Why Is Cloud VPS Hosting The Best Choice For Your QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop has been the top choice for businesses and accounting professionals for more than a decade now. It enables businesses to perform all essential functions, be it payments, invoicing, billing, inventory management, or reporting.

QuickBooks is a desktop software that needs to be installed on the local systems. However, over the past few years, the accounting industry has found an advanced alternative in cloud technology. The capabilities of cloud technology can be inferred from the fact that its adoption rate keeps on increasing every year. Like all other industries, most accounting professionals are also becoming well aware of the capabilities that cloud technology brings to the table.

Why Is Cloud VPS Hosting The Best Choice For Your QuickBooks Desktop?

Cloud VPS is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) created on the cloud architecture. VPS is a virtual machine with a dedicated set of resources and a private environment. Any number of VPSs can be created on the cloud. However, each VPS acts as a separate server, completely isolated from external processes. There are various third-party hosting providers in the market that offer you cloud VPS hosting.

Let us see why you should choose cloud VPS for QuickBooks Desktop software.

1. Private Environment

One of the most common concerns among CPAs is the confidentiality of their data. QuickBooks company file reflects the financial aspects of the company like cash flow, investments, billing, and more. Needless to say, this information is highly confidential and should not fall into the wrong hands.

Cloud VPS offers a private environment for the CPAs to install their QuickBooks software and store the accounting data. Moreover, the hosting providers create a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) for the VPSs in such a way that the data hosted on a VPS is completely isolated from others. Hence, you do not have to worry about your data being compromised due to the processes running on other VPSs.

2. Increased Mobility

Being an accountant calls for keeping a check on the cash flow of the clients on a daily basis. However, since QuickBooks is installed on your local desktop/server, all the accounting tasks need to be completed in the office itself. It leads to long hours in the office, sitting behind the desk, crunching numbers.

Cloud VPS for QuickBooks can reduce the mental stress of commuting to the office daily as it gives accountants the ability to access their QuickBooks Desktop software from anywhere at any time. You can access the cloud VPS through internet-enabled devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Hence, even if you are in an outdoor meeting or running a personal errand, the accounting process is always accessible.

3. Total Control

There are various stakeholders in the organization that have access to the financial data, be it the CPAs or the top-tier management. However, allowing complete visibility to the accounting data can prove to be a security hazard as any of the users can be the cause of a data breach, intentionally or unintentionally. Hence, only the concerned users should be given access to the accounting files.

With cloud VPS, you get the ability to control the visibility of your accounting data. You can set roles and permissions for the cloud VPS access of your QuickBooks and accounting data. For example, an accountant looking after a client does not need access to another client’s file. You can also set access, edit, or share permissions of accounting files to different users.

4. Multi-Layered Security

With the security risks and cyber threats increasing with each year, there is no surprise that data security is the top priority for all accounting firms. Especially given the criticality of the financial data, the CPAs need a platform that can keep their data secure in every possible situation, be it hardware malfunction, data theft, cyberattacks, or unauthorized access.

In the case of VPS cloud, the data is secure at every stage of communication between the end-point devices and the hosted QuickBooks. The data centers in which the cloud servers are racked up have different levels of entry with biometric scanners, ID cards, etc. Moreover, a redundant hardware setup is also deployed to encounter any hardware malfunction.

The cloud VPS hosting providers also deploy security safeguards like data encryption, intrusion detection, DDOS protection, and firewalls to keep your data safe at the network level.

5. Enhanced Collaboration

While working on your QuickBooks installed in local systems, you often need to share data with other accountants or clients. However, if the clients are located in different locations, the data can only be shared or requested through emails. The result is a long thread of emails with a single file shared repeatedly.

By migrating your QuickBooks to VPS, you as well as your clients, get a centralized database, which can be accessed by multiple users. Hence, the same file can be viewed, shared, or edited on the cloud, eliminating numerous copies of the same file.

6. Expense Reduction

To work on QuickBooks and other accounting applications, you need local systems. It means purchasing physical desktops with a specific configuration. Moreover, an IT team should also be deployed to replace, maintain, and upgrade these systems.

Cloud VPS hosting eliminates the need for expensive local hardware as your QuickBooks is hosted on the remote cloud VPS and can be accessed with mobile devices. Consequently, the need for an IT team also gets minimized. Hence, cloud VPS reduces both capital and operational expenses.

7. Add-on Integration

Apart from QuickBooks Desktop software, the accountants require other applications to accomplish complementary tasks like time tracking, file management, and CRM. However, to install all these applications along with QuickBooks on the local systems, you would need a high-capacity on-premise desktop/server. Moreover, as you keep on installing apps, the desktop would require an upgrade.

However, a VPS created on the cloud is highly scalable. As it is a private environment and does not share resources with any other VPSs, its resources can be scaled instantly, as per requirement.

Hence, you can integrate as many add-ons and applications with QuickBooks as you want. Some VPS cloud hosting providers also offer autoscaling, where the VPS is scaled automatically with the installation of applications and data requirements.

Optimize Your Accounting with Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS is the optimum solution for your accounting process. It gives you the ability to collaborate with clients, irrespective of their location while being able to access QuickBooks from anywhere. The VPS hosting providers also offer additional services like automated backups and disaster recovery to keep the data secure under any circumstances.

You also get a high-performance platform at costs lower than the local IT setup. However, it is essential to choose the best cloud VPS provider to reap its benefits.

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