Why Choose Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider For QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a versatile software that offers businesses different versions to choose from depending on their type and scale. However, with the evolving workplace requirements, companies are moving their QB to more flexible IT solutions such as cloud computing. This process is called QuickBooks hosting.

In QuickBooks hosting process, a cloud service provider installs licensed copies of QuickBooks on the cloud environment and gives you access to it. You either give your existing QuickBooks license to the provider, or the provider offers you one.

However, with the plethora of QuickBooks cloud hosting providers available in the market, the question arises – which one to choose for your business? As every provider has its own USPs and drawbacks, it’s quite challenging to pick the right one. The solution is simple- go for an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider.

What is an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider?

To ensure the best possible accounting experience, Intuit started the Intuit Hosting program that certifies certain cloud providers as Intuit Authorized Hosts. The certification is given after an in-depth evaluation of the providers’ hosting expertise, quality of services, and level of support, among other factors.

Hence, an Intuit Authorized hosting provider can guarantee you secure, reliable, and uninterrupted accounting operations.

What are Types of Intuit Authorized Hosting Providers?

Intuit Hosting program comprises two dedicated hosting programs that the providers can be a part of –

1. Standard Hosting Program

A provider enrolled in Intuit’s Standard Hosting program can host licensed copies of the customer’s QuickBooks software on their cloud. They are expected to maintain a certain level of uptime and quality of services to be a part of the program. A Standard Hosting Provider must be equipped to host the below-mentioned versions of QuickBooks.v

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • QuickBooks Accountant Desktop

2. Commercial Hosting Program

The Intuit Authorized Commercial Hosts can also host licensed copies of your QuickBooks Desktop software. However, the primary difference between Standard and Commercial Hosts is that the latter can also offer subscription-based licensing services for QuickBooks, which enables you to use QuickBooks on a monthly rental without actually buying it. However, if you want to buy a new QuickBooks license from the Commercial host, they can also provide you with that.

Why Buy From an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider?

Here are some factors that make Intuit Authorized Hosting Providers the preferred choice.

1. License Management and Upgrades

Opting for an Intuit Authorized Provider reduces the hassles of managing QuickBooks updates. Once you host your existing QB license, the provider will take care of the application updates at their end. Moreover, if you opt for a subscription licensing model from an Intuit Authorized Commercial Host, you will get early access to the new releases.

2. Unparalleled Support

Customer Support is a crucial part of choosing any cloud hosting provider. The provider might be budget-friendly or offer advanced solutions. However, if the provider cannot troubleshoot customer issues, it is unlikely to be chosen by businesses.

Choosing an Intuit Authorized Host gives you the facility of technical support by Intuit’s technical team, which is not available with any unauthorized provider. For any software-related issues, the customers of Intuit Authorized Host get direct support from Intuit.

Moreover, the provider is also expected to offer round-the-clock support for all hosting-related queries via multiple platforms, including call, chat, or email. They deploy a team of skilled professionals to offer a swift resolution and response.

3. Guaranteed Uptime

Downtime is a factor that plagues businesses all over the world. It is an even greater concern when it comes to accessing QuickBooks remotely. Hence, it is a distinguishing factor when choosing a QuickBooks cloud hosting provider.

An Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider is competent enough to guarantee a high uptime value to the customers. Some authorized providers offer a 99.99%uptime, which means only a few minutes of downtime in a year. It is accomplished by deploying a redundant infrastructure in advanced data center facilities.

4. Managed Services

When you choose to move your QuickBooks to the cloud, migrating your apps and data is a crucial step. Any inconsistency in the migration process can lead to data loss. Choosing a competent cloud provider ensures that all the complex IT hassles are eliminated.

An Intuit Authorized Host offers managed hosting services to the customers. They take care of every essential IT task, from hardware upgrades, monitoring, and troubleshooting to OS patching and antivirus management. When you decide to move to the cloud, they also take responsibility for data migration, ensuring a seamless process.

5. Secure Operations

Security of the accounting operations is of utmost importance to any business. Hence, it is a prime consideration while choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider.

An Intuit Authorized hosting provider takes care of all security protocols and compliances to ensure complete protection. Some of the security safeguards that the provider deploys include end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, Intrusion detection & Prevention (IDPS), DDoS prevention, antivirus management, among others.

Get the Best Platform for Your QuickBooks

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud gives accounting firms the flexibility, security, and mobility they require to sustain in these challenging times. Choosing an Intuit Authorized hosting provider ensures that you get the best cloud platform with an assured level of services.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose an Intuit Authorized hosting provider by getting in touch with a Solution Consultant now.   

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