Accounting data was always top priority for businesses, salaried professionals, and accountants. In the recent years, modes of finance exchange have grown abruptly to make way for soaring rise in the accounting data. Accounting services are now rendered over the globe without any geographical or time-zone limits.

How Cloud Computing Ensures Your Accounting Data is Available 24x7

So, that requires not only a larger storage space and security, also an uninterrupted and omnipresent accessibility to it as well. To accommodate all these requisite, cloud seems to be the fittest solutions. Here is how cloud computing ensures your accounting data is available all the time:

Remote Servers With Impressive Uptime

Cloud computing simply means you are working on a server that is located remotely and connected to the internet. The location can be in the different half of the globe. Cloud computing has been offering this since long, but what has changed now is amazing uptime of the servers.

With the tier-4 level data centers in the service, one can expect an uptime of 99.999% or more. This means that the downtime is guaranteed to be less than 20 minutes in the entire year.

Among the reasons of downtime, majorly it is going to be maintenance and upgrading of the servers, for which service providers choose the least traffic time to update the users well in advance about the possible downtime. With such improvements on the card, your accounting data is sure to remain available whenever you want it.

Accessibility on Any Device

Device compatibility is one of the main reason why you should make a switch to the cloud. As a user, cloud computing ensures that you are able to access your accounting data and applications over any internet connected device, which could be smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

With the local device based accounting, entire data resides on one device. You can work freely on one device at your office but as you buy a new device or wish to work from home, there is a need for installation of the application along with the hassles of data transfer.

Along with that data file format might face compatibility issues because of version variations. Switching to the cloud, your data and applications are compatible and available for any device.

Instant Mirroring

Data accessibility over the cloud depends heavily on the availability of the servers. Cloud servers, though lesser than local servers, are susceptible to the certain data loss possibilities that may be caused by unfortunate harm to the hardware. To keep the data protected in from such situation, cloud service providers adopt automated and instant mirroring of the servers.

Mirroring enables a replica of the server on another server, which could be located at a different location. In case any disaster strike the first server, the other server will be able to work instantly without any interruption in the services.

Unbeatable Security

The year 2016 brought in light the biggest ever data breach that affected 500 million users. Though breach occurred in 2014, Yahoo publicly admitted it in September 2016. The incident reflected the concern on the security of data stored in the cloud. As an accountant, keeping the data protected from theft and harms is even more critical.

Digital security has improved miles in the last few years and in the coming year, it is expected to stay on the same track. Service providers are working on their end to constantly improve their security standards, what matters as a user is following the right practices while accessing the data over the cloud. When the data remains secure from external and internal threats, you are sure to get the access to it 24×7.

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