Top 5 Benefits of TaxWise Hosting

TaxWise software is a renowned software which has been helping the tax professionals in every domain. It is the first choice of CPAs, tax preparers, and accounting professionals.

Its easy integration with research systems, management software, and various other accounting applications gives it an upper hand over other tax software and adds simplicity to the tax filing process.

Top 5 Benefits of TaxWise Hosting

Despite the fact that TaxWise software is an excellent tool for tax preparers, there are still some limitations like lack of remote access, difficult collaboration with other users, and many others which cannot be overcome in the desktop or traditional version of the software.

TaxWise Hosting is a reliable solution to these problems. It not only offers all the features of the desktop version of TaxWise software but also overcomes all the limitations of the desktop version.

Let’s look at how TaxWise hosting on the cloud is more beneficial to the CPAs, tax preparers and accounting professionals.

1. Enhanced Protection

As businesses migrate towards the cloud, the subject of security becomes imminent. It’s natural that when TaxWise data is not on site, anxieties are bound to rise. However, if you weigh the threats with local devices, the cloud will always look a better option.

According to RapidScale, 94% of businesses saw an improvement in the security of their data after migrating to the cloud.

It is because the top cloud hosting providers deploy security measures like end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, Intrusion Detection System (IDS)/Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), firewalls, and many more to keep the TaxWise software data safe.

Moreover, the cloud providers monitor and analyze the incoming data constantly to ensure that the data is secure from cyberattacks.

2. Low Operational Concerns

There is a misconception that migration towards TaxWise cloud solutions can become complicated for the accountants, CPAs, and tax preparers because of the change in the features and platform.

However, the capacities and characteristics of the hosted version of TaxWise software are entirely similar to that of TaxWise desktop software. The only difference is that TaxWise on the cloud can be accessed remotely.

Moreover, hosted TaxWise doesn’t need any installation on a local device which enables the tax preparer to use the software from any type of device that suits them at a particular time – whether stationary or portable.

Further, the majority of the leading TaxWise hosting providers offer 24×7 support so that whenever a tax preparer faces any kind of issue, the cloud provider is there to fix it.

3. Flexible Costs

The pricing of TaxWise on the cloud is far more flexible than traditional systems. CPAs would solely need to pay for the hosting, and thus the costs of server and IT infrastructure are almost negligible. Also, one can pay as per their use, and no extra fees are to be paid.

During peak seasons, such as tax season, more capacity than usual is required by the tax preparers that can quickly be increased and decreased as per the needs without any additional costs.

The pay-as-you-go pricing model is also suitable for the data storage area, which means that one can get as much space required for storing the TaxWise data.

Moreover, with your TaxWise software hosted on the cloud, one is free from the need of having a separate workforce for IT maintenance. Tax preparers don’t have to spend money for the IT team since the obligation of setup, maintenance, and updates of TaxWise on the cloud is of the cloud providers.

4. Smooth Collaboration

TaxWise hosting on the cloud allows the CPAs, accountants, and tax preparers to easily communicate and collaborate with the ability to share TaxWise files or data quickly in real-time.

If the tax professionals are working from a different location, TaxWise hosting enables them to collaborate by providing access to the files simultaneously.

Advanced collaboration with the help of cloud technology can help tax professionals to be more productive by the reduction in time needed for preparation and filing of taxes.

5. Competitive Edge

Hosting TaxWise software on the cloud provides a CPA an edge over their competitors who have not yet adopted the cloud technology. Every accounting firm which has embraced the cloud technology knows how positively the hosting of TaxWise software on the cloud impacts their business.

An accounting firm can easily deploy key tax applications without any extra costs and negligible processing time. It not only helps a CPA to focus on other essential activities but also reduces the time needed for the marketing of new services.

6. Remote Access

Tax preparers often struggle with keeping track of the latest updates of their work and are not able to access it from multiple locations because of the data being stored on the local device.

With hosted TaxWise software, one can access TaxWise from a remote location via portable devices such smartphones, laptops, and tablets. It makes a tax preparer free of the local infrastructure and provides them the freedom to stay on top of their work from anywhere.

7. Add-on Integration

Hosted TaxWise software is a complete package in itself. However, every accountant has different needs and sometimes might need functions which are not available on the hosted TaxWise software.

Add-ons fulfill that role for the accountants and tax preparers. Add-ons are third-party applications that integrate with the hosted TaxWise software to help the tax preparer accomplish a variety of tasks.

Add-ons help the accounting firms save money, maintain accurate data, automate information processing, secure data sharing, and many others. Easy integration with the hosted TaxWise software takes the experience to another level altogether.

A Word of Advice!

CPAs have their hands full during the hectic tax season. TaxWise hosting on the cloud provides them the ability to accomplish their tasks without any hurdles. They can not only access their TaxWise software from anywhere but can also store their significant client data in an extremely secure environment.

Moreover, tax preparers also save revenue on hardware and only pay for whatever they use with multiple users working at the same time. To sum it all up, if you are searching for a complete package for your tax-related tasks, TaxWise cloud hosting is your knight.

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