4 Collaborative Tools in Microsoft 365 To Improve Productivity

Microsoft launched its first cloud-based productivity suite in 2011 – Microsoft 365. It runs on subscription-based payments and offers a wide range of applications and features to its users to make their work faster and more efficient.

When it comes to teamwork, Microsoft 365 is an extremely communication-centric platform that enables users to work efficiently in teams. With its wide range of tools and applications for team collaboration and communication, it helps you work better in teams by boosting productivity.

Here are the major collaborative tools in Microsoft 365 that you and your entire team must use to improve your work.Collaborative Tools in Microsoft 365 To Improve Productivity

Let’s see in detail.

1. Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is a chat-based tool in Microsoft 365 that enables you and your team to communicate and work together. It offers features such as document sharing and collaboration, one-on-one chat, team chats, video conferencing, and more to help your team stay connected from anywhere around the world.

It is also integrated with other Microsoft 365 tools such as – OneNote, Microsoft Planner, Zoom, and many others to offer a common platform for all your teamwork.

2. Yammer

Yammer, often referred to as Facebook for Business, is a social-networking platform. It lets you connect with people within and outside your organization and further share ideas and work with them.

All the users of Yammer are identified via their email domain and stay connected within the network. It also offers a variety of tools within its system to enhance teamwork, such as – Suggested People, Suggested Groups, and much more.

3. SharePoint

SharePoint in Microsoft 365 is a document management and collaboration platform that helps bring an organization together. This tool lets you manage your documents in folders efficiently and makes it easy for you and your team to access the documents and work together.

You can easily track all the changes that have been made in a document and access any old version of it as per your needs. Thus, you can easily store all your required documents in one platform and share it with your colleagues as and when needed.

4. OneDrive 

Microsoft 365 comes with a cloud-based storage platform – OneDrive. It enables you to create documents, upload them on cloud servers, and share them with your team. You can further give your teammates access to those documents at different levels (View, Read, and Write).

OneDrive is the most widely used tool of Microsoft 365. It helps you keep track of all the changes your teammates are making within a document. Instead of sending documents in large attachments, you can simply share its link with your colleagues.

These 4 tools are a part of different plans of Microsoft 365 – Home, Business, and Enterprise. All of these tools are easy to understand and use. It helps you work efficiently in teams from anywhere around the world. So, switch to these collaborative tools now and boost your team productivity!

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