Top 10 Use Cases for Desktop as a Service

Modern businesses now focus more on increasing productivity and beating their competition by feeding their organizations with the best technology. They do not think much about spending a few pennies extra on fulfilling their workers’ technical requirements.

Organizations now keep themselves up to date with the latest technologies and use this to give out the best outputs to their customers. They have inclined themselves more towards a user-oriented approach, unlike traditional businesses.

Top 10 Use Cases for Desktop as a Service

One such rapidly increasing technology worldwide is VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. VDI creates a virtual desktop environment on remote servers, where the end-users get virtual desktops, which can be accessed from personal devices.

Though VDI has become popular as it gives flexibility in work, organizations still face a challenge in setting up bulky in-house servers to deploy virtual desktops and spend loads of money on server maintenance.

To resolve this hassle, DaaS or Desktop as Service came into the market. DaaS is an offering by third-party providers where customers get cloud-hosted virtual desktops with desired applications on a pay-as-you-use basis. DaaS resolves the problem of maintaining on-premise hardware as the virtual desktops are created by the providers on their cloud infrastructure.

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For better understanding, let’s have a look at some of the practical use cases for DaaS.

1. Facilitate BYOD  

Companies have different types of employees, and some of them want to use their devices at work. Here comes the concept of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD). However, what if someone having a Chromebook or MacBook intends to use Windows OS? Is it possible to deliver Windows OS on a Chromebook?

Yes, it is possible because DaaS services enable you to work on the virtual desktops from end-point devices, be it Android, iOS, and macOS. Moreover, you can even work on any low specification device like a thin client because the virtual desktops are accessed remotely.

2. Mobile Workforce

To improve productivity, businesses have to let their workforce work from their desired location. The report by Weforum says that there will be more WFH by 2021. The employee’s performance depends on how well the company manages and gives tools and apps necessary for remote work.

DaaS providers will provide you with pre-installed apps and tools on the virtual desktop to work hassle-free from remote locations, helping your company achieve more productivity. Employees can work with more mobility as the deployed virtual desktop or apps can run on any personal gadget like laptops, phones, or tablets.

3. Data Security and Compliance   

It’s fair to say that the Internet has eased our lives.  But there is another side to it – cyberattacks and data breach problems. Companies need an advanced data security and compliance check to keep critical customer data safe and sound.

By getting DaaS services from the right provider, the companies can protect their data through multiple security safeguards like OS patching, Intrusion Detection & prevention, TLS 1.3, and 256-bit data encryption, secure firewalls, and many more. The data is encrypted while delivering it to the end-point devices, keeping it safe from hackers.

4. Ensures Business Continuity

There should be business continuity for serving customers all around the clock, even in any unfavorable conditions. However, businesses lose their precious time in technical mishaps or during disasters like earthquakes and floods. It is a challenge to maintain this continuity with on-premise servers and hardware as it could get impacted in these mishaps.

Taking services from DaaS providers guarantees complete data protection as they replicate the data in multiple data centers to be safe in cases of a disaster at a particular place. Moreover, providers also offer you regular cloud backups and a guaranteed uptime to ensure continuous operations. You are always free to demand backups from the providers in case of any mishaps.

5. Transform Call Centers

When it comes to call centers, there are many resources required to meet a vast workforce’s needs. Each call center agent uses only specific tools, but they need to be provided with a dedicated desktop for it, wasting time and money. Therefore, call center companies need to adopt resource optimization.

DaaS helps you optimize resources by deploying virtual desktops with specific applications so that agents can access only those applications or tools which they require. Moreover, you don’t need to waste time upgrading the software or apps as DaaS providers do regular upgrades on your behalf. So companies can cut on their expenses and save time as well.

6. Graphic-Intensive Applications

Enterprises focus more on improving their productivity. To maintain productivity standards, they have to keep high-end software and devices to run graphic intensive applications on their office desktops. However, many industries need to run intensive applications without being tied up with any desktop operating system.

Opting for DaaS services from the providers helps you run applications directly via a browser on your device. Rather than installing the applications on different high-end PCs, providers virtualize the app hosted on the cloud for multiple users. You will be able to give access to the user you want. It saves a lot of the company’s cost as you don’t need to worry about installation, regularly upgrading, or updating the apps.

7. Cost Reduction for Small Enterprises

Small enterprises and startups look for options to spend less on purchasing and maintaining on-premise hardware so that they can shift their fixed capital expense to operational expenses. They have a smaller team for maintaining IT infra, and hence, regular desktop upgrades or software installation becomes a challenge for them.

DaaS providers take the responsibility of all the upgradation and maintenance work on their shoulders. Hence, these expenses can be brought down by using the pay-as-you-go model offered by DaaS providers. It gives you the option to buy the services monthly or yearly, which can help you shift completely on operational expenses for all the IT infra.

8. Contractor or Partner Access

A company outsources various projects to its contractors. Until now, company-owned devices have to be given to the contractors, which leads to more expenditure. The sharing of the devices also led to the leakage of critical information.

Using DaaS helps you create a safe and secure company environment in which contractors can directly login from their personal devices and start working. Contractors or partners can work on virtual desktops deployed by providers from their devices. They can access the desired apps from the same.

9. Businesses Can Promote Green IT

Nowadays, organizations need to focus on the environmental aspect as well. They should look forward to contributing a bit to the environment. They should minimize the use of on-premise hardware so that there is less electronic wastage and fewer carbon footprints.

With DaaS or benefits of hosted virtual desktops, you can reduce power consumption as there is less on-premise hardware, which saves a lot of energy. With reduced infra, there is less electronic waste left. DaaS providers have also started utilizing green data centers for all your storage requirements, which emits less carbon.

10. Easy to Deploy

Traditionally, organizations have to spend many days on the onboarding of new employees or workers. It becomes a challenge to assign a desktop according to the employee’s storage and memory requirement. Companies need to look for resource optimization to provide memory and storage according to the work profile.

DaaS is an excellent option for a company that always have a changing number of employees. DaaS providers create multiple virtual desktops within a few hours, and you can quickly scale up or down the system requirements. There is no wastage of resources as memory or storage is fully utilized amongst the current number of employees, or you can always provide according to the work profile.


Gradually businesses around the world are realizing the need to shift from physical desktops to Desktop as a Service. DaaS is a great way to increase flexibility, productivity and reduce IT complexity in an organization. This transition mutually benefits the company as well as its employees. Experience growth by taking Desktop as a Service for your business.

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