Why Choose Ace Cloud Hosting as Your QuickBooks Hosting Provider?

With the emergence of cloud technology, a plethora of cloud service providers have emerged in the market. Due to the competitive nature of the market, every cloud provider is looking to up the game by constant improvement and addition to their features and services.

Moreover, it has also become essential for every cloud provider to keep in sync with the latest technology and keep updating their hosting services in accordance with it.

It might seem an uphill task to choose a cloud provider for your business process. However, some key points can help you identify the right one.

Some of these features include the ability of the cloud provider to ensure the protection of your data during a disruptive event by the implementation of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans. Other may be offering a dedicated support for the resolution of your issues, keeping your process available to you throughout the year by guarantying a high uptime value.

Ace Cloud Hosting deploys advanced security features such as multi-factor authentication, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS & IPS), 256-bit data encryption, and more to offer the customers with a secure environment. In addition, 24/7/365 support from our experts helps the customers with all their issues and makes swift resolution possible.

However, before you choose us as your QuickBooks hosting provider, ensure yourself by comparing us with the others in the market. Here is a quick comparison of QuickBooks cloud hosting providers based on various customer concerns.

Customer Concerns Ace Cloud Hosting Other hosting providers QuickBooks Online Other similar services and platforms
Speed of access 400-500% faster 400-500% faster Slower Slower
Authorized and certified Yes Some of them    
User friendly interface Yes Yes Yes  
Optimized for mobiles Yes Yes    
Additional application hosting Yes      
Instant access Yes      
24*7 expert support Yes Yes    
Daily data backup Yes      
Hassle-free printing Yes      
Document scanning Yes      
Mac compatibility Yes      
Drag & drop file transfer Yes      
Easy and compliant license management Yes      
99.99% uptime guarantee Yes      
20 GB free space included Yes Extra Charges Applicable No Storage Extra Charges Applicable
Solid state drive (SSD) Yes      
Mobile access Yes      
Dual monitor support Yes      
Enterprise class hosted PBX Yes      
Pricing Affordable      

Ace Cloud Hosting brings the best of hosting service at your service to keep your accounting work pacing with convenience. Connect with us to get started with QuickBooks cloud hosting.

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Julie is a dynamic professional with over 16 years of rich experience as a VDI and Application Hosting expert. At Ace Cloud Hosting, she humanizes disruptive and emerging remote working trends to help leaders discover new and better possibilities for digital transformation and innovation by using cloud solutions with an enterprise-class security approach. Beyond work, Julie is a passionate surfer.
On the weekend, you will find her hanging out with her family or surfing around the North Shore of Oahu.

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  • Felix Beier says:

    Storage space is somewhat doubtful. I think, I have heard of some providers that offer free storage space as well. Nevertheless, Ace Cloud Hosting has many other goods.

  • Glen Bloster says:

    Ace Cloud Hosting is providing Mobile and Mac compatibility, which is an essential for the hosting services. A cloud service not compatible for different devices has hardly any benefit.

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