How Managed Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) Help Your Business With Virtual Desktops

Whether in the past or present, the companies who work on physical office desktops face many IT challenges like server technicalities, desktop upgrades, and maintaining storage hard drives. Moreover, they are unable to work remotely, and even cyber threats are becoming an ordinary happening.

These challenges have been hampering the business growth. However, managed cloud service providers have a solution for you in the name of hosted virtual desktops.

How Managed Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) Help Your Business With Virtual Desktops

Cloud service providers or CSPs offer you entirely managed cloud-hosted virtual desktops so that you can leverage the scalability, flexibility, and ease of IT in your business. Though there are many virtual desktop solutions in the market, hosted virtual desktops still have the edge over all others because they take the IT burden off your shoulders so that you can work hassle-free.

Solutions offered by reputable CSPs

Cloud managed services market has been in demand in every industry, and its market size is projected to grow at a Compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of approx 13%.

We all know that there is too much technicality involved while deploying an on-premise virtual desktop solution. It is time taking and difficult to understand the setup of virtual desktop infrastructure for your business.

CSPs offer you solutions like DaaS (Desktop as a Service) and WaaS (Workspace as a Service) to enable remote working and bring your business on a central IT infra.

Their managed DaaS solutions provide you with a virtual desktop hosted on their cloud servers which can be operated from any remote location from a personal device. WaaS solutions come as a complete package in which you get virtual desktops, along with desired applications and tools delivered to you remotely on your devices.

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Let’s have an insight into how CSPs have helped businesses to have an inclined growth.

Benefits of choosing a cloud service provider (CSP) for virtual desktops

Reduce your IT Hassle

The providers manage all the server and virtual desktop installation, maintenance, and upgrade tasks. You don’t need to worry about any IT glitches that may occur during working hours because providers resolve the issues in significantly less time so that you can work uninterruptedly. They provide you additional 24×7 IT support on chat, phone, or email.

Get High Security

Reputable providers offer highly secure DaaS solutions in which data is kept under multiple security safeguards like antivirus, intrusion detection, OS patching & hardening, end-to-end 256-bit data encryption, multi-factor authentication, various firewalls, and many more. Moreover, you get physical security as providers store your data in data centers kept under high surveillance like CCTVs.

Reduce Office Infra

If you choose a cloud service provider for virtual desktops, you can easily reduce your on-premise hardware. As desktops are built on the provider’s cloud servers, you don’t need to purchase office desktops. Moreover, as employees can work from remote locations on their personal devices like laptops and tablets, the office space required can also be reduced significantly.

Have Scalability in Business

It simply means that you can get the virtual desktops from the provider according to the increasing or decreasing workforce. Moreover, providers offer you desktop optimization to easily divide the storage or memory requirements according to the employee’s work profile and the applications they will operate upon.

Have Business Continuity

You and your team can continue working even in the case of mishaps or disasters like earthquakes or floods. Providers offer you a DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) facility in which they replicate your data in multiple data centers kept at different geographical locations. Even if one data center is affected by a disaster, your access is shifted to another data center.

Reduce your Business Expenses

As you don’t need to purchase or install the servers on your office premise, you can save a huge upfront investment. By enabling remote work, you save huge on electricity bills as well because you don’t need to maintain an air-conditioned environment in the office. Also, providers offer you a pay-as-you-go model, which helps you shift your expenses from Capex to Opex.

Work Uninterruptedly

Many reputable CSPs offer you an uptime of 99.99% so that you can work uninterruptedly on your virtual desktop without wasting your billable hours due to server downtime. Good CSPs even have power backups in their data centers so that there are no power issues in servers in case of electricity cut-offs.

High Desktop Performance

Employees on the profile of graphic designers or developers can work lag-free on virtual desktops. CSPs offer high speed, bandwidth, high-end storage hard drives, and high-performance data centers so that all graphic-intensive applications can run without any latency.

To Sum Up

Managed cloud services have been increasing, and they will continue to have an inclined growth due to all the above reasons we have discussed.

Choosing the right managed cloud service provider (CSP) like ACE Cloud hosting can positively impact your business. We offer you entirely managed virtual desktop solutions and DaaS services so that you can work worry-free and leave all the IT hassles on us.

To try managed virtual desktop services, get in touch with our Solutions Consultant at +1-855-223-4887.

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