Cloud and Mobile For A Better Customer Service in Your Accounting Firm

Let’s talk some facts at the beginning:

According to Gartner, the overall sale of smartphones was 1.4 billion in the year 2015. During the same period, 1 billion new 4G connections were made, reports GSMA[1][2].

These numbers indicate that the masses are connected on a better network over devices that are more capable in various ways. Now considering the precise case of accounting firms, it is easy to conclude that almost all of your clients are using smartphones and are connected over a sound network.

Not only you can communicate with them anytime, but you can also expect them to have access to their emails, accounting data, applications, etc. even when they are traveling. Since the client has adopted better solutions of working and connecting, it is high time you involved those methods in your customer service strategy as well.


To offer a great customer service, you must be able to adapt to the client’s comfort. Some of the moderns comforts in the professional zone include real-time collaboration, cross-device operations, etc. And these features rely on smartphones as well as the cloud. Here are the benefits that cloud and mobile together lend to the customer service in the accounting firm.

Communication Got Better

Streamlined communication constructs the fundamental of customer-business relationship. Considering the confidentiality reasons and trust requirements with the accounting discussions, it is of a great importance to provide a dedicated accounting professional to each client.

Modern communication solutions over mobile devices facilitate the dedicated professional availability all the time, even when they are not in the office, which is quite a way to impress the client.

Unified Communication (UC) solutions that can deliver voice, videos, documents, etc. over the same channel intensify the ease of communication for professionals. VoIP solutions that enable routing of the calls to mobile devices, lets you connect the client with the right destination every time.

Usually powered by the internet, such features do not cost any additional amount and connect the calls to intended received even when in international boundaries.

Collaboration on Accounting Tasks

Collaboration between the client and you is critical while managing finances. When software installs only on local machines, accounting files and tax forms can be exchanged over emails between different users.

Not only that consumes a plenty of time, but the chances of creating multiple versions of the same file can lead to chaos and could trouble the storage space at the client’s end, as well as yours. Host your accounting application on the cloud and you can escape all those issues.

Cloud-based accounting solutions ensure that you can work with the client on the same file and make real-time changes that will be visible to all the active users. You can go live using any device (workstation, laptop, smartphone, etc.) to work at the time that comforts client. As you serve the client on their comfort level, the customer satisfaction rating for your firm is sure to rise.

Assigning and Tracking Tasks

Delivering a streamlined customer experience depends largely on the management at the business end. The collaboration of mobile and accounting is helping the accounting firms to upscale on those merit scales. Cloud and mobile-based accounting solutions power the accounting firm owners to manage the operations and keep a real-time watch on them.

As a manager of the accounting firm, you can add or remove users, grant or revoke the access permissions, assign tasks and monitor the actions on those tasks over the mobile device from anywhere, anytime.

With the enhanced control, you can divide the work on the priority and preferences of the customers. That is certainly going to add more to their satisfaction and fetch you better ranks on customer service standards.



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