The success and popularity of cloud technology has left everyone amazed. Though John McCarthy saw its potential back then, when not many knew the potential of internet, let alone sharing on internet. But that is how geniuses are, they foresee things before anybody else. And that is exactly what happened in the case of cloud technology.

The emergence of Salesforce made everyone aware about the technology which today we call cloud. That was a sort of JFK moment for the tech world. Nothing remained same.

Things You May Not Know About Cloud Technology

And here we are, praising the technology that has made our lives merrier and this world a better place. We all know what goes and what come out of the cloud, but there remain facts, stats and theories regarding cloud that we all are oblivious to but we should know.

For starters, on an average every cloud enabled company saves 21% of their capital outflow. I can now be seen why everyone is flocking to virtualization. Companies spend 90% less on their power expenses once servers are moved to the hosts place. That is something, right? With coal reserves exhausting and cash being at a premium, cloud hosting provides a perfect way out for the firms which are in distress.

Also, with the deployment of cloud model the companies can reduce their carbon footprint by 20%. So even if you are not an environmentalist, this reduction can help you a great deal. As long as we are on the power topic, about 2% of total power consumption in US is done by the data centers. For newbie’s out there, this is a very huge number.

There are more than 50 million servers, all over the world, providing people with their computing needs. It is projected that the cloud market would grow from $40.7 billion in 2011 to $241 billion in 2020. Whoa! That is an amazing number considering cloud is only 5 years old (in its current form). Currently this market is around $150 billion dollars.

Time for some fun facts! Every time a 600th or 120th tab leaves the dealership, a new server is added to the cloud. The federal government saved $5.5 billion in the year when it switched its operations to the cloud. So the government reliance is the proof that cloud is not insecure anymore. So leave all your worries at home and go to cloud ASAP.

Did you know what happened, when in 1997 NetCentric tried to trademark “Cloud Computing”? Well no prizes for guessing, the request was turned down. And ten years later, Dell tried to play the same card, and obviously it lost as well. At this point, I can recall a famous quote from Albert Einstein about insanity doing same thing again and again, expecting different results.

One independent survey showed that the industry that has taken to the cloud computing most, is the banking and finance sector. Now that is some statement for people who claim that cloud provides the most insecure kind of servers! If people who deal with other’s money are embracing the cloud, the why are others shying away from it? Sell your memory stack and sign up for a cloud service at the earliest

For those who look at the future rather than living in present, researches are being done to read the brainwaves using the cloud technology. The cloud keeps amazing us in a new way every day. Sometimes through its plethora of features and sometimes by the ripple effect it creates.

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