4 Best Places To Learn QuickBooks

In the accounting industry across the globe, QuickBooks is one of the most commonly used accounting applications. Ask any CPA or an accounting firm owner about their choice of the best accounting software, and you will most likely to get QuickBooks as an answer.

Since its launch by Intuit in 1998, QuickBooks has taken the accounting world by storm. Even after all these years, this software shines as brightly as it once was in terms of demands of accountants as well as business owners.

4 Best Places To Learn QuickBooks

You can gauge its popularity by the fact that more than 80% of small and mid-sized businesses rely on one or more versions of QuickBooks for their accounting needs. The count of QuickBooks users has already reached to more than four million.

One of the major reasons for its massive popularity is its simplicity and ease-of-use. Even a person with limited proficiency in the accounting field can work on this software effectively. Also, it has a good number of features to perform complex accounting tasks with ease.

If you are an accountant or running an accounting firm, but haven’t yet started using QuickBooks, you need to learn how to use it. Luckily, you do not need to invest in paid QuickBooks training as there are several ways with which you can learn to use this accounting application for your business.

Here are four QuickBooks learning resources to help you get started –

1. Intuit Tutorial

Being the maker of QuickBooks software, Intuit knows more about it than anyone else. To help the targeted users with learning how to use the software, it offers easy-to-learn video tutorials and free courses.

Both accountants and CPAs can get helped with these tutorial videos and start using this software for their business-related needs. You can learn about adding customers to QuickBooks, creating invoices and memos, bills, etc. through these videos.

You can check out the list of tutorials here – Intuit – QuickBooks Courses

2. Third-party Training Services

Since QuickBooks is a highly popular software, you can even find certain institutes which offer QuickBooks training services to CPAs.

These services are available in almost every part of the world where QuickBooks is practiced. Depending on the training provider you choose, the quality, the medium of training, and the cost of training may vary.

With the advancements happening in the field of technology, you can even find these paid QuickBooks training services to become popular with time. They are designed to help the learners gain a better grasp over QuickBooks.

Since a teacher offers these courses in person, those who feel it hard to learn things online will be able to better understand the lessons taught.

To some people, these courses may seem costly. But those are looking forward to building a brighter career in the field of accounting can opt for them.

You may like to explore one of the online courses on QuickBooks here: Lynda – QuickBooks Training and Tutorials.

3. Blog Updates

In the Internet-connected world, you can easily find blogs on almost every subject you want to learn about.

In fact, renowned blogs which are maintained and quickly updated with valuable information about QuickBooks can help you learn more about this software.

Along with videos and other types of learning material available online, blogs can be helpful for you to gain considerable knowledge about QuickBooks to the novices. Similarly, those who have a fair understanding of the product can learn further and grow their understanding of QuickBooks usability.

To keep up with the updates and addition of new features in different versions of QuickBooks, you can subscribe to popular blogs in this niche.

Here are some renowned blogs that write about QuickBooks software:

4. Online Forums

Along with other forms of learning, it is also true that discussions help people learn more.

It is why there are online forums available for people to discuss different aspects in a specific domain.

Particularly to QuickBooks, there are forums where you can ask for help for a specific issue with QuickBooks. Other users of these online discussion portals can then share the solutions as per their experience to help you out.

Another advantage of making use of QuickBooks forums is that one can add a link to the videos, blogs, images, etc. that can be helpful in the discussion. There is no need to discuss the entire issue or solution in writing.

Most of the online forums have the advanced technology taken in place to filter out spammy activities. So, you need not worry about the authenticity of knowledge shared on these forums.

Some of the popular QuickBooks forums are:

Wrapping Up

There are several versions of QuickBooks available for different accounting needs. So, you may feel little difficult to learn about mastering them all at once. However, you can get to learn about it more with continued learning and usage.

Like any other accounting software aimed at making things easier for CPAs, QuickBooks can be mastered with practice using the ways mentioned above.

Will you like to add more to the list? Do mention in the comments below.

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