Cloud Computing: The Great Leap Forward

Cloud computing has led to many benefits for various businesses over the years, especially IT and accounting related business have been the major gainers from this technology.

Cloud Computing The Great Leap Forward

The acceptance of cloud technology on various platforms has been slow but steady. There have been some great advancement in the field of cloud technology but the much talked about feature that makes cloud computing work is that it secures the data of the organization very prominently.

According to a research based data, in 2008 the total value of the cloud industry was 46 billion dollars and it has become a 150 dollar billion industry by the end of 2014.The biggest players in the cloud market are Google, Microsoft and Amazon with a total sharing of 75% overall. The impact of this technology is yet to reach its optimum levels, and there also lies some great possibilities in future.

Let’s just take a look what worked in favor of cloud computing and what can it offer for the future.

Sustainable growth that aids Mother Nature

The main reason that has led to the development of this technology is that it is harmless to the environment. Big tech giants like Goggle and Microsoft took huge interest in the technology and made it even more popular. Apart from this fact, it also acts as a tool for strengthening the corporate social responsibility of an organization.

Cloud computing leads to sustainable development as it uses resources in such a way that their greenhouse effect remains limited. Whether it is the electricity that is being used for operations, or the data storing hardware or even the extra furnished space, cloud computing limits the use of all these which leads to more sustainability for the environment.

Limited operational costs yet far better results

Another reason why cloud computing is flourishing its branches is also because it is very cost-efficient. Cloud computing over the years has made it possible for businesses to keep track of their operational costs.

Because cloud computing works virtually through internet, it limits the use of resources. To a large extent, it benefits IT players, allowing them to limit their expenditure on data storage devices, different servers and numerous numbers of PCs as well.

Over the last few years, most IT organizations have gone by this trend. The content that is majorly stored on cloud are generally the personal mail and documents of the organizations, calendars and address books. On the other hand, companies like Apple have used cloud technologies for storing music and videos of the users. It has produced great results for the organization since its inception.

There is more to achieve

If reports are to be believed, cloud computing could literally change the dynamics of development in the coming years. Researchers suggest that almost 50% out of all Information Technology businesses will be using cloud technology in the next 5 to 10 years.

Moreover, it is also believed that hybrid cloud will have an overall share of 43% of cloud market in the next five years or so. The ongoing emergence of cloud technology as a different industry altogether suggests that it will continue to grow rapidly.

The data stored on cloud is gaining high numbers each day. You might have heard of Terabytes but the total data stored on cloud will reach 3 Zeta bytes in the next two years. And by the way, 1 Zeta byte is equal to 1 billion terabytes.

Things that can bring silver lining to the table

Cloud technology should be judged on its features rather than limitations. Cloud is an internet based industry, so ensuring better connectivity of internet services will surely benefit cloud technologies. Far better upload and download speed will also do some good.

Currently cloud consists of pictures, emails and music, documents and business notes to a larger extent, but when the participation of other different horizons will increase, it will bring in many more silver linings to the table.


One way or the other, cloud technology has found its place in the world. It is cost-efficient, growth oriented, result oriented and above all a sustainable tool for businesses. With time, it has become very familiar to people. It has now become a necessity more than availability. Whether it is a new user or an old one, cloud computing is helping everyone to save money big time. What you need is proper time and investment and sooner or later it will turn the fortunes of your business.

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  • Denise E. Baldwin says:

    Small and medium businesses have just started with cloud computing and it holds a huge potential for them. But, I believe, the brightest part of cloud computing future remains for individual users, which is yet to be explored.

  • Scott F. Meister says:

    Security of the cloud is the most important concern…that has been doing a fine job. But is there a possibility of upgrading in that section as well?

    • Kundan Lal Rana says:

      In the digital world, security is never good enough. It is improving and will keep on improving. As for a major change, 451 RESEARCH has predicted the introduction of new methods for security in the year 2015.

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