What Email Services Sync With QuickBooks And What Are The Benefits?

Most accounting firms use QuickBooks as their accounting software to accomplish tasks like invoicing, payments, and reporting. Moreover, the accounting process also involves the sharing of financial information with the clients regularly through emails.

Hence, the integration of your QuickBooks with the email services that you are using automates the flow of information, reducing human errors.

QuickBooks can be easily integrated with hundreds of applications, including email services such as Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

What email services sync with QuickBooks and what are the benefits?In this post, we will discuss email services that sync well with QuickBooks  (Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise versions) and the benefits of this functionality.

Note: Cloud-hosted version of QuickBooks also supports integration with these email services.

1. Integrate Outlook with QuickBooks

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email service by medium and large corporations. So, integrating it with QuickBooks will not require the employees to learn something new. Its user-friendly UI helps businesses manage clients and communicate well within teams. Some features offered by Microsoft Outlook are:

  • Free import and export of data
  • Email attachment reminder
  • Customized calendar
  • Quick email processing
  • Shortcut keys

Steps to sync QuickBooks with Outlook

1. Configure your Outlook email account that you wish to use (if not done already).
2. Gather the following information from your internet or email provider:

  • Incoming email server type
  • Incoming email server address
  • Username and password
  • Outgoing email server address

3. Set up Outlook in QuickBooks

  • Go to the Edit
  • Select Preferences>Send Forms
  • From My Preferences tab, select Outlook, and enter the details.
  • Click on OK.

4. Test if the sync is successful by sending a test email to yourself.

2. Integrate QuickBooks with secure Webmail

If you prefer using email services from Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo – integrate your webmail account with your QuickBooks solution to send emails directly within the software. The steps are similar to the ones explained above but might differ in terms of SMTP Server, Port Configuration, and SSL Security for different email providers.

Steps to Sync QuickBooks with Secure Webmail

  1. Go to the Edit menu.
  2. Navigate to the left pane and click on Send Forms.
  3. Click on the Web Mail radio button from My Preferences tab.
  4. Enter the details of the email address you wish to sync.
  5. Click on the SSL Security checkbox.
  6. Enter the SMTP Server and Port Configuration.
  7. Click on OK.
  8. Send an email to yourself to test the sync.

3. Set Up Email Service in QuickBooks

QuickBooks’ email service can only be used by users who are already using Intuit’s services like IMS, QuickBooks Payroll, QuickBooks Enterprise Full Service Plan, Accountant’s Copy File Transfer, etc.

  1. While setting up the email in QuickBooks, go to QuickBooks Email Settings. 
  2. If you’ve set up an email already, go to the Edit menu.
  3. Click on Preferences. 
  4. From My Preferences tab, click on the QuickBooks Email radio button.
  5. Enter the necessary details.
  6. Click on OK.
  7. Send a test email to verify the sync.

Benefits of Integrating an Email Service with QuickBooks

1. Send invoices directly

The traditional process of sending invoices to customers involved creating one, printing it, scanning it again, and emailing it. A person can spend the entire day in such tedious tasks and still be able to send only a handful of invoices per day.

With the integration of email service in QuickBooks, the users can send invoices through emails within QuickBooks. This way, they can save their time and effort used in completing such monotonous tasks.

2. Send payment reminders

What do you do when a customer is running late to settle his bills? Do you call them every time they forget to pay you?

By integrating your email with QuickBooks, you can send them gentle reminders if their payment is due within a few days or they’re behind schedule.

3. Import/Export data

Importing/exporting data from emails has become easier than ever in QuickBooks. By integrating the email, data from spreadsheets and other documents can be easily imported/exported without having to copy-paste it multiple times.

4. Sync contacts

Does adding contact details of customers and vendors in QuickBooks and your email account feel tiring? With the synchronization of QuickBooks and email service, all the contacts get synced automatically, eliminating the need to enter contact details again and again.


QuickBooks offers multiple options to sync different email services, offering users the flexibility and ease of use they desire while sending data through emails. The software offers a path to send emails, but Intuit has also made sure that the data you share is safe and secure while it is transferred.

Do you have any doubts regarding the integration of QuickBooks with email services?  Get in touch with our Solutions Consultant at 855-223-4887.

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