Top 10 Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) in 2024

How can you grow your business if you’re constantly worried about cybersecurity?  

You need a managed security service provider who will relieve you from daily security management and help you scale your business.   


With cyberattacks becoming increasingly sophisticated and multi-vector, security management has become a herculean task. You need a vast array of tools and technologies that protect your business from all possible attack angles.  

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) are a boon for SMEs looking to scale up their security posture. This blog will shed light on the multiple benefits of MSSPs, the top managed security service providers of 2024, and tips on selecting the right MSSP for you.   

How Do Top MSSPs Add Value to Your Organization? 

Managed security service providers are several leagues ahead of in-house security teams because they add significant value to their partner organizations. Some of the benefits of MSSPs are: 

  • Security Expertise: MSSPs hire leading security analysts and experts. Your IT team learns from their experience and builds capabilities while working in partnership with MSSPs.
  • Cost Reduction: MSSPs provide a high degree of security at marginal costs. They are a cost-efficient solution compared to the prohibitively high costs of building an in-house security team.
  • Extensive Range of Technologies: Most MSSPs provide a range of security technologies to create a multi-layered infrastructure for comprehensive protection. Licensing, maintaining, updating, and monitoring a wide range of expensive tools and technologies is resource-intensive for in-house teams. Partnering with MSSPs gives your internal teams more bandwidth to focus on strategic tasks. 
  • Round-the-clock Monitoring: MSSPs perform 24*7*365 monitoring and security operations. You can rest assured with the knowledge that your system, network, data, and endpoint assets are secure even when your team is offline.
  • Quick Detection and Response: MSSPs proactively hunt for threats in your system. Their technology is equipped to instantly isolate any suspicious activity and mitigate threats before they can cause severe damage. 

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Knowing how a managed security service provider enhances your standing is only half the battle. The more difficult task is choosing a provider that fits your requirements.  

Ace Cloud Hosting has eased your confusion by curating a list of the top 10 managed security service providers of 2024. 

The Top 10 Managed Security Service Providers(MSSPs) of 2024:

1. ACE Managed Security Services 

Ace Cloud Hosting provides end-to-end managed security solutions for comprehensive, multi-layered cybersecurity. With 14+ years of cloud hosting experience, ACE experts have an in-depth understanding of the cybersecurity threat landscape.  

ACE MSS has multiple service offerings in its security portfolio. The security solutions focus on an organization’s two most vulnerable areas – network security and endpoint security. ACE has partnered with market leaders in cybersecurity technologies, such as Proofpoint, CrowdStrike, and TitanHQ. These successful partnerships combine ACE’s capabilities with cutting-edge security tools.  

Solutions offered by ACE MSS: 

Key features of ACE MSS: 

  • Turnkey solutions 
  • Security consultations 
  • Industry-specific security 
  • Automated compliance management 
  • Award-winning customer service 
  • 24/7/365 Security Operations Center 
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription model
Secure Your Organisation with ACE Managed Security Services Solution

2. Wipro CyberSecurity 

Wipro partnered with Edgile, a Texas-based cybersecurity consulting provider, in 2021 to develop Wipro CyberTransform. The security solution claims to enable digital acceleration and transformation for businesses and help them secure their digital and virtual supply chains.   

Solutions offered by Wipro: 

  • Security and risk advisory 
  • Identity and access management  
  • Security operations management 
  • Cloud and data center infrastructure security 
  • Application security 
  • Cybersecurity platforms   

Key features of Wipro: 

  • Prevention-first approach 
  • X-ray visibility into the security ecosystem 
  • Self-tested security applications 

 3. AT&T Cybersecurity 

Being responsible for the largest network in the US, AT&T specializes in secure connectivity, network security management, and mobile endpoint security. They partner with several security providers, bringing them under the AT&T cybersecurity services umbrella.  

Solutions offered by AT&T: 

  • Cybersecurity consulting services 
  • Risk-based security assessment 
  • Penetration testing 
  • Endpoint security 
  • Network security  
  • Threat detection and response 

Key features of AT&T: 

  • Multiple service provider partnerships 
  • Innovation-based approach 
  • Industry-specific services

4. Redscan

Redscan provides managed security services to organizations looking for assistance with their existing cybersecurity infrastructure as well as enterprises investing in new security technologies. With extensive security expertise, Redscan offers a range of managed services.  

Solutions offered by Redscan: 

  • Managed SIEM 
  • Managed EDR 
  • Managed Vulnerability Scanning 
  • Managed Behavioral Monitoring 

Key features of Redscan: 

  • Machine learning-based behavioral monitoring 
  • Continuous identification of vulnerabilities 
  • Turnkey technology stack 
  • Integration with client-owned technologies 

 5. Clearnetwork 

Clearnetwork has been providing cybersecurity services since 1996. With tremendous market experience under its belt, Clearnetwork offers specialized cybersecurity services that reduce risks and protect your environment from advanced threats.  

