Crowdstrike vs Sentinelone: Which One To Choose?

With the rise in cloud usage, organizations are continually adopting it and sharing documents. Workforce mobility and the number of connected devices are also rising with an increase in data sharing over the cloud. But, do you know that organizations are now more vulnerable to cyber-attacks? As a result, companies that offer cloud cybersecurity solutions are becoming increasingly important.    CrowdStrike-Vs-SentinelOne Two endpoint security products in the market are topping the charts – CrowdStrike and SentinelOne. Both these businesses stand out in the cybersecurity market with award-winning endpoint security products, services, offerings, and positive customer reviews.    Both companies offer similar services to their clients, but they differ in the key areas where they focus, their use cases, and the target groups they reach out to.    While it ultimately depends on your business requirements, most people still find it challenging to pick the best security services in the market. We have made this easier for you through this blog. Read on to compare the two services closely: CrowdStrike Vs. SentinelOne.   

CrowdStrike Vs. SentinelOne: Know The Difference 

1. Flexible Architecture 

CrowdStrike: CLOUD-HOSTED PLATFORM.   Created in the cloud to remove complexity and simplify deployment throughout a firm’s entire estate of endpoints and workflows.    SentinelOne: HYBRID PLATFORM.   Operated on the cloud and endpoints, deployment can also occur on-premises.   
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2. Enterprise-grade automation and recovery  

CrowdStrike: THEY ARE PROACTIVE.   With a multi-layered response and behavioral defenses to protect against ransomware, safeguarding your operating system backup software copies is always proactive.   SentinelOne: THEY ARE RESPONSIVE.   Their rollback option gives a feeling of safety because it prevents ransomware from stealing information in addition to encrypting folders.   Suggested Reading: What is Crowdstrike – Everything You Need to Know

3. Scalability  

CrowdStrike: FLEXIBLE, EASY-TO-USE SOLUTIONS.   CrowdStrike’s flexible solutions allow enterprises to deploy and manage cybersecurity at scale with the agility demanded by large organizations.    SentinelOne: SLOWER ON-PREMISE DEPLOYMENT.   While SentinelOne offers rapid cloud-based deployment, deployment is slow if installed on-premises. It needs hardware modifications for scaling.  Suggested Reading: EDR vs SIEM: Which Threat Detection Tools You Need?

4. 365*24*7 data retention and streaming  

CrowdStrike: THEY PROVIDE INSIGHT.   CrowdStrike Falcon effectively uses real-time attack signals, threat intelligence, emerging adversary tradecraft, and augmented data throughout the organization for all users 365*24*7.   SentinelOne: THEY RAISE ALARMS.   You receive generic alerts with some relevant context from threat intelligence and no sandbox investigation. Users are left to sort through the crucial warnings on their own. 

5. Hunting, securing and mitigating 

CrowdStrike: THEY’RE HUNTERS.   Falcon OverWatch searches across all endpoint data and evaluates across user settings, allowing for more informed choices. They detect fresh attacks while also responding to and mitigating the detected ones.   SentinelOne: THEY ARE SEEKERS.   SentinelOne starts monitoring by responding to product warnings and then collects more information to confirm and escalate the alert.   Suggested Reading: Top 10 Managed Security Service Providers(MSSPs) in 2022

6. Automated insight and management  

CrowdStrike: THEY ARE THE NEXT GENERATION.   CrowdStrike has revolutionized cybersecurity with the world’s finest cloud-native provider, which protects and empowers the people, organizations, and products that drive digital business.   SentinelOne: FULLY AI-DRIVEN.   They primarily focus on preventative use cases and provide the necessary vital features organizations need today, such as threat intelligence and network monitoring, vulnerability analysis, and identity theft protection.  

Top reasons why businesses prefer CrowdStrike over SentinelOne:

1. CrowdStrike provides industry-leading automated detection and prevention in partnership with ACE-managed security services.   

The CrowdStrike Security Platform is the world’s most extensive integrated, threat-centric data network, enabling next-generation security and expert threat hunting to prevent intrusions. CrowdStrike protects essential areas of organizational risk, including endpoints and cloud applications, identities, and privacy, to stay ahead of the latest threats and prevent breaches. The CrowdStrike Falcon Platform, explicitly created for the cloud, provides hyper-accurate alerts, automated defense and mitigation, professional threat hunting, and focused vulnerability insights.  

2. Increasingly challenging threats need top-tier automation and superior threat hunting with human skills. 

The CrowdStrike Security Cloud detects variations in hostile techniques, tracks their tradecraft, and generates actionable insights in the patented technology of threat Graph that proactively avert attacks across CrowdStrike’s worldwide client base in real-time. CrowdStrike’s expert threat hunters work around the clock, constantly scanning for threats and acting as an extra layer of defense to capture emerging sophisticated and advanced attacks.

3. CrowdStrike improves security by reducing false alarms. 

False positives generate a significant amount of workload, which can deter investigations and cause alarms to be dismissed. CrowdStrike’s automated prevention and recovery can be seen in competitive tests by renowned third-party companies to block more than 99.7% of ransomware and malware threats – with ZERO false alarms.  


SentinelOne and Crowdstrike started two years apart, in 2013 and 2011, consecutively, and Crowdstrike has rapidly surpassed SentinelOne to become a more comprehensive provider of endpoint security solutions. Crowdstrike offers a broader range, a more robust and competent partner network such as ACE, and many industry awards for quality performance, scalability, and workplace excellence. Crowdstrike provides cloud-based services that deliver a range of cybersecurity demands, particularly for business models based on cloud infrastructure.   Considering how well these two businesses correlate in product features and customer ratings, users must assess the experience SentinelOne and Crowdstrike provide for their specific sector, worldwide area, industry size, and use cases.

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