accessible via an internet connection and a browser.

  • Security Safeguards 

Multi-factor authentication helps you secure your workspace from any unauthorized access.

  • Secure access to SaaS applications, Windows, or any desired OS or apps

Deliver apps to each employee according to their requirements. For security and compliance, you can opt for a managed service provider that offers OS patching and hardening to avoid compromising data.

Digital Workspace is the Present and the Future

Create a digital workspace for your organization and give a great working environment to your employees.

Managed cloud service providers (CSPs) could be your best bet if you are a small or medium enterprise or a startup facing capital issues. Reputed providers offer seamless workspace as a service solution with built-in virtual desktops and apps.

Do you want to know more about how you can create a digital workspace with your existing infrastructure or on the cloud?

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