Clearnetwork is an AT&T Cybersecurity partner and authorized to provide managed CrowdStrike as a service.  

Solutions offered by Clearnetwork: 

  • SOC as a service 
  • Managed detection and response 
  • Managed SIEM 
  • Vulnerability Assessment 
  • Managed Alienvault 
  • Managed Firewall/IPS 

Key features of Clearnetwork: 

  • Industry-focused security services 
  • Compliance management 
  • Tailored solutions 

 6. GuidePoint Security 

GuidePoint provides strong security skills and program management capabilities that improve your security posture. GuidePoint’s security team is equipped with certified engineers and consultants delivering a strategic approach to cybersecurity.  

Solutions offered by GuidePoint Managed Security: 

  • Application Security as a Service 
  • CISO as a Service 
  • EDR as a Service 
  • Managed Detected and Response (MDR) 
  • Next generation firewall (NGFW) as a Service 
  • Vulnerability Management 

Key features of GuidePoint Security: 

  • The GPVUE program – It is an integrated program offering multiple security solutions 
  • 24/7/365 monitoring 
  • White glove services 
  • Relationship-focused approach

7. Trustwave 

Trustwave, a leading provider of managed detection and response, has a three-pronged approach to delivering cybersecurity. They focus on people, platforms, and their service portfolio. With an in-house security research lab, Trustwave focuses on threat intelligence, innovation, and development.  

Solutions offered by Trustwave: 

  • Managed detection and response 
  • Consulting and professional services 
  • Vulnerability and Penetration testing 
  • Database security 
  • Email Security 

Key features of Trustwave: 

  • Proactive threat hunting 
  • Digital forensics incident response 
  • Trustwave Spiderlabs  
  • Client-informed decisions  

8. SecurityHQ 

SecurityHQ is a leading MSSP with a wide range of services and solutions. With services ranging from cyber risk management to detection and response, SecurityHQ aims to provide solutions for common customer challenges.  

Solutions offered by SecurityHQ: 

  • Managed detection and response 
  • Network detection and response 
  • Digital forensics and incident response 
  • Managed firewall 
  • Managed endpoint protection 
  • Threat and risk intelligence 
  • Penetration testing 
  • CISO as a service 
  • Phishing attack simulation 

Key features of SecurityHQ 

  • Incident response management and analytics platform 
  • Multiple security operations centers 
  • Multiple trusted partnerships 

 9. Symantec 

Symantec’s enterprise-grade cloud security services provide data-centric hybrid security. Symantec unifies threat intelligence across various control points to defend against targeted attacks.  

Solutions offered by Symantec: 

  • Endpoint security 
  • Network security 
  • Information security 
  • Email security 

Key features of Symantec: 

  • Consistent compliance 
  • Remote work support 
  • Cross-control points, cross-platform security 

10. Nettitude 

Nettitude’s managed security services boast skilled security analysts and industry-leading solutions that complement organizations of all sizes and budgets. Founded in 2003, Nettitude focuses on research and innovation to stay ahead of the curve.  

Solutions offered by Nettitude: 

  • SOC as a Service 
  • Managed Vulnerability Scanning 
  • Managed SIEM 
  • Managed Network Detection and Response 
  • Managed EDR & EPP 
  • Managed Sentinel XDR 

Key features of Nettitude: 

  • Tailor-made solutions’ package 
  • Cutting-edge deception technology 
  • Centralized cloud protection for all platforms

How To Pick The Right MSSP? 

Now that you know the top MSSPs, you are one step closer to selecting the best fit for your business. But given the wide range of choices, making the right decision can become more complex. So, how can you find out who is the best for you? 

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Establishing your security objectives is the first step to picking an MSSP. Once you know your needs, you can match them to the services and solutions offered by MSSPs. Make sure the MSSP you choose has relevant skills and experience. Ideally, you should pick an MSSP with a history of working in your particular industry. They will be familiar with industry-specific challenges and targeted threats.  

Other factors to keep in mind while selecting an MSSP are their security team’s skills, scalability, channels of communications, and degree of personalization in services.  

Conclusion – Pick the Provider Who Puts You First

Select the provider who takes time to understand your needs, your current security posture, and your operations. Your cybersecurity infrastructure will need to keep up with your growing business, and your MSSP will be your partner in this journey.  

Ace Cloud Hosting has an award-winning customer-centric approach to delivering managed services. Our security experts are available round the clock on several communication channels. ACE security experts conduct detailed security consultations to understand how they can best serve your needs. They assess your current security posture, highlight the existing vulnerabilities, and suggest remediation measures.  

Take a free security consultation and enhance your cybersecurity defense today! 

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