The Fundamental Differences between SaaS and DaaS

With the arrival of the ‘Cloud,’ nothing has been the same! Providers now have the flexibility to develop and deliver a wide array of scalable services and on-demand applications. With organizations now getting access to on-demand applications in real-time, the technological scene has been completely revamped and remodeled. The Fundamental Differences between SaaS and DaaS Thanks to the latest development in Cloud Computing, essential software, which usually requires expensive hardware support, is now available as a cloud-based service. The term used for these types of services is Software as a Service (SaaS). Due to the introduction of SaaS, complicated software like ERPs are now available quickly, and because of their integration with the cloud, they can be accessed from any device. This type of cross-platform accessibility is very beneficial for companies. Another critical use of cloud computing that has made life easier is called Desktop as a Service (DaaS). As the name suggests, it provides fully functional virtual desktops to companies or individuals. The primary benefit of opting for DaaS is that it allows virtual desktop access on end-point devices with lower configurations. Also Read SaaS vs. PaaS vs. IaaS: Which One Is the Right Choice for Businesses?
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How does SaaS work, what are its Benefits?

SaaS provides software to anyone and everyone who has access to the internet and a web browser. The software is a web-based application whose database and backend operations are all performed in the cloud. The cloud-based model has become very common now, and many people across the world take the help of the best SaaS development companies to build their products. Another reason for it being such a favorable option for many is that there is no requirement for any expensive hardware. It follows a subscription-based payment model that does not require any upfront payments. SaaS also provides complete flexibility to the user to modify the system as per their business needs. The user can also modify features like the UIs, data fields, and workspace as per their choice.

The benefits of using SaaS are as follows:

  • It is highly affordable as it doesn’t require costly on-premise hardware deployment and follows a subscription-based model, which makes it the first choice for small businesses.
  • Due to its interactive UI, one doesn’t need much time to learn about the platform.
  • Backups are done very often, and all the data are stored securely in the cloud.
  • As it is an entirely cloud-based service, it can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. This cross-platform accessibility makes life a lot easier for remote workers or those working from home in this current pandemic situation.
  • Due to its cloud-based infrastructure, it is a lot safer to store data on a cloud platform than in traditional software. Also, the cloud database is backed up into multiple servers, from which data can be retrieved if something unfortunate happens to the primary server.

How does DaaS work, and what are its Benefits?

Desktop-as-a-Service or DaaS is a service that provides users with virtual desktops that allow them to run apps and services. This is a very easy-to-manage service that simplifies the job of the IT admin at a workplace. DaaS providers can provide Windows-based virtual desktops to any device, even macOS or Android. The virtual desktop is delivered through a cloud service and accessed using an internet connection via a web browser or software. The service providers manage the infrastructure and the deployment, so the clients don’t need to manage anything. DaaS also follows a similar subscription-based model like SaaS, so there is no investment required before starting the work. DaaS is best for those companies that enjoy the security and management feature available in VDI and want a service provider to perform the desktop management on their behalf.

The benefits of using DaaS are as follows:

  • It is a very flexible platform, where virtual desktops can be accessed from any device and any place.
  • It also follows a subscription-based model, so it costs less money compared to traditional desktops.
  • Major IT tasks like deploying virtual desktops, purchasing, managing, and configuration are all done by the service provider.
  • The number of virtual desktops can be added or removed instantly as per the changing business requirements.
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SaaS DaaS
Provides software as a service Provides desktop as a service
This runs web-based applications This provides virtual desktops and apps
Critical computations and backups are all taken care of in the cloud database. Critical management tasks and upgrades are done by the DaaS provider.
SaaS is useful for those who do not want to invest in the hardware requirements for a particular software. DaaS is useful for those who require virtual desktops with high computational powers in remote locations.
The SaaS software is owned by the provider You can install your desktop applications on the virtual desktops of the provider.

SaaS Vs. DaaS: Both are Equally Important

No matter your choice of tools, understanding and determining the correct service for a desired scope of work is necessary. The better you are able to decide between SaaS and DaaS, the better you are able to select and execute!

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