Cloud and VoIP: Two technologies That Might do the Trick

Cloud computing is a technology that has affected the lives like nothing before. Each and one of us are hooked onto our cloud enabled device and are reaping the benefits of the pioneer’s hard work. It refers to computing from resources that are not completely owned by the user. It is not free per se but a pay-as-per-use model.

The concept of VoIP is not widespread but the name of Skype might ring a bell. It is the classic example of VoIP by which voice communication can be carried out using internet.

Put the lights out….No way!

  • The issue of power cuts is prevalent in most of the countries and such a scenario might result in the loss of business worth million dollars. This type of issue is intolerable. Here comes cloud.
  • By getting hosted VoIP Phone Service, issue of power is gone for the good. The provider has a complete back-up allowing the users to work even in the case of power cuts.

Show me the money

  • Setup of one’s own servers is a herculean task, of which not many businesses are capable of. Moreover, the upgrades and installation of patches make the already difficult task more complex.
  • With the incorporation of cloud computing, the setup is done at minimal cost and that too at state of the art technologies. Scalability of resources according to need is also something that is non-prevalent at in-house systems.
  • The company can also make do without the salary of IT department as in the cloud environment it is rendered useless.

Keeping up with the times

  • Even if initial cost is dealt with, the maintaining cost of in-house servers are astronomical. Not just the server scalability requirements have to be fulfilled, owing to the company’s growth the IT department’s salary is also highly responsible for the ever decreasing company’s bank balance.
  • The regular up-gradation of equipment is also one headache companies have to face in resident servers. This process leaves a burning hole in the firm’s pocket misbalancing already tight budget.

Security is prosperity

  • The technology of cloud might not be famous for its security measures but compared to what a SMB can provide in its premise, it is surely Fort Knox.
  • The data stored at data centers is distributed, so even if any damage occurs, it is immediately recoverable.
  • Encryption at the providers place is also top notch making it useless for the hackers to break into the system.
  • Though some companies want their data to be stored at a single place, this provision can also be made. Storing data at a single location give firms quick access to the data.

There is no doubt cloud computing is beneficial for the VoIP but most of the companies who are in the business does not have the right know-how required to run this business. Their services are not up to the scratch and voice quality provided by them is poor. In such cases cloud can be of big help because the providers can give the clients some helpful tips which enhance the business.

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