How Cloud Computing Exercises its Infallible Security Regime?

Cloud Computing has spread like an uncontrollable virus over the past decade reaching cities, states, countries and continents all across the globe. Every organization’s face value is its official website and every inch of website data and applications is on the cloud. This makes optimum security indispensable.

It is a myth that being on a cloud renders you insecure and all the sane technology aficionados would surely tell you otherwise as they have used this cutting-edge innovation in real-time.

Here’s how cloud computing weaves its security magic-wand:


1. Your Server is Truly “Yours”

  • As the name clearly suggests, if you’re the boss, your server details rest with you and only you, in the entire world if you choose it to be that way.
  • This intentional control is exercised in the form of passwords. Since these passwords will be resting safely in your hands, no one else can have access to your business critical information.
  • Unlike on-premise servers where password-less desktops are easier to take over, cloud servers, on the other hand, exercise security of the highest order by providing sign-on passwords which can be customized as per your own convenience.

2. Data-Loss-No-More

  • Thefts related to personal belongings like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. is anything but a rare occurrence. Now you might think that if you lose your device, you lose all the data in it. Is that so? If yes, then I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you’re still stuck in the 19th century.
  • With confidence I can say that, ever since the cloud has entered the fray, data loss has become extinct. Even if you lose your precious device, your business information is only a single click away sitting patiently on the cloud servers.
  • The automated backup and recovery scheme make sure you never have to suffer from the atrocities that come attached with data thefts in the form of multiple redundancies and periodical data backups.

3. Find Every Inch of Your Data in One Single Place

  • This characteristic enables you to employ security norms in equal measure for your data at a cellular level whilst simultaneously increasing the size of your pockets i.e. saving money.
  • A centralized location of data might seem to be too cumbersome at first, but as they say, “Never judge a book by its cover”.
  • It causes a significant increase in troubleshooting and response times while making the information access and monitoring process much quicker & easier.

4. Patching and Testing Are No Longer Your Responsibility

  • A tiny piece of software which is used to rectify an existing error/problem with the OS or a program can be termed as a patch. They are also called as “Fixes”.
  • So, whenever the time comes to upgrade or install a new patch per se, it sends shivers down the entire IT staff’s spine. This upgrading process comes along with the testing hassle automatically.
  • Now, once you shift to a cloud, all that falls under the jurisdiction of your service provider. All the mandatory patches are readily installed and taken care of by your provider without any business interference i.e. behind-the-scenes working.
  • Additionally the follow-up testing is undertaken by highly qualified personnel which minimizes the probability of error occurrence.

5. Periodical Auditing/Monitoring

  • If you’re that kind of a person who likes to keep tabs on everyone around him, then you’ve come to the right place as cloud computing makes periodical auditing possible.
  • You have every right to know what is happening within your organization and you’ve been granted this transparency thanks to this innovative technology.
  • Errors can be identified, successful patterns can be forged, strategies can be formulated, and much more.
  • Moreover, you can be on the lookout, much like a watch-dog, every minute of every day for the rest of your business life.

6. Disaster Management

  • Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc. are inevitable. They’re meant to occur without notice sooner rather than later. So, what cloud computing does, is that it takes your data and puts it on multiple servers with data backups at different locations. So, even if unfortunately, one such location goes down, the rest will still stay unaffected whilst catering to your needs just the way it was supposed to be.
  • Even if your company goes down the drains, you’d still have access to your privileged information come what may.

7. The Duo of Robust Anti-Virus Tools and Reliable Encryption

  • Seamless data transmission within and outside the cloud is exercised with the help of encryption both at the sender’s and the receiver’s site.
  • Encryption methods carry keys to maintain the authenticity of user access.
  • Moreover, bugs, viruses, malware and other penetrations are kept at bay with the help of effective anti-virus tools which readily come along with the cloud servers.

8. Internal Security At Its Prime

  • It is not only the business extremities which are critically important but the internal side of an organization is equally crucial as well.
  • Physical security or internal security per se is undertaken with the help of high-tech devices like CCTVs [Closed-Circuit-Televisions], biometric identification systems, and much more.
  • The security structure follows a multi-layered paradigm where stringent regulations are forced upon layer-by-layer ensuring optimized & consistent performance standards.

When it comes to the safety and security of your business-critical data, cloud computing as it good as it gets. It maintains the consistency of your business along with safeguarding its authenticity in one single master-stroke.

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