9 Ways Cloud ERP Can Turbocharge Your Business

Technology is revolutionizing the businesses of all sizes at an incredible pace and creating multiple opportunities for companies to reach out to their consumers in innovative ways. One such development is Mobile Computing with more than 80% web being surfed from mobile phones.


Behind this incredible development lies cloud computing, which has created various opportunities for all kinds of organizations and entrepreneurs, making the competitive landscape more impact-driven than capital-driven.

Cloud ERP software allows small companies to access all of the benefits which a large company obtains after setting up an extensive IT infrastructure at a fraction of its cost. Cloud ERP boosts performance and efficiency within the organization. Here are eight ways how Cloud ERP turbocharges your business.

1. More Flexibility

ERP provides massive flexibility in work management. The growing workforce can easily be added as authorized users and allows you to modify the existing human resource structure of your system.

This is possible due to the fact that the cloud ERP system is highly scalable as the resources can be scaled instantly as per the requirement of your business process. Hence, if you want to upgrade the server resources due to the expansion of your business, it can be done very conveniently.

2. Boost Your Productivity

A cloud ERP consists of a centralized database and a dashboard view of all the areas of business. Working on tasks which require cross-department guidance and approval becomes hassle-free, as ERP gives you a complete view of task status and operational bottlenecks of each department in the current business.

Access to updated and accurate data is always at disposal which reduces long mail threads, getting lost in them and eventually limiting the silo structure of organizations, which is the biggest enemy of productivity in an organization. As a result, ERP implementation helps in better decision-making and streamlined business operation.

3. Adopt Mobility

Is your work limited to your office space? Do you feel paralyzed when not in the office and have to work remotely any given day? Cloud ERP changes that. Remote.co study suggests that more than 34% of the workforce operated from home in 2016.

As the remote working culture is becoming more common, adoption to cloud services has also been increasing, as a result. Cloud ERP is accessible online; it can be used anytime and anywhere without being location-dependent. Whether it is a laptop or a mobile phone, cloud ERP fits all, reduces paperwork, and makes collaboration easier.

4.  Reduce Operating Costs

Cloud ERP doesn’t need a dedicated IT team to be set up in-house. Your entire business process is hosted on the cloud, and the ERP cloud providers are responsible for the migration of data, setup on the cloud, and maintenance of the hardware.

Hence, as a business, you don’t have to invest in any hardware as cloud ERP is billed monthly on a SaaS-based model serving to all business sizes. While your service provider takes care of all the hassles related to IT, your employees can focus on the core of the business.

5.  Be More Secured

No in-house hardware, no damage risks! It’s as simple as that. A cloud-based ERP ensures the highest security of your data. Even if your local infrastructure gets damaged due to theft or natural disaster, your data is secured as it is stored in remote data centers.

Moreover, the renowned ERP cloud providers such as Ace Cloud Hosting deploy various security measures such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, firewalls, and more in the cloud environment to keep your data secure from breaches and cyberattacks.

6. Reduced Cycle Time

Research shows that cloud ERP out beats on-premise ERP in terms of operational efficiency and process management. A lot of it has to do with the fact that the cloud environment comprises a cluster of high-performance servers performing multiple tasks at the same time. In a local setup, the systems are not capable of delivering such high-performance.

Enhanced business processes mean that your business is on the path to growth. When decision-making time is reduced, employee satisfaction increases and there is a sense of clarity in the organization regarding its core purpose.

7. Forget Ticket Raising to IT Support

With the implementation of the ERP cloud, forget raising internal tickets to your IT team as your ERP cloud provider will help you in every step, from troubleshooting, scheduled maintenance, and day-to-day issues. Every ERP cloud provider’s top priority is to keep the system running without any issues. Your internal IT team can be minimized and can focus on what’s essential for your business in-house.

8. Integrate All Your Systems

A cloud ERP system easily integrates with all your existing business systems and syncs data in real-time. By integration, data duplicity time is saved as all your employees have to feed data only once.

This eliminates multiple entries, and report creation becomes more accurate and robust, making more space for essential tasks. Process and customer handling become so easy that you’ll be able to add more revenue streams to your business.

9. Analytics Matter

Once your company is well acquainted with cloud ERP, as a business owner, you’ll have all the vital business data on your fingertips. You can easily chart down individual performance and time spent on the dashboard to calculate the productivity of the employees. Having a metrics-driven mindset will enhance the work culture and reflect in your overall profitability.

Are you ready for cloud ERP?

These were few vital benefits of how cloud ERP turbocharges your business. Choosing a system which is flexible yet easy-to-use will cut down the training costs and will save you money.

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  • Vann says:

    Easy synchronization of all the business systems has been one of the key players during my migration to the cloud tech. All the menial desktop work that I had to do is now automated, freeing more time for me.

  • Philip Charles says:

    The improved decision-making process in my accounting firm has made me go gaga over cloud technology. With such massive improvement in the speed of work done, my business charts are off limits.

  • Naomi says:

    Does the hosted software provide time tracking of employees?

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