How Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Help SMBs?

Small and medium business owners deal with a lot of challenges and already have a hectic life. It has never been easy to handle the company’s business operations due to difficulty managing the workforce on a central IT infrastructure, high desktop/server maintenance cost, difficulty in scaling desktops according to the changing workforce, and many more. However, the pandemic led to even more complexities in business operations.

How Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Help SMBs?

The market was fortunate enough to see DaaS or Desktop as a Service to cope up with all the challenges. According to reports, the DaaS market has seen an uptrend in growth and will continue to see that until the next decade.

First, let’s see what DaaS is and how it can benefit small and medium-sized enterprises.

What is DaaS?

DaaS or Desktop as a service is a solution offered by a third-party provider where virtual desktops are provisioned on cloud servers and delivered to the customer’s personal devices. DaaS is a well-known solution and is the most preferred amongst many virtual desktop solutions offered by the providers.

Cloud-hosted virtual desktops offered by DaaS have optimized the organizations’ functionality and have resolved business challenges up to a great extent. DaaS helps to shift all the IT management and desktop deployment work from the SMBs to the provider. Hence, the owners can relax and focus on the other crucial business aspects.

What are the advantages of DaaS for SMBs?

1. Enables Remote Working

Traditionally, most of the company’s employees use physical office desktops and cannot work remotely. Such a type of setup forces employees to reach the office every day and work on their specific desktop. This wastes a lot of employees’ energy and time in traveling, which they can use for work. This has led to performance declination, and in these pandemic times, SMBs were the worst hit amongst all business segments only because they lacked remote working facilities.

DaaS helps you work from remote locations such as home, beach, or even while traveling. Providers offer you cloud-hosted virtual desktops, which can be operated from personal devices such as laptops, phones, or tablets. As employees can work with complete flexibility and mobility, you will see an improvement in their performance.

2. Reduce Upfront Investment

Another significant aspect for a small business or a startup would be minimizing their expenses and maximizing profit. However, many small enterprises end up setting up in-house infrastructure, which gradually puts a dent in their budget. Instead, they would like to spend that on employees for having growth.

Taking DaaS services for your small business helps you shift from Capex to Opex as you can opt for a pay-as-you-go model offered by the providers. This model allows you to pay a nominal amount on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. Providers may also provide you decent discounts.

Moreover, as the employees work remotely, you can easily cut on the office expenses like electricity, cabling, and maintenance.

3. Physical and Digital Security

The most critical aspect for SMBs is the security of servers containing crucial internal or customer data. If ignored, companies have to face some severe consequences like data breaches or cyber threats. You can also fall victim to theft on your office premises. Storage hard drives or desktops can become victims of robbery, and files can be hacked from servers.

To minimize this risk, DaaS plays an important role. Firstly, the DaaS providers store your data in high-security data centers, which are under high surveillance like CCTV. Secondly, all the information is stored under multiple security safeguards like firewalls, single sign-on feature, multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection & prevention, end-to-end data encryption, and many more.

4. Minimize Office Infrastructure

SMBs waste a lot of time and energy setting up the right infra to fulfill their employees’ working needs. Servers and desktop setup, purchasing new hardware, and discarding the old ones takes a lot out of pocket.

Desktop as a Service providers offer managed services and take the responsibility of all the complicated IT tasks on their shoulders. As the virtual desktops are hosted on the cloud, you need not set up office servers and desktops. Hence, you can minimize the cabling and desktop maintenance on your premises. Moreover, all the updating and upgrading is done by IT experts of providers without disturbing your working hours.

5. Business Continuity

SMBs do not ever want to waste their billable hours just because of a technical glitch or a mishap. Many companies even lose their data in times of natural disasters like earthquakes or floods. It has also been seen that many startups were closed in the recent pandemic just because they lacked the solution to enable remote working. You must be wondering how we could control even a disaster and continue our business?

We can’t control a disaster, but we can always save our data so that we could work in times of mishaps. DaaS providers offer you a DRaaS facility as an additional service. In DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service), providers replicate your business data and apps in multiple data centers kept at different locations. Hence, even if a disaster hits one location, your data is automatically backed up and kept safe in data centers at other locations.

Want to know more about DaaS?

Maybe these are some of the significant advantages discussed here, but DaaS has a lot more to offer. It always depends on which provider you chose for your services.

In short, DaaS is the ultimate solution for taking the business processes remote without compromising on security and reducing expenses.

If you belong to an SMB, then you can experience growth in your business by taking desktop as a service from a reputable provider.

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