How Cloud Computing And Accountancy Is Related In More Ways Than You Think

For nontechies cloud computing is a term that sends a chill down their spine. They are not able to get hold of the idea of running an application or software that is not installed on one’s own computer. Or to use the storage space or processing capability for which he/she has not paid for.

For techies as well, many facets of cloud computing remains a mystery but they get to the roots of this amazing technology, by and large. But one thing that has intrigued everyone is the relation between cloud computing and accounting software.


Accounting software is that gift to accountants that made their thankless job much easier. It enabled them to carry out complex tasks in a less time and with considerably less effort. The results obtained are also very accurate.

Accounting software hosting on the cloud has made the life of an accountant even easier. Now they do not need to install the software on individual computers in order to run them. But this is not the only proof having software hosted.

1. Stay On Schedule

With your software hosted on the cloud, you do not have to worry about pending work. You can complete all your work on the move. The servers support every internet enabled device allowing you a freedom which could only be dreamt of.

2. Saves Money

Working on the cloud is not only efficient and fast but is also highly cost-effective. Cloud hosting renders in house infrastructure useless and it also brings down licensing expenditures. So if you are looking to reduce your effort as well as cost, cloud hosting is your medicine.

3. Multi-User Access

It is not uncommon for accountants to work in tandem with their colleagues and their clients. Doing so in a standalone software is not possible. But in cloud hosting environment, it is a piece of cake. More than one user can easily access your accounting software account, allowing coordination and harmony.

4. Customer Service

Admit it or not, accountants are really pathetic at technology. Give them a computer and ask them to troubleshoot a simple problem at they will baulk at the task at hand. So in such a scenario, it is advisable to get expert views at very juncture possible. And this is exactly what happens in a hosted environment.

All cloud service providers offer 24×7 customer support, allowing the CPAs to work without frowning upon technical glitches.

5. Contribute To a Greener Tomorrow

With cloud hosting in place the carbon emissions reduce a great deal. Moreover, the overheating datacenters become redundant saving upon a huge chunk of energy. All of these factors contribute towards a greener tomorrow which we all are in dire need of.

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