Collaboration, Mobility, and Security with QuickBooks Hosting

For most businesses now, hosting their QuickBooks on the cloud is a matter of ‘when’ instead of ‘if.’ In the past, accountants would run QuickBooks on their systems in their offices, whereas, the cloud allows them to access it from anywhere at any time through the Internet. In a nutshell, cloud technology is the new normal for most businesses.

Collaboration, Mobility, and Security with QuickBooks Hosting

Below, we would explore some of the key benefits of QuickBooks hosting, so you can see if it is the right fit for your business.

Collaboration Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

Collaboration in the cloud is much more than having a protected environment where QuickBooks users can access, edit, and share the same document. After all, there have been applications even in the past, which allowed this kind of interaction.

However, it wasn’t so intuitive and smooth. For SMBs, the cloud is even more beneficial as they require the flexibility of a remote workspace.

Benefits of QuickBooks collaboration in the cloud go further, in that it offers an accessible, affordable, and customizable toolset for QB users to interact easily. And for the business owners to be aware that everything is happening within an authorized system with proper controls given to the users.

The hosting of QuickBooks on the cloud, which involves hosting of the application in the cloud service provider’s data servers and accessed via a web browser, has resulted in increased productivity and efficiency.

According to a report based on a survey by Forbes Insights, cloud collaboration, the ability to easily interact with clients across different geographical regions or outsourced employees has become a key foundation of a company’s success.

With QuickBooks on the cloud, your firm can easily interact with customers and share data outside the traditional methods. If you have projects in different locations or have outsourced accountants, you can make use of cloud technology to provide them access to the same files.

QuickBooks hosting service helps improve collaboration among team members by enabling:

  • Syncing of files
  • Remote access to documents
  • Version control
  • Authorization of files
  • Storage of large files

These vital features of cloud eliminate the time-consuming transition of files through emails. Moreover, there is no need to have many physical files in hand.

Mobility Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

The impact of cloud technology on the accounting sector is wide and deep. And one of the benefits of shifting your QuickBooks to the cloud is the enhanced mobility it offers. However, not many firms yet realize how technology can change their approach to work.

In the past, accountants and CPAs had to log in to a particular system to access QuickBooks and other files. They had to save their files on their system and needed to transfer the updated files via emails to make sure that other users accessed the latest copy.

However, today, they can access files easily through a web browser or a RDP connector. The updated version of files is stored in the cloud and is easily accessible to all users involved from any device. This facilitates increased productivity and makes accounting much easier and faster.

Cloud hosting allows mobile access to QuickBooks data through smartphones and other mobile devices. This is a great way to make sure that no user involved is being left out of the loop. Accountants or CPAs with a busy schedule or outsourced employees can utilize this feature of cloud to keep themselves updated.

With QuickBooks on the cloud, resources can be easily stored, saved, and processed with a few clicks. Team members can work from anywhere, 24/7, through any device as long as they have an Internet connection. This is particularly important in an era when employees want flexibility in the work environment.

Cost-efficiency is another benefit offered by QuickBooks cloud hosting. Mobile QB on the cloud has a minimum upfront cost and uses the pay-as-you-go approach. Additionally, the software is upgraded regularly on the cloud, and no hefty fee is charged by providers for that.

Security Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

As more and more accounting firms are moving their QuickBooks to the cloud, the question of security becomes paramount. While opponents have their reasons to keep the debate about cloud security fuelled, SMBs should not ignore the number of benefits QuickBooks cloud can provide them.

With hosted QuickBooks, there are multiple levels of control in network infrastructure which ensure complete data security. Let’s look at some of the key security benefits offered by QuickBooks on the cloud:

  • Data Encryption: Encryption of data has significantly reduced the possibility of data theft. As the data is transmitted to and from the cloud in an encrypted form, any attempt to tamper the data can be thwarted.
  • Firewalls: Firewalls help to mitigate unwanted access to QuickBooks data. Along with it, the data is analyzed and filtered, removing any malicious form of data.
  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Protection: According to Kaspersky Lab, US was second in the list of countries with most DDoS attacks after China. Such attacks can cost businesses a lot of money. Cloud technology, however, is well protected against such attacks even with the largest amplitudes.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Good QuickBooks cloud providers help firms by managing and maintaining better infrastructure for compliance. Compliance and security certifications make it easier for accounting firms to trust their cloud providers.
  • Round-the-clock-support: Most QuickBooks cloud providers offer 24/7 support, which includes continuous live monitoring. Redundancy ensures that your data is always available to access.
  • Data Protection: With QuickBooks hosting, you get stronger physical measures as compared to in-house data to ensure that data is always protected. Cloud providers are equipped to prevent data loss due to natural disasters or power outages with a disaster recovery plan.

These security solutions are quite flexible and affordable. In this digital era, when cyber-crime such as Ransomware is on the rise, hosting your QuickBooks on the cloud is the best solution. Make sure that your cloud provider is equipped with these advanced security features to provide you a comprehensive solution for the cloud data.

